Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello Hello!  Well. Here I am writing from my brand spanking new laptop – one that I wish I did not have to buy, but my wonderful husband dropped my practically new laptop so here we are, with a new confusing Windows 8 loaded laptop. And I think it may take me 5045084 hours to write this since the keyboard is funky and new. Weeeee!

Anyway. moving on. pressing forward.  Kyle and I have been SO busy this weekend but it was fun.  Saturday night we went to the Alabama vs. VA Tech football game and jeeze that was a game.


We sat 13 rows off the field – in the VA Tech section – and since we were not actually killing them this go around, it the VA Tech fans around us liked to poke fun at us. Alabama did not quite play like a 2 time championship, #1 ranked football team so it was frustrating. But… it was still a good time. Well worth the trip downtown and the crazy MARTA overload on the way home. Not a pretty win, but a win. And I will take that.

Sunday I got to mark another thing off my 30 before 30 list. After breaking the news to my friends from work that we have been in Atlanta for 5 years but never attended a Braves game {they were all shocked and couldn’t wrap their heads around that idea} we decided to hit a Braves Tailgate + Game.  and… it POURED.  We spent a lot of the tailgate in the back of my friend’s boyfriend’s truck waiting out the monsoon. Then once the weather cleared, we got to hang out with everyone, grill out, and have fun.

This may be cobravescollagensidered blasphemy in Braves Country – but I don’t get the allure of baseball games.  Yes – the tailgate was fun – but the actual game was kind of boring.  Maybe it is because the Braves were getting killed – or that you cannot really hear your friends over the crowd – but it wasn’t really all that fun once we got into the game.  But the tickets were free so you cannot complain about a fun day out with the girls and their boyfriends/husbands when it is all basically free – right?!

Kyle and I actually bowed out of the game early because we wanted to beat traffic and I am grateful we did.  I was ready to get home to the puppies and go to bed.  it was two long days of sporting events.

Today…. Kyle and I have done nothing and it has been amazing.  We have spent pretty much all day catching up on Season 2 of Scandal -  trying to be as low key as possible before the week picks up.

Next weekend is another thing to cross off the 30 before 30 – we are heading to Charleston.  So…. if you have suggestions on places to eat or things to do, I am accepting recommendations!! =D