Thursday, November 7, 2013

and in other news….

I feel like I did a good job of covering the life events that kept us on our toes {and the road} this fall.  but then there are the other things that are new and exciting in our world.

1. Kyle J is turning into a runner!! And he will probably kill me if he knows that I put this picture on the blog, but I cannot tell you how proud I am of him.  He gets up pretty much every morning before work and runs 3 miles throughout the neighborhood.  When we were in kylefittestSanibel, he got up 2 mornings and ran alone.  he is really becoming my little runner and has even asked when our first 5k will be as a couple.  So…. I am scouting.  But as prep for the upcoming race … One recent Saturday I finally got his running butt into Big Peach Running Company to get professionally fit for running shoes.  he had been mentioning running pains and needing new shoes and I somehow talked him into getting the fit test.  And…. he actually liked it and admitted that I was right and that he should have gone sooner. {mind you – he wanted to go to DSW and get a regular pair shoes because he didn’t want to shell out serious money.  I lured him in with a coupon I thing.}  ….if you’re in Atlanta and need a good pair of running shoes – the fit test at Big Peach is well worth the time.

2. We got up one Sunday morning and went to hike the waterfall at apalachicola state park.  And let me tell you, despite the gorgeous weather in the fall – it was hard and rough.  When Kyle asked me if I wanted to go on a hike followed by brunch I didn’t know that I would be HIKING.  My fitbit almost exploded – 1 day, 1 hike = 100 flights of stairs.  Kids.  That hike was legit – we pretty much climbed up a mountain and that is no exaggeration.

3. We had our 1st Halloween in the house and it was not a total let down, but a let down.  I would have thought we would have had zillion of kids, but not really.  Well – we know for next year that we do not need 12 bags of candy.  I am in the process of giving my office a major sugar high.

4.  The dogs are cute and they are good.  you know. just being dogs.  Kennesaw has turned Mulligan’s old bandana into her baby blanket and she takes it everywhere with her and loves on it.  it is a bandana that was around mulligan’s neck.  She is a goofball.

5.  Work is going good for Kyle and me.  Not too much on that home front. For once, I do not feel so overwhelmed that I cannot breathe or move.  being able to get out of the office and hit blast900 has been amazing.

I think that is about it, to be honest – I feel like life is just moving so fast.  can you believe the holidays are around the corner?! I am so so so behind on the holiday shopping.  I gotta get on it – especially for those people who we need to have their gifts home by Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

….and I continue

I feel like I am pretty much almost caught up on catching you all up on my life.  a few weeks back one of my friends from college got married in Birmingham – and when I say this was one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to – I mean it. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was (1) a beautiful wedding + reception (2) a reunion from my time in Tuscaloosa (3) the band (4) the amazing food – hello fried green tomatoes with pulled pork on top and mashed potato bar.  or if it was everything wrapped up in one {which I think is the real answer} …. so much fun.

Lindsay literally was so pretty – and so happy – she was radiating, that is the only way to describe it.  The wedding 100% screamed her personality.  The party was too fun.  And the exit to all of us shaking our super sparkly Alabama shakers was a perfect ending.

I spent a lot of the night catching up with girlfriends from college and a lot of the night dancing with my old roommate Ashley Jo.  And her mom was there and her 2 little sisters which made my night catching up with her mom and wondering how the sisters are now college grads or in college.

We danced to Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” and “Jesse’s Girl” and “Sweet Home Alabama”.  We laughed and I met boyfriends and husbands.  And seriously had too much fun.  Of course – we all thought we were in college again and talked about going out after the wedding for the “after party” and yeah.  that didn’t happen.  after party at the Hampton Inn, in bed by 10:45 PM.  What what! Party Animals!

Kyle won husband of the year and he just followed us crazy girls around and then drove me back to Atlanta the next morning in one piece. but it was just a really really good time – with most of my best girl friends in Birmingham, I do not get a night with the girls very often.  so it was great to just relive those college days, let loose and have a good time.  it is simply crazy how you get caught up in life and things like weddings bring you back together. 

Congrats to Lindsay and Dom!! Enjoy countless years of happiness and laughter and good times.  I hope you love the food chopper thing and the pink yellow hammer cups. ROLL TIDE! =D


Friday, November 1, 2013

Chapter Three – Tuscaloosa Bound

Another 30 before 30 accomplished!  Kyle and I went to Tuscaloosa for the Homecoming Game Weekend and for once, during football season in Tuscaloosa, post-graduation we went inside Bryant Denny for the game.  Normally: we are in Tuscaloosa and just watch the game at a bar with friends.

The trip to Tuscaloosa took pretty much forever and a day due to construction traffic so when we arrived in town, we were exhausted and just wanted major catch up time with my bestie Heather and her momma. Plus – kickoff was at like 10:00 AM or something crazy like that so Friday night was super low key. 

Saturday we got up – ate breakfast at her condo’s clubhouse and went to the sorority house for more breakfast.  Don’t ask. Heather’s little sister’s boyfriend needed to eat and of course my growing husband chowed down on more fun.  Then after a little stroll through the Quad and the required photos in front of Denny Chimes and the Stadium we found our seats. 

The game was boring – we were those fans that Nick Saban is currently complaining about.  It was hot.  It was a blowout.  We wanted Yellowhammers from Gallettes.  We had eaten the required  Denny Dog {hot dog} … so we left right at the beginning of the 3rd quarter.  Bad Alabama Fans – BAD!


But Saturday was less than crazy too.  After a long day in the sun and being up super early after a late arrival Saturday night we were in Heather’s condo – in front of the TV by like 10:30 PM. 

But we were there really to see Heather, her mom, and just to have a little bit of non-crazy, get Kyle in the stadium fun.  I do remember the stadium being WAY more fun and loud as a student – maybe it was the less than exciting game we attended – maybe it is the lame, spoiled student section that didn’t have to live through the Shula days.  Kyle agreed it was “pretty” but then just called it a “stadium”.

We will be back and if you’re reading this Heather – we require a better football game!!!