Friday, November 13, 2015

Teenagers Suck.

Teenagers.  I hate them. But I have a HUGE reason to hate them right now. 

Our house was TP'd on Wednesday night.  Haha. Funny. Annoying. Actually, teenagers, I hate you.  So rude. And awful. And just annoying. Your generation. It sucks. 
Then last night.  Our house was egged.  And the teens have gone too far.  Kyle will be getting out the pressure washer when he gets home from work.
And I know this sounds dramatic, but we are actually very concerned about how long this will go on and what it could esclate to.  We are filing a police report tonight and have talked about home security and outside cameras.  It all just seems to be so much, but the safety of our house and McKenna is our #1.  We do not understand why this is happening, why the teens are targeting us, and how to get it to stop.  Feeling helpless in your own house is hands down the worst feeling ever. And even worse is the not knowing what will happen next and how bad it could get. Seriously, I will be going to bed tonight wondering what is next and what we will wake up to tomorrow. Hopefully, property damage never happens.
We are both just so over this.  We are tired.  We are confused.  And we just want it to stop.
And to answer all the questions - yes, we put out good Halloween candy.  No we did not piss off any teens.  That we know of.  McKenna did bite someone this week, but she is a minor so her idenity is not released. And no, they probably do not have our house mixed up with someone elses. Yes, Mulligan did bark like a mad man, but I didn't think anything of it - even though I did see 2 sketchy people running around in front of our house.  Why would I think, "oh, my house is getting rolled right now, must stop them".  Teens. Get off my lawn.
And.  I am going to go.  Have a good weekend everyone.  Pray that our house makes it through the night untouched. I want to do a stakeout tonight, but K won't let me.  I may chase down a hoodlum teen tonight and take him home to his momma and tell his momma that his kid is an a-hole :)  Seriously.  I hate teenagers.

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