Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 goals revisited.


 Yikes, really, where did 2010 go?!  I hope everyone had an awesome year and are looking forward to an even better 2011! ...with the end of the year, I guess that means I need to revisit what I had planned for the year and see how well I did/did not do.

And here we go...

  1. resolution one: take this thing called running more seriously. actually TRAIN for big events. don't go out and wing it. {result: um. I did a lot of winging it this year. I think the only race I was REALLY prepared for was the Atlanta 13.1 in October and it was more of a training run than a race. whoops.}
  2. which leads to resolution two: run at the minimum 60 miles per month. do the 10% rule so i do not get injured.  {result: lets as a group laugh out loud at this one. i had i think 2 months over 60 miles and 2 months under 10 miles.}
  3. resolution three: incorporate cross training. swim. row. kick box. take spin classes. I signed up at LA Fitness ... now I just have to use it. {result: truth be told, i did a lot more cross training at the beginning of the year and when i canceled my gym membership i started doing none. i learned that swimming is hard and i LOVE spin.}
  4. resolution four: focus on pace and form to get faster. build my endurance. incorporate hill training, tempo runs, speed workouts. focus on long distances. just get faster. {result: hills: yes. tempo runs: no. speed workouts: iffy. focus on distance: iffy just get faster: ehh kinda.}
  5. resolution five: do more races. focus on finding 10ks rather than 5ks. I am at a point where a 5k is fun, but it is not a challenge for me. I want to be challenged in 2010 ~ shall we call 2010 the year of 10ks?! **don't hear me wrong, I will still run them ... work toward a PR, but I want to focus on distance next year!** {result: I started out with a lot of 10ks and some 5ks, about one per month. then it got pricey so i scaled back at the end of the year. ...and so did my running.}
  6. resolution six: run a half marathon (or more) and be prepared for it - rock it out! {result: total half marathons run: 3 total ready for 1.5 (Atlanta, yes. ING pretty much. Nashville, if the hills were not so killer than yes)}
 and with that my friends, we have my year in a nutshell. going into 2011 lets hope I can learn to balance work, my relationship, and running.

total miles: 387.03 for the year...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

three things thursday.

last thursday of 2010. Where did the year go?! 

Random statement: I am doing REALLY bad at getting those 8 miles in... I may do 4 later tonight and then 4 tomorrow.  I really want to land on 600 but goodnight I have been mentally and physically exhausted from all my travels and work.

1. as of last week my bridal party was complete.  I have a maid of honor. A matron of honor. And 4 bridesmaids. Kyle has a best man and 3 groomsmen.  My maid of honor keeps offering to become a groomswoman to even out the sides since she likes Kyle so much... I think if we weren't such traditionalists we would let her flip to Kyle's side but yeah in reality, that won't happen.  Sorry E.
2. a week or so ago i ordered my wedding shoes. the shoes that i plan on wearing with my dress on the day i get married. don't ask me what prompted me to purchase said shoes and no i do not have a dress just yet (nor have i tried any on)... but i knew i wanted to have my shoes prior to my dress shopping and i saw these and loved them since they're just simple and they were on said for $45.00.  Sold... to the girl getting married in 400+ days.   Aren't they pretty (they're prettier in person). :o)  AND I am thinking about making my bridesmaids and maid of honor and matron of honor have matching ones... but in navy. 
3.  Kyle got me a wii for Christmas (wahoo) and I have turned into an excitable little child.  However, the wii makes me a whole new person.  In one wii session this week I tripped Kyle, pushed him twice, and kicked him in the knee.  Each time he asked me "who are you" .... then the next night I started crying because I could not make my person cycle right.  I blame the tears on exhaustion though.  Kyle is without a doubt wondering if the wii was a bad idea.  I however, l-o-v-e it and appear to be a wii master when kyle is not around, but if we're playing together i am horrible.  mulligan hates the thing and likes to jump on us while we play.  Gamestop has buy 2 used games get one free and well, I got 3 new games already.  I really want a dance game though. like really bad. 

Happy New Year!! I hope you have a happy and safe New Years! =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

...8 miles...

to get is 8 miles before 2010 ends ... that will put my mile ticker at 600 miles even.
that will put me at 392.53 miles for the 2010 calendar year (man I was a slacker trainer)
looks like i need to recharge the dead garmin and lace my shoes up

And... I think going with the 10% goal... I want to run 431.78 miles in 2011.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

three things thursday.

thursday hello again. weekend. come faster. please.
well. i wrote this early since right now I am en route to Charlottesville VA for Kyle's best friend's wedding. I may just freeze to death and if that is the case. It has been real. =)
1. kyle and i live in an apartment. we like our apartment despite the crazy events that have happened here in the 2 years we have lived here. we just have the viewpoint that things happen when you live in apartments, you kinda sign up for it.  WELL... we want to rent a house. Our lease is up 2.24.11 and we (err... I) have been scouring the web for rental properties.  We're running into a few issues (1) all the cute houses are pretty much in the ghetto (2) all the houses are renting for WAY too much (3) houses in our price range in the areas we like that look like winners don't allow for pets. (4) when we find a house we like the realtor just drops off the face of the earth.  I don't want to be homeless and I want my dog to have backyard.
2.  I sometimes I look back at past blog posts and wonder hi. did you graduate college? do you know the differences between your there/their/they're. I understand that I am just writing a bunch of nonsense and jibberish and my brain is moving faster than my fingers but seriously, I am 26 years old with a college degree, I should know the difference. (I almost typed "no" instead of "know. oi.) The worst part about the whole lack of correct use of words is that not knowing that sort of thing (there/their/they're ... we're/were ... its/it's) is a top pet peeve of mine. for future reference, please do not judge me or think i am a moron...
3.  I do not tend to talk about my job too much. Our company has a crazy social media policy. My friend and I always joke that her infamous facebook post is what prompted said media policy but whatever. My job. I am a recruiter. It makes for some long hours, stressful times, but some awesome stories. You really have to be able to laugh at things when you're a recruiter for a staffing firm.  We have a girl who calls into our branch every week to let us know she is available and looking... and everytime she spells her last name for us and says "E as in apple" ... wait what? E = apple. No it doesn't. Not in my world and probably not in yours either.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanks Runners World.

After both the Disney Marathon & Marine Corps there are 6 words that i muttered after both races.  those 6 words were -- "i am never doing that again"  -- but we have all been there and said that and then we let the pain wear off and we're hunting for the next race.

i don't think i will do another full marathon anytime soon. my job just does not allow for the time that it takes to put into one. after marine corps i said that 2011 would be the year of half marathons and small local races ... a year that i would spend working on speed and endurance and hills and everything that holds me back from a GREAT marathon.

but the january 2011 runners world issue had a piece focused on great "first marathons"  ... granted it won't be my 1st but my 3rd marathon i do have a new list of races I want to do and i think one of these would be a good one for whenever i chose to conquer the 26.2 again. 

new marathons that i want to do...
  • Napa Valley Marathon -- spring race
  • Flying Pig Marathon -- spring race
  • Ogden Marathon -- spring/early summer race -- the course looks beautiful.
  • Fargo Marathon -- spring/early summer race
  • Steamtown Marathon -- fall race
  • Portland Marathon
lets be serious ... i probably won't do all of them.... but it is always fun to hear about other races.  ....have any of you done any of these races?! if so... what are your thoughts?!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


i ran in the snow today. YES IT SNOWED IN ATLANTA! with the dog. just a small little 1.32 thing to try and wear the animal out so kyle could watch his redskins in peace. you know i have not run really at all since my marathon. i wanted to start back last week, but i basically lived in the office - seriously, i didn't leave till 7 pm one night. 

needless to say. i am out of shape. but on a lighter note. running in the snow is beautiful. cold. but beautiful. i am so happy i got out and did it (thanks bonnie and mike for suggesting i do it)

i also realized that if i am going to make it in this winter weather i need more nike tights. so i will be stalking the nike site waiting for the day they magically go on sale (because they will at some point) and i will buy a pair or 2.  i also need more long sleeve running shirts and nike has these cute half zip shirt/jacket things that are cute.  ...needless to say i am going to be watching the sale section A LOT once winter comes to an end.

....and on a tangent, if i am going to talk about nike. i still want a pair of nike frees. badly.

with that. i am going to go play with my pup. but snow runs. bundle up and enjoy it. because they really are gorgeous!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Mully Wants for Christmas

Mulligan as unhappy as I wrapped up puppy gifts for him and his cousins in Virginia.  Mulligan really is a chewer and destroys plush toys so he wants things that he will not destroy.

He REALLY wants a Double Action Chew by Nylabone for Christmas.  Evidently the thing in the middle spins and the other parts are just really hard indestructible plastic.

Actually, Mully wants ANYTHING nylabone that are from the "Non-Edible for Powerful Chewers" line. 

I think he should get the Double Action Dental Chew thing since his teeth are getting yellow...  ....but I know all he really wants from Santa is the Double Action Check pictured to the left.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

…starting over… rebuilding it all …

it is time to get back on the running wagon.  i have taken over a month now to do basically anything and everything but work out and run {i have loved the dinners and drinks and hours of lifetime movies}.  i have noticed that my endurance and ability to do things like long dog walks is not where it was this time 2 months ago….

everyone is creating their 2011 race calendars. i have 3 things on mine. a 10k, ragnar, and rock and roll savannah. holla if you're a slacker. HOLLA!

so. to start my 2011 off i am going to run the polar bear run (how fitting with my foto friday lazy polar bears) on jan 22. that is 7 weeks till my next race. it is just a 5k and last year i was getting over the 5k distance… but i think it is the perfect way to ease myself back into running.

i plugged into runners world smart coach and plugged in my “want” 5k time of 30 minutes. made a training plan for 7 weeks and came up with this:


week date mon. tues. wed. thurs. fri. sat. sun.
1 12/6 -
easy 2
easy run 2 XT easy run 2 blast
2 12/13-
easy 2
easy run 2 XT easy run 3 blast
3 12/20-
easy 2
east run 3 XT easy run 4 blast
4 12/27-
easy 2
easy run 3 XT easy run 5 blast
5 1/3 -
easy 2
easy run 2 XT easy run 2 blast
6 1/10-
easy 2
easy run 2 XT easy run 3 blast
7 1/17-
easy 2
easy run 3 XT RACE

so here is my training plan… which this month will be hard with heading to Charlottesville VA for Kyle's best friend’s wedding and then going home to DC for Christmas… but I am bound and determined to get in work outs on both trips. ….plus i am going to start making blast 900 a weekly occurrence in my life.

it is kinda weird to see such low miles, but i think it is going to be more fun than anything because there will be no pressure and it will let me ease back into this running thing….  ….now i just have to remember to work out on my designated kyle/barbie gym days.

Friday, December 3, 2010

foto friday / november wrap up.

my foto friday ties into my November wrap up perfectly.  ...i went to google. clicked on images. typed in lazy. and came up with this:

how stinking cute are those critters.  i am positive i was not that cute while lounging around the apartment being lazy.

november wrap up. you know when you have those days that you just do not want to do anything... well days turned into weeks and weeks turned into a month and i found myself doing practically nothing this past month.  i ran 5.40 miles total and went to 1 Blast class.  I think I just spent November being a person again. I had dinners and happy hours with good friends,  I saw my brother and sister in law for the first time in months, I had my engagement party, I pretty much asked my whole bridal party to share my BIG day with me, and spent quality time with Kyle.  Things that I had not been able to really do while working 40+ hours per week and training for Marine Corps.  And I just enjoyed myself!

I would lie is I said I didn't enjoy being a 26 year old with a life, but I would also be a liar if I said I didn't miss the working out and running.  December will be all about finding a balance of getting in my work out sessions.  I am super crazy excited to make Blast900 a weekly thing and even more excited to have my good friend and Team in Training love Mitzi doing it with me!  I do need to plan my 2011 race calendar... when I was home for Thanksgiving the question I was asked over and over again is "what is next" and as of right now, there is nothing on the books until June!

Hope you all have a rocking weekend and had a great November and have an awesome December! 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what barbies want for christmas.

i feel like an adult. i really do not want anything but money for christmas and with that money i do not want to buy anything but put it into savings because i really want a 4runner.  but if i had to ask santa for things for christmas my list would be...

1. a pair of nike free running shoes.  i am not interested in vibram 5 fingers but i do want to give the minimalist shoe thing a whirl and i have heard great things about the nike frees. size 10. color: while/pale blue-gray. on zappos for $85.00 picture. see right.

2. a personalized wedding dress hanger to hang my wedding dress on [when i get one]. It will make the wedding pictures so much cuter and i am all about personalization and i l-o-v-e this idea.  and i think i would want it to be personalized with barbie + kyle rather than mrs. shanahan since i won't quite be mrs. shanahan yet. [yikes that sounds crazy weird!!] and of course this was discovered on my favorite place ever... Etsy.  Go here to order/check it out.  I would also need a wooden hanger to hang it on.

3. a new RoadID. I somehow, somewhere lost mine. This go around I want the one that attaches to your shoe. (the shoe id).   Therefore I won't take it off and throw it somewhere... it will just stay put on my shoe. I do not care the color, but I want my blood type on this one. After almost being hit by a car this year I just really want as much info crammed on there as possible if my life needs to be saved.  Sounds logical right?!

4. a quesadilla maker. because i love quesadillas and i love easy dinners even more. [when did i become an old lady asking for kitchen items?!]

5.  speaking of being old and wanting household things... i also want an iRobot vacuum or a romba. and I want a NICE vacuum. I think I want the Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Upright ... but those 2 things will end up on my wedding registry.

6. Nike long sleeve running shirts (size medium). This one to be exact. In any of the colors except white.  I also would not mind more Nike running tights (size medium).

7. Do not judge me on this one... but I want Alabama Shoe Slippers. I find them to be hilarious and since my feet are always cold why the heck not?!  How awesome are these?!

8. Bath stuff. From anywhere as long as the bubbles that are made are HUGE. So big they overtake my bathtub and make it hard to read my book!!! I have also heard great things about Joyful Bath Co. as a substitute for Epsom Salt for baths post long runs and I would love a packet to try. I heard they're great for both ice baths and hot baths. I am attracted to the 'Nilla Buttermilk, Green Tea, Gingersnap and Oasty Floatsie. 

9. a weekend at a cabin in the north georgia mountains so kyle and i can escape for a weekend a REALLY take a vacation.

10. A super high tech cool pad for my lap top so it will stop overheating and shutting off.  I like this one and it got super good reviews.

I think that is it... it is weird that I cannot think of things I want for Christmas... I remember as a kid wanting pretty much everything in the Toys 'R Us catalog and now it is hard to make a list of 10 things.... oh growing up....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving style. three things thursday.

happy thanksgiving! i hope everyone is having a good holiday with their families and friends. and i hope everyone who ran a turkey trot this morning had a great race!!  and don't worry runners: you can eat all you want today... you'll run it off later.  ...and now onto the traditional 3 thing thursday.

1. since kyle and i are not married we do not do holidays together so we have to separate and take turns with the dog. i have him the first 2 days, kyle gets him the 2nd 2 days. in an attempt to wear the dog out before all 13 people gathered at my house to chow down i took mully on a "run". ok. i have not run more than 3 miles since marine corps marathon and man does it show... after 2 miles i was dead and i couldn't even run 1 mile without stopping to catch my breath. ...looks like i need to start cracking down and start running and working out again.
2. tomorrow is the Iron Bowl.  this is the match up between Alabama and Auburn. This year it is being hosted in the most beautiful stadium in the country on the most beautiful campus - Bryant Denny.  I would be a liar if I said I was not nervous... I sure hope Saban has some tricks under his sleeves to stop mr. cam newton... our young little team makes me nervous.  BUT I am firm believer that you never know what will happen in Bryant Denny. There is something magical and wonderful about that stadium.  Kyle is convinced that Alabama is going to win for 1 reason and that reason is: It has been 19 games since Alabama has lost in Bryant Denny; therefore, Alabama has to win.  Please Alabama, please. I need a win. I would rather have an earned W than a given to us W when the NCAA makes Auburn vacate all their wins when they rule $cam Newton (sorry had to do it) ineligible.  ...and with that Roll Tide Roll :o)
3.  Have you ever looked at the STATS section of your blog.  I just spent like 10 minutes looking at it and it is crazy to see how people are led to my blog... the #1 google search that leads people to me is "girl with the 13 minute mile" ... and even cooler, I found blogs that I had never discovered before but have me linked on their blogroll (thanks!!) and like I really need any more blogs to read, I followed like 10 more today and feel like I need to catch up.  One that I found is and it has everything from playlists to treadmill work outs to race reviews to product reviews... long story short, I am a fan [and will be adding it to my blogroll].  The stats also tracks your peak months (I had A LOT of readers in October) and where people are reading from (the Netherlands... say whaa?).  Crazy cool feature. If you have blogger lose yourself in it... I know you will.

Like I said before, have a rocking thanksgiving!! We all have SO much to be thankful for!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

woah nike. deals deals deals.

i love nike.
i love their tempo shorts. their tanks. their capris and tights. their running jackets. their sports bras. and i REALLY love the crazy good deals they have going on.  if you're a nike fan like me you do not want to miss these deals soooo head on over to and stock up.

you can get capris [and they're the good ones] for $26 rather than $45. Tempo shorts are as low as $16 as are the sports bras.

25% off a clearance item - NIKEAIR
free shipping on any order - JUSTDOIT

...too bad there isn't an awesome coupon code for the Nike Frees --- I really want to try a pair!!

happy shopping if you take part! =)

Friday, November 19, 2010

foto friday

i do not normally share unrelated photos with you on Fridays (actually i do not normally share photos on Fridays), but I had a client of mine send this to me on Monday when I emailed him to say congrats and that his team better beat Auburn this go round (my client is a South Carolina grad).  I thought this was super funny so I had to share! =)  Look closely at the contestants playing... have a good laugh, I did!

*I promise. At some point I will try to stop making jabs at Auburn. Can't promise that I will though*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

three things thursday.

when thursday comes around i sometimes wonder where the week has gone. but then i realize that it is thursday and i am ony 1 day from the weekend and i am okay with it being thursday.  ....this week has kind of been an obnoxious one and i have been seriously drained... needless to say, i cannot wait for the weekend.

{one} earlier this week (or late last week) i discovered a super cute designer Judith March.  she designs the cutest dresses. i am someone who tends to save money rather than spend money. but every now and then i go through this "must buy clothes" phases and right now i am in that phase. i do not discriminate - i stock up on work clothes and every day (but can wear on "jeans friday" day) clothes.  Not only am I a big fan of Judith March right now... my obesession with anthropologie is still going strong and i l-o-v-e karlie and free people. honestly, i would love it if i had a personal shopper who created outfits for me and asks "do you like this" and i would tell her yes or no and then i would take the things i love. would make shopping & my life so easy. long story short. thank goodness Christmas is around the corner... barbie needs some clothes.
{two} DID YOU SEE THE AUBURN GEORGIA GAME THIS WEEKEND?!  Did you see that the Auburn players forgot they were on the football field and thought they were in a boxing ring?! What was Auburn fighting for? They were winning!  So, Georgia you may have not been able to pull out a win but you did manage to royally piss the Auburn players off somehow. You got them so heated that they started throwing punches and now 2 of their playes have to sit out the 1st half of the Iron Bowl.  I guess that works too.  Well played Georgia well played. And people wonder why I dislike Auburn [some of their fans are just as classy as those boys on the field repping the orange and blue] ... I am pretty sure they moved up in the ranks of most hated SEC school ... move over Florida, Auburn is chasing after that title.  ...i can't wait to cheer those Gamecocks on on December 5th. :o)
{three} i am heading back home to DC for thanksgiving on Tuesday. the 9 hour car ride is always eventful with the dog, kyle, and me. kyle likes me to read to him the whole time and it is not as fun as it seems... this go around i am reading "me talk pretty one day" to him.  It will be a short trip home with lots of moving around Northern VA to see Kyle's family, get my hair done, watching the iron bowl and hoping that alabama pulls off a big win (!!!!) and I want to get in some runs/work outs since I have been slacking this month.  ...3 miles total run so far.   I am for sure ready for the vacation from work and life as I live it in Atlanta... but what I really want is a REAL vacation!! 

have a great thursday. friday. and weekend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blast900 - killer workout in Atlanta.

If you're in Atlanta and want a killer workout in 1 hours I have just the thing for you. Holy Moly. Blast900 is structured to burn 900 calories in 1 hour and good grief does it make you work.  This past week they had a Groupon for 3 classes for $25.00 and normally 1 class is $28.00.  Of course, I slacked and missed the deal, but had been intrigued and read countless awesome reviews and wanted to give it a whirl.   I signed up for my 1st class and got up early Sunday morning for what I expected to be a total sweat fest.
Their website advertises on the front main page " Countless scientific studies prove that the most dramatic way to change your body is through interval training, alternating high and relatively low intensity exercise. BLAST900's unique interval-based workout "shocks" the body out of its comfort zone, and has you continually burning calories for the next 24 hours. BLAST is what you're not already getting, but everything you've ever wanted from a workout. It's circuit training meets bootcamp, all grown up. It's THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT. ....and honestly, they do not disappoint. 4 minutes in my body was already feeling it and i was wondering what i had gotten myself into. when on the treadmills they give you the option to work at 3 different levels {walker.jogger.runner. - i was a jogger. the runner was intense} and then for all the floor work they do offer modifications.  but seriously. you're pretty much MOVING for 1 hour straight.

about my killer work out: well. it is a mix of treadmill speed work and hill work and strength training and core work. i started on the floor with kettle ball push ups. i spent the first 10+ minutes working my arms with the kettle ball with a combo of lunges. we then swapped with the treadmills and did speed work, hill work, and endurance building.  i felt at home on the treadmill since i love running. then BAM back to the floor for hand weight work. by this point, my arms, yeah they wanted to fall off. my breathing. totally labored. then back to the treadmill for lots of hills. big long hills. lots of walking for me. then back to the floor for jumping jacks, squats, jumping jack/squat combos. more push ups. (has it been a hour yet!?) then back to the treadmill for running. then back to the floor for core work. and i finished on the treadmill with sprints. 

Just a preview of what it is like you can check out this video:

long story short: we moved around A LOT and it made the time fly by. my legs were shaking by 30 minutes in, 5 minutes in my arms wanted to quit. Christie worked us out. and without hesitation I will say I will be sore tomorrow. I thought being a marathoner meant I was in pretty good shape - ugh not so much.

if you're in Atlanta and looking for a way to change up your normal work out routine try it out.  ...or just try it out if you're not looking to change up your routine. The 1st class is free and well worth it.  I keep debating back and forth if I want to make 2011 another year full of racing or if i want to focus more on quality over quantity and focus on speed and building stamina and strength. but i have decided that i want to make blast900 part of my work out routines. every runner needs interval and strength training right?! :o)

it is kinda pricey at $28.00 per class, but remember your 1st one is free so why not just try it out?! I figure I will do it again. Once I condition my unused muscles it won't hurt as much and something like this and the different transitions can only help my running right?!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

three things thursday.

hi there! sometimes when thursday morning hits i wonder where the week went... but then i remember tomorrow = friday so the weekend is around the corner and i rejoice in it being thursday. :o) 

in common tradition, here are my 3 things for thursday.

{one} last Thursday we learned about a little shake up on the loveliest of the plains (that is auburn university for you non-southerners) dealing with their golden child Cam Newton.  I will say that I hope he is not suspended or whatever because I would like for Alabama to beat Auburn fair and square and I really cannot handle hearing "you only won because our QB was out" for a whole year (sounds like Texas).  but I will say the auburn people are a little sensitive around this matter, but when bama was being investigated about the textbook scandal they were quick to make their witty comments. So when I said "can the NCAA investigate? Yes the CAM" ... it was made as a joke but man did I get attacked. But I am a firm believer that if Alabama came under the same scrutiny over how lets say Ingram or Julio were recruited they would be quick to make sassy comments too.  So basically, if you can't take the heat... stay out of the kitchen. Oh well. Football in the south is a heated matter. but anyway. at this point it is just a rumor. we do not know how much truth is behind the accusations. but really, can cam just go pro after this year? he is kinda good and auburn would be nothing without him.
{two} on the day that i got engaged my friend karly from back home in DC texted me and told me that our mutual friend Amanda (aka Brady) had died in a really bad boating accident on the Rappahannock River (story here). The timing of finding out was kinda unfortunate, but I immediately began thinking about her family, her fiance, and Karly. Brady was part of our REALLY close knit "Logan's Roadhouse Family" and we spent the summers on Karly's boat, going to concerts, working together, and we would always meet up in Knoxville for fun weekends.  Kyle and I didn't trek back up for the funeral but our Logan's co-workers that went said it was a packed church.  Brady passed 4 weeks before her wedding and her family had her buried in her wedding dress.  There is a really popular country song on the radio right now by The Band Perry called "If I Die Young" and they played it at her funeral... I cannot hear the song without crying or getting really sad... and by her facebook wall it appears that I am not the only one.  I feel like that song is now played every hour on the hour and I am kind of ready for the band to release a new single... granted the band and radio have no idea about the feelings around the song, but i feel like it's about time... isn't 5 months too long to have just 1 single out?!
{three} over a quick lunch and pizza i gained another bridesmaid yesterday. crazy Chrissy who will byot (bring your own tequila) is the 2nd bridesmaid of the beautiful group of gals i have selected to be in my bridal party. so the count is officially at: 1 maid of honor, 2 bridesmaids ... 3 more bridesmaids to ask and the bridal party is official.  with the addition of Chrissy it appears that my bridal party is pretty much out of control, crazy wild and intensely awesome. Chrissy could be one of my favorite people in the world and i feel like our actions and phone calls should be recorded and rated on a scale from 1-10 on absurdity. seems that i do EVERYTHING over food. I have grabbed 2 bridesmaids & a maid of honor over food and have exciting meetings over grub. man i guess it is good that i run because atlanta has some AWESOME places to eat. and with that. i am on to start my Thursday. Have a great day! =)

Monday, November 8, 2010

....for the fun of it.

i had my first run today since marine corps last sunday. 8 days of no running. and it felt so good to just get out and run and lose myself in my music, breathing, strides, etc... ...since deciding mid-marathon that i did not want to do anything disney (no full. no half) i have nothing on my calendar until Ragnar in June and I am thinking about keeping it that way. ...well i will do some local 5ks and 10ks... it just feels good to have no pressure. 2010 has been a crazy year of races. feels good to just get out and run like a kid with no cares and no worries.  too bad the sun is setting early and i cannot out run the sun, so i had to settle for a short run. but it still feels great to get back out there and just run for the fun of it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

MCM 2010 - official recap.

so. as you all know i ran the marine corps marathon. i have come back to this entry about 3 or 4 times. this race was really easy for me then it became work and then it turned into a challenge and a test of determination. i wish i could say this one was easier than disney but it was just as challenging {i guess that is why everyone doesn't do marathons right} and just as rewarding.

my morning started at 5:00 and i was at the metro by 6:00 and downtown pretty quickly. it was freezing outside so i hung out in the metro station for awhile, honestly probably too long. when my dad said it was a hike to the north lot from the metro he wasn't lying... it took about 15 or so minutes to walk over there. i then had to check my bag and hit the porta potty. it was 7:40 by the time i actually got a porta potty and i was freaking out that i would miss the start since i of course picked the slow line. needless to say, i was in my shoot in time to hear the cannons {or whatever they were} go off and 15 minutes later i was crossing the start.  it was super cool to talk with other runners and hear their excitement as we approached the start. and the cheering in the first tunnel only got you more excited.  the sights started early - we passed arlington cemetery pretty much at the start and were greeted by marines on horseback which was crazy cool.

pretty much everything from the start to the key bridge (about mile 5) was a blur. i was feeling really strong and really confident. i felt like i was keeping a great pace and my heart rate down. as soon as we hit the bridge and the water stop everything went chaotic. it was packed with the water and spectators and it was really just a cluster. i looked at my garmin to read 30 something in the pace area and thought goodness no, so i headed to one of the last water stops where it was clear and free. coming off the bridge we headed to Georgetown {which even growing up in the DC area i had never been to} and i liked it. we headed through some park and we could see runners passing us in the other direction which let me know (a) there is a turnaround somewhere and (b) once we get to said turnaround it's DOWNHILL! i ran by some auburn people and as a bama fan i so badly wanted to say "roll tide" but i didn't want to start a convo nor annoy people as they were trying to run a flipping marathon. =) after the turn around we headed downhill a bit, passed Georgetown (the school), and then headed down the main street in Georgetown.  Still feeling really strong at mile 9 I saw one of the girls on my Ragnar team, got really excited, and gave her a huge hug and then kept moving. Georgetown could have been my favorite spot in the race - the crowd support was rocking and it was so so so loud with cheers you just had to run.  We headed down some more and around some turns and some how (who knows how) looped back into familiar territory.  I looked up and thought oh that's watergate and that is the kennedy center and then i was back in running mode still feeling great.

i hit 13.1 at 2:38 (about a 12:03 pace) and that when I knew I was for sure going to get over that bridge. i was still feeling good. and i was given a great boost of confidence and i kept just trucking along. at that point i was really thinking hey this marathon thing is right. i think i will do disney again this year. ....we ran by some monuments... i know Lincoln was one of them but what the others were, I was not really paying attention.

i was feeling good till about mile 17. i wasn't feeling like death, but it was definitely becoming work. i was taking more and more walk breaks and having to tell myself "ok, just run to that traffic light" we were running by the national monument (or the pencil as i like to call it) and i had to tell myself "barbie, you ran this this summer, you can do this part" (granted this summer, it was mile 1 not mile 17).  as we rounded the road by the capital there were marathonfoto people EVERYWHERE and i made myself run because you can't walk for pictures {the posted pictures of me at this point in the race = death}. I passed them and starting walking again and that is when i saw my parents. DOH! I was walking a marathon when they saw me, but it perked me up a bit and i made myself run past them, wave, and run out of sight... but i actually ran for awhile because i knew the bridge was coming. we then ran past the holocaust museum and then i saw it.
i knew the bridge was there because of the crowds. and they were so excited for everyone.  when i got on the bridge it took everything in me not to cry since i was just so happy to be on it. at that point it became real that i would finish and that i would have my 2nd marathon under my belt.  that bridge was so long, it felt like it went on forever and i saw people just pulling to the side for breathers and to stretch. i told myself that i never wanted to run on 395 again.

around mile 20 or 21 is where the marathon really became a challenge for me. my legs hurt. my hips hurt. i was tired. this was the point where i could tell that i had not prepared enough. but i wanted to finish so all i could think was zone into the music, stop and stretch if you need to, and just go. i probably stopped to stretch once or twice every mile and i felt like crystal city would never end. I had a heads up that mile 23 was the turn around, but i felt as if that turn around would never come.  i had my slowest miles in that last 10k but looking back and thinking about it, i don't care. I could have quit, I could have cried, but I didn't.  Though I walked most of that last 10k and lost minutes by stretching, I still completed that last 10k.
what was truly inspiring was that i ran much of the course with a man in a wheelchair. i watched him push and get up some grueling hills (one of which was at the very end). it was amazing to me how many runners who were unrelated to him would run ahead and clear a path for him. those runners could have focused on their own race & keeping their own pace but they chose to help another runner.  I am just in awe of the wheelchair marathoners - that was a tough course with some crazy hills and to gut it out is so awesome. kudos to all of them.  

i would really prefer to not finish a race up a hill again, let alone a marathon. climbing that slow but long hill to the monument was both painful but joyous at the same time {wait is that possible?!} i knew the end was in sight and they were going to make me work for that shiny medal. i would lie if i said i ran up the whole hill because i gutted up it in front of all the marines {had to be tough} walked around the curve and then ran to the finish, slowly, but running. finishing time of 5:41 which is a 12 minute PR and my medal was given to me by a marine who said "congratulations ma'am".  i read somewhere that about 19,000 people did not finish so I am super happy I did and everyone else did as well.

looking back - it was not a great race but it was a great race. i did not finish as fast as i hoped to (but that could be in part with my lack of long runs) but i did finish and PRd.  Despite the pain and exhaustion I had a good time and loved the course & the sites that I did pay attention to. Nothing is cooler than running by The Capital.  Overall, I am happy with how I did and that I finished. Whether or not I will do another one is up in the air.... but I did realize that I want to volunteer at a race and be a spectator at a race.  Those 2 types of people are awesome & make the race more enjoyable. 

my splits:
5k: 34:49 (11:10 pace)
10k: 1:12:46 (11:44 pace)
15k: 1:50:30 (11:52 pace)
20k: 2:29:42 (12:04 pace)
Half: 2:38:53 (12:03 pace)
25k: 3:10:49 (12:18 pace)
30k: 3:53:39 (12:33 pace)
35k: 4:36:35 (12:41 pace)
40k: 5:22:54 (13:01 pace)
*you can definitely see how i slowed down near the end, but honestly now that i see the breakdown of each 5k split i am happy with my performance* looking back, i think my 5:10 goal was quite possibly a stretch for me - that would have had me doing 11:27 miles consistently... but all in all I am happy with my performance.
"In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that." {Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder}

Thursday, November 4, 2010

three things thursday.

1. winter is coming in the south and i am unhappy about it. i am not a fan of cold weather. but it does mean that i get to pull out my scarves and my chunky sweaters and burberry earmuffs and boots. And i get to make lots of soups {clam chowder is on the menu tomorrow night}. but my dog is immune to the cold and still wants to go outside all the time.  thank goodness i love hooded sweatshirts and have about 10 of them so it makes it easy to go outside, but still.... Atlanta now only has two seasons: winter & summer. bummer.  i am making him wear the winter coat that he hates ....  i am a horrible mother.
2. i work in staffing. i am a recruiter. i find people jobs. it keeps me on my toes. i often wonder if i am on a hidden camera show. every day is different and i do really like it. but people never cease to amaze me. in the last 24 hrs i left a candidate 4 messages and emailed them 3 times in regards to setting up an interview with my client. when i FINALLY got him/her on the phone their answer was "oh sorry, i was at the unemployment office applying for jobs" ... hold on, back up, let me talk to your unemployment counselor and let them know that you've been DODGING MY PHONE CALLS and i am trying to get you gainfully employed.  I know there are plenty of unemployed people out there who are desperately trying to find a job, but I swear there are people out there that work harder to get unemployment than they do to find a job.
3. Over margaritas, cheese dip, guacamole, salsa, and tacos I gained a maid of honor last night.  I know her as Erin, you know her as From Fat 2 Fab.  Kyle still thinks she should be a "groomsman", but I told him that the early bird gets the worm and I snagged her first.  She is probably one of the realest people I have EVER met and she is a great friend to have.  I need to send a thank you note to the hamilton for introducing us at one of her infamous pool parties and then having us work together. thanks ham, thanks.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Marine Corps 2010 - real quick.

Everything you ever wanted to know about yourself you can learn in 26.2 miles

oh how true is that statement. marine corps. marine corps. marine corps. what a total experience. if you know anything about me you know that i was totally freaked out by the 14th street bridge, keeping my 14:00 pace to ensure that i would cross said bridge/getting there by 1:15 pm so I could get across it, and just the whole thing in general.  I think I looked at the marathon's webpage 54 million times to read about the bridge and what time it would be cut off. I even wrote the cut off time on my hand {and that i had to be at the bridge by 4:45}.  I knew I had to do at least 5 miles per hour.  When i signed up for marine corps I told myself that this was it. i was going to do this one right. i was going to train hard. put in the crazy miles and pretty much rock the race as best as i could. ...then life happened, my job got busy, and i found it almost impossible some days to even get in miles. at times during training i questioned if i should actually do it or if i could do it. i started tracking my runs against my garmin to see how many miles i was beating my mcm bridge competition by. ...i just wanted to give myself some confidence going in and by competing with my garmin i gave myself some much needed confidence...

i will say that when boarding the plane on Thursday i told myself that i just had to trust what training i had done and be confident that i would cross both the starting line, the bridge, get up the hills, and cross the finish line. there was no point in second guessing myself. i just had to enjoy the time with my family and then the time spent on my feet running around DC.

i am not ready to do the race recap yet. i am gonna do it. give me a few days. let me wrap my head around it. but i do want to say that i am a SECOND TIME MARATHONER and i PR'd by 12 minutes and through it all I had a pretty great time.
i had mentioned a few months back that i was once told to dedicate the last 6.2 miles to someone. and i so badly wanted to do that but the last 6.2 miles were so brutal and took everything in me to just keep going. {my slowest miles were in the last 10k} and i couldn't think of anything but one foot in front of the other, don't cry it will only get your heart rate up, there will be a turn around, just keep going.

after 26.44 miles {hi, mcm your course ran LONG} and being called ma'am about 5 million times and getting crazy sunburned i finished in 5:41 which is a 12 minute PR! and then trekked to find my bag and my parents.

I feel like the marathon is a test of patience, endurance, will to succeed, determination, and perseverance.  You have to be able to push the "can't do its" to the side and tell yourself "i can i can". It is telling yourself that yes this hurts but it is a good kind of hurt. A marathon takes a strong, determined, focused, person.  I am so so proud of every person that stood at the starting line and everyone who crossed the finish line.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

three things thursday.

three things thursday. DC (err... VA) edition.  I worked a half day today. Went to the airport, worked from the airport, hopped on a plane, landed, had dinner with my parents, and got home to the house I was raised in because I am running a marathon on Sunday.  ....and onto my three things.

{one} on monday i was talking to my friend chrissy and hearing about how she got engaged and her wedding hopes and dreams and BAM my car spazzes and freaks and just stops. stops. stalls. mid-drive. i am going up a hill and bam, the whole thing is frozen and i am stuck. {insert panic} i try to call kyle and i call his OFFICE not his cell. 4 tries later the car starts back up and i call chrissy back to continue the conversation. Tuesday I am driving to work and BAM car stops again. {insert tears of frusteration} so i drove the car to the nissan dealership only to learn it is something about the cam and crank {no idea} they quote me and i say "fix it". I go to pick it up and suddenly, the quote is higher. {insert sassy attitude} and all of a sudden $50 worth of charges disappear.  i totally think they were trying to take advantage of me because i am a girl. But the total cost was still higher than the initial quote. I told the manager that i hope he can sleep better knowing that his staff lies to people. but i am lucky this all happened in neighborhoods and at red lights, it could have been worse and i could have been in an accident so i am thankful. ...well kyle still owed me money on our furniture and since he had a lot of extra money since it was a 3 paycheck month for me he wrote me a mini check to help pay for it. and he told me that right now we're practicing the for poorer part of "for richer and poorer" . one of the many reasons i love him.
{two} i hate traveling for 1 reason. leaving my little family. kyle always says "don't go" and then he tells me that he is going to turn on all the TVs in the house to make it as loud as i am.  it was so sad dropping mulligan off at daycare this morning. he did not want to say goodbye, he just wanted to run off and play in the playroom.  i understand that he loves daycare and rarely goes - but he won't see me for 4 days.  i got teary as kyle left for work and when i dropped my crazy critter off.
{three} as much as i hate taylor swift i actually want her new cd. i don't know why and nor do i think i will actually shell out the money for it in person or on iTunes but there are some songs on the CD that I actually am attracted to. normally her music makes my ears bleed, but this CD they did some major editing and it isn't too bad.

and with that. i am off to bed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Off to DC I go (tomorrow)

After @bemadthem (Lisa. From Twitter) ran the Chicago Marathon and PR'd in not so ideal weather conditions she tweeted something simple and wise.

"Our perception and attitude toward any situation will determine the outcome."

And with that said, I am flying out to DC tomorrow and there is nothing more that I can do other than lay low, keep my legs loose and rested, hydrate hydrate hydrate, eat mucho carbs, sleep well, and mentally prepare for my marathon on Sunday.  I have to trust my training and my ability to finish. i know for a fact i can do it. it is just about being mentally tough come Sunday morning and ignoring the voices in my head. as i mentioned on sunday, i know i can do this... now it just up to me 110% believing that on race day and praying for a GREAT race.

I am looking forward to finishing my 2nd marathon this Sunday... I am going to fight to get across that bridge and you know what, i know i can.  "our perception and attitude toward any situation will determine the outcome"

Sunday, October 24, 2010

1 week out.

I am 1 week out from my 2nd marathon.  The weather looks like it is going to be gorgeous. Per the 10 day forecast we're looking at a high of 64 with a 10% chance of rain. I will be watching like a hawk this week.

Race outfit picked out. black running skirt. teal lululemon tank. gray long sleeve frat party shirt will be my throw away. no rain jacket since i can deal with 10% rain. race number pinned on skirt. OH my race number is 17221 (that's for you jen). you can evidently track me online... learn how to here. There is no runner tracking text messaging service this year which is crappy since that is how my parents tracked me at Disney so who knows how they're gonna do it now. BOO Marine Corps BOO.

I am actually getting kind of excited for this (with a mix of nerves). One of my favorite twitter people said he would run back to mile 21/22 and run me into the finish so I can have company. And I am actually thinking I can and will beat that bridge.

and I will leave you with this. I saw it on DailyMile this morning and loved it so I wanted to share it with you......

"Whatever. There are no tricks. Run because you have to. Run because you love it. Run because you want to be fast. Run because you want to be skinny. Run to find some quiet time. Run to sweat. Run to eat. Run hear your heart pound in your ears. Run because you're a runner. Run because you gotta keep the streak. Run because you don't know why the hell you're running. Run because you fought with your partner. Run because your job is shitty. Run because you got no money. Run for the sunrise. Run for a race. Run because it's impossible. Run because it's easy. Run instead of doing the laundry. Run instead of watching TV. Run because no one else understands. Run because the cool kids do it. Run because you're tired of talking. run for numbers. Run for feel. Run to prove something. Run because it f**ing hurts. Or don't run. If you got something better to do." - Jeff Edmonds

Saturday, October 23, 2010

wigwam socks review.

a few months back natalie from wigwam sent me an email thanking me for being such a fan of wigwam and sent me some socks that she loves and she trains in. they came in a pretty box and with a really nice handwriten note and i was really stoked to get them and then try them all out. it  has taken me months to do this review because of sheer laziness and not really knowing how to describe 5 pairs of socks. really. that is a hard task since i always thought a sock was just a sock and once you find something you love, in the running world you tend to not change. plus i tend to just grab a pair of socks from the drawer and i only grabbed the free ones every so often, but i have been wearing most of the socks and others i have not tried just yet (forgive me) … but since people have been wondering about socks a lot lately (or at least my twitter friends are) – i decided to stop being lazy and review some of the ones natalie shared with me.

there are many things that i love about wigwam and that have kept me wearing them for so long and kept me buying them.
  1. i have never ever ever blistered when wearing wigwams.
  2. all the ones i have tried have no toe seam like thing so it’s like the sock is 1 big piece of fabric. no toe seam = no irritation,
  3. they’re super comfy to wear
  4. they may be pricey but they are made so so so well. I don't have to worry about them falling apart, getting holes, etc..
  5. for the most part, they’re light, breathable,  and comfy to wear.

so onto the little write ups on the free pairs of socks i scored…

racey: these ones were my fave and the most comfortable and i am currently sad since i am missing one of them so I cannot wear them anymore (and I cannot seem to find them at REI so I don't know where to get them). they are so so so cushy and comfortable. they are cut just right – so none of the sock is showing – and despite being thicker than the average sock i normally like and am drawn to, they don’t make my foot hot or uncomfortable. i have found myself wearing these around the house just because and grabbing them most often to throw in my gym bag. as mentioned, i currently only have 1 racey sock so i have not been able to wear them, but once i find the match i will run in them again and when I find out where to buy some I am stocking up. =)
ironman tailwind: i like these. i like these a lot. i actually had bought myself a pair or two before getting the free pair. they have just the right amount of cushion and they keep my foot dry and cool for the most part. they were not my favorites on the super hot days {i am weird, i hate hot feet when i run and i tend to think about my feet midrun} but now that fall is coming back they’re working out well. The cut is just perfect, giving the heel and back of the foot just the right amount of coverage and they are comfy. i have always been a big fan of the "ironman" socks and these ones did not disappoint. these are $12.00 at REI and I feel they’re worth the high price tag and I will for sure continue buying these ones.
ironman surge pro: this sock had it’s ups and downs for me. the first thing i noticed was that it was cut too high for me (i don’t like my sock showing or doing over my ankle) but i noticed that it was lightweight which i love.  i am honestly on the fence with this sock – i liked how it was tight on my foot (but not too tight) yet they did not cause blisters, but it lacked enough padding for me. i also did not find that it kept my foot as cool as i would like in both the hot summer and cool fall. i will 100% keep wearing this sock especially for the shorter runs and i do want to see how they do in the fall/winter. I would rate these a 7 out of 10 because I really couldn't complain about them.  If the cut was lower I would for sure wear them more often, since we all know I don't do all my scheduled long runs. ;)
ironman spark pro: these ones just did not do it for me. i thought they were cut way too high. i thought they hugged my foot well and did not blister but they did not breathe as much as i would have liked and my feet just felt hot and uncomfortable.. the weirdest thing i noticed about these socks is that i think they cut off the circulation to my feet (yes, i untied my shoes and loosened them and they still feel asleep).. when i run in these my feet tend to fall asleep and i don’t know if it’s because they’re cut so high and so tight, but it is weird.  i kept these ones in my bag for spin class  – not so much of the outside running. i really have not put too many miles in with these on so i cant say too much about them.
trail trax pro: these ones are still in their packaging. i am kinda scared of these ones due to how thick they are. also – they’re evidently ideal for cool weather running and atlanta has not yet seem cool weather (yeah it is 70+ degrees currently). i will try these this winter – i promise but since i hate hot feet i just have not yet.

i know everyone has personal preference about their sock and the cut, the cushiness, the colors, the texture and materials, etc.  I know I am really picky and when i first started running and trying socks i tried everything from thorlo to goldtoe to the target champion brand and then finally found and loved the wigwam brand.  But if you’re ever in the market to try a new brand, i really am a HUGE fan of Wigwams. to rank them 1-5: 1) racey 2) tailwind 3)surge pro 4)spark pro 5) trax pro

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have had about 4 million and one things running through my brain over the past few days. so here we go. bullet form. we will scratch three things Thursday tomorrow because of this...
  • the marine corps marathon is 12 days away. so i am starting to figure out times and where i need to be on the course at certain times. for example, i need to be at mile 17.5 in 4 hours and mile 20 in like 4 hours and 40 minutes. when i ran Disney in January, I hit mile 20 at 4 hours and 21 minutes, so *hopefully* I should be fine. am i allowed to write things like 17.5=4 hrs and 20=4.41 hrs on my hand?! or what about 1:15 (since that is when the bridge cut off happens)? Would you judge me? But who doesn't start second guessing themselves going into a freaking marathon????
  • i was looking at the weather for Northern VA (the 10 day forecast) and a lot of rain is planned for the week of the race. lets hope there is no more rain in the sky on race day. looks like i am bringing my running rain coat. oi.
  • i am having a rocking month of miles so far. just look ----->
  • there has been a lot of talk about the Boston marathon and the qualifying times and charity runners and how it sold out in 8 hours blah blah blah and i know i do not see eye to eye with a lot of people on this topic of discussion, so i am not even going to go there. but i do think that Boston is something that so many people work towards and when they do qualify it is an exciting moment in a runner's career (a  moment I may never be able to experience) and i personally am impressed and excited for everyone who has had their BQ moment. and that is all i am gonna say about that.
  •  i need to get a massage, pronto. my little legs are getting heavy and sore. I need to have all the kink worked out before running 26.2 miles. i think i am gonna plan for one Sunday. do 1 last long run Saturday and then get a good rub down. any suggestions for somewhere in Atlanta.
  • i decided to run my marathon in a running skirt. i hope i do not regret that decision. now i gotta figure out what to wear on top, but i am leaning towards a tank. yes. i may freeze but that is okay.
  • i am having an internal struggle with if i should or should not get a flu shot. i have been getting one for 3 years and nothing has ever happened, but since i am getting so close to my marathon i am scared to risk it. but then i am gonna be on a plane so i feel like i should be getting one. to flu shot now or to wait is the question...
  • I am really excited about the MCM tweetup that is happening on Friday night.  I am excited about meeting people at the Brooks table at the Expo on Friday. There have been so many people on Twitter encourage each other from the day we signed up till now that I want to put a face with a @name.
  • I ordered a ragnar hoodie in gray and I really hope I have it in time for my trip home to DC for MCM. With my luck, it will come Thursday afternoon... the day I fly out. =)  ...I am hoping there is a MCM hoodie I can buy at the Expo.  Barbie loves Hoodies.
  • so. this right here makes me nervous. don't know why. but hello nerves.
  • Right now I have 7.5 hours of music for the marathon. I think I have more than enough tunes to get me through. Some songs are on there about 5 times, but that i becaue i love them and they make me move.
and i will leave you with this: Run hard, be strong, think big. -- Percy Cerutty
and that i all i think. goodnight.

Friday, October 15, 2010

foto friday (engagement style)

today was goooood! it's friday! hi friday! i ran to the office today and survived. no near death experiences with cars like last time and I ran about 5 miles in 55 minutes and some change, which is good since for Marine Corps I want to be doing 5 miles per hour and 5 miles in 55 minutes gives me 5 miles to spare.  Am I allowed to say that the atlanta weather is simply amazing and makes running so so so easy!

and i wanted to share some exciting things with you!! My engagement pictures!! You can see them all here and the email address = yours (she won't spam you, I promise) and the PW = ring.
**if you're in atlanta and need a great photographer, I highly recommend my friend Kristin!**

As a sneak peek, three of my faves... dun dun dun..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

three things thursday.

another week another issue of three things thursday.

1. i am going to start running the work again starting tomorrow. i am hoping that this go round there are no gold muranos in my life and no cars decide to almost run into me. my heart cannot take that sort of excitement at 7:15 am and i really do enjoy living. but the forced 5+ miles is gonna be good for me right?! and i am running it tomorrow in the skirt i want to wear for marine corps, lets see if i can handle the compression shorts built in. plus it’s quality time with my long lost chrissy as she drives me home. :o)

2. last week i committed to something that is 100% outrageous. I am not quite sure what I have gotten myself into, but I am excited to be sharing the journey with 11 other people (1 of which is Erin!).  We’re doing one of the Ragnar Relay’s – meaning we’re gonna run from Madison Wisconsin to Chicago Illinois. 204 miles, 12 girls, 1 van, lots of good times and jokes and memories and lack of sleep.  Luckily you only run “legs” and the longest leg is only 8 miles… but it is still a crazy crazy feat. i talked to kyle about it and he told me that he thinks i should to it and that it would be a great experience. i have heard of a lot of people who have done one and they say it’s a great experience and i am really excited to be sharing this experience with some girls who i have learned to love via their running blogs and twitter. now lets hope that none of them are crazy maniac murders who joined to be able to commit a mass homicide.  Now: I want the hooded sweatshirt.

3.  my crimson tide let me down this past weekend when they played south carolina. my heart is still hurt. that is all i will say. oh alabama i do not like the feeling of loss. i know you can’t win them all, but can’t we?! I just hope that this was our only loss and we look a lot better this week against Ole Miss.  I do not like that every other SEC team has an off week before playing us… …but i do like that they feel they need time to prepare. oh alabama.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

tracking chicago runners

Today I tried to track about 5 runners via text message as they ran the Chicago Marathon.  The ranged from 1 first timer (who happens to b a good friend from college who just wanted to beat Oprah's Marathon time), another 1st timer (who just didn't want to die), and 3 seasoned marathoners.  My friend ending up not beating Oprah's time but I am still so so so proud of him! He did so well with a finishing time of 04:47:13!  And my friend from high school finished her 1st marathon in 5:29:18.  congrats to them both on their 1st's! I heard it was really hot up there too so super big congrats!

Technology is crazy cool and I loved being able to track them as they crossed different mile markers.  (and cheer people on via text message and twitter as they hit different points) My phone tracking ended up not working so I sat in front of the TV, gross from my run, watching the chicago marathon website.  I think by the end of it all I was tracking about 7 people since I just kept remembering more people who were running.  Needless to say, I lost most of my Sunday but it was well worth it.

As they were running 26.2 I ran about 5.52 of awfulness. My legs failed me today and my football team failed me Saturday I learned that I need to be spending a lot of time with my foam roller and stretching in the weeks so come. As well as drinking a lot a lot a lot of water since I will blame a lot of the badness on dehydration.

congrats to call the Chicago marathon finishers!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Race Coupon Codes.

If you're anything like me you love discounts and sales and getting things for cheaper than other people.  Whenever I online shop I always look for coupon codes and when I find good ones I feel like I hit the jackpot.  Today I have two coupon codes to share with you.

  1. sign up for any rock and roll series race between 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM on 10/10/10 and use coupon code: SAVEON10 between and get $20 off any race entry. I am already registered for Savannah 2011 maybe it's time to sign up for VA Beach 2011! =)
  2. The Atlanta 13.1 (which I ran this past Saturday) is offering a 20% off discount on their race next year.  Currently, the race is $60 and if you take off 20% it is like $48 and $48 is a good deal on a half marathon. 
there will be no three things thursday today because i have had a horrible day and i think all i would do is complain about said horrible day. i thought i would be nice and well, spare you.

happy race entering!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Atlanta 13.1 Pictures

 The Atlanta 13.1 pictures have been posted and I don't look too bad.  Remember, it was an AWESOME race!  But Yikes, I totally need a tan. ASAP.  Too bad I burn in tanning beds, spray tan things turn me orange and um it's too cold to lay by the pool. Oh Casper.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Ramles.

I have had a million and one random running thoughts going through my head today (and some not so running related) ... so I decided to share them with you. Enjoy.
  • Yesterday I ran a really awesome half marathon and I think the awesome-ness wasn't in the PR but the actual course and volunteers. I am still stunned how well it was run for only being the 2nd year here in Atlanta.  One of my favorite bloggers Tim did his recap and you can read it here
  • I am about 3 weeks out from the Marine Corps Marathon which means it is cram time. While others start to taper and trust their training, I start to freak out and build a little more endurance and strength. Yeah... not the best planner.
  • I was running today and saw pumpkins.  I know Halloween is creeping up, but will the pumpkins still be alive come October 31?! Won't they rot?!
  • Somone "hmmm'd" my Race Recap from yesterday - isn't a hmmm like a "huh interesting" or a "huh i don't get it" or a "huh you have me thinking" ... I personally didn't think a race recap was "hmm" worthy - but to each their own.
  • Hills - I know they make you stronger and faster and build your endurance but why do they have to be so menacing?!
  • Some of my favorite bloggers have been posting some awesome posts lately - super informative. For example Erin gave me some Pre-Race Moves (that I did not use, but want to/need to) ... Aron reminded me about taking care of myself you know sleep.stretch.foam roll.recover
  • I pulled a fun little training plan and I am implementing it starting today.
  • I am going to start doing speed work to try and get faster. But question: how exactly do I do speed work? I need insight & help. Pretty please.
  • Beauty and the Beast comes out of the Disney vault tomorrow - I am really hoping Kyle comes home from work with it.  To drop hints I have been singing "tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, bitter sweet and strange..." I hope he has gotten the hint, but he is a boy so that is doubtful. :o)
  • I really hope you all have a good week and the weather is getting nice for everyone.  Fall is coming which means fun runs await!
So here is my training week:
Monday: 45 minute run. Tuesday: 60 minutes cross training Wednesday: Speed Intervals 4 times Thursday: Cross Train 60 minutes Friday: 30 minute run Saturday: 7 miles Sunday: Rest