Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pink Asics - I covet thee.

I was told that you were never supposed to pick your running shoes based on color or style, but I am sitting here hoping that the pink Asics will be a perfect match for my feet and running style. I currently run in Asics. I love my Asics. I was professionally fitted to my Asics. They have done no wrong until now (if that is even the issue). I have my ankle appointment tomorrow, which could not come at a better time since my ankle is really furious with me. I am going to take my current shoes and see what the doc has to say and then I think I am going to go get a new pair of shoes. And, I want these bad boys (or should I say girls... since they're pink). Big Peach. Please, make it happen! ....with my luck, watch them be perfect for my foot but they don't have them in my size. Say a little prayer for me and these shoes as you tuck yourself into bed tonight. =)

Now... I guess I shall head back to work and get the running shoes out of my mind. Oh how I covet this beautiful pink kicks that I will literally only run in for a few months or so. Why do running shoes wear out so fast.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Training Hiatus. Lame.

So I have not done any sort of training since Tuesday and well, I wouldn't even really call it training... I barely ran 3 miles. I have had a killer pain in my left ankle since late last week, but I did not want it to get in the way of my training (stupid. stupid. stupid.) so I kept at it. After my long run last Saturday it was feeling pretty bad so I decided to stay off it until it was feeling better. Tuesday. It felt fine. Really. I promise. But I got around mile 1 and it started to pain me. Nothing too bad so I kept going, 2 miles in it was starting to really hurt but I was determined to run/walk for a full hour. However, I could barely run more or less walk so around 40 minutes I hit stop on the treadmill and hobbled back up to the apartment. ...Ice and Ibuprofen did not help the cause so I had decided to give the marathon training a total breather. ...And with the 'ankle breather' came a 'workout breather' too. (Bad Idea.) I had the idea to do Barry's Bootcamp - upper body - use free weights, and continue with my core workouts. But, I have not done a thing other than eat crap and elevate/ice my ankle since Tuesday.

I have an ankle appointment on Wednesday at 3:45, but that is 4 days away and I think I may go mad if I lay around the apartment for 4 more days. So I decided that starting tomorrow I am going to kick my butt into low gear and do a little bit of training (after all marathon training really picks up this week). I have decided to get up at 7am tomorrow to pool run before it gets crowded. I am going to try to do it for a hour, I heard it kicks your butt, but I also heard it is great for training in general. I may even incorporate it into my cross training days ... but that of course is tbd. I am also going to see if I can do a few miles on the elliptical. I am hoping with the lack of pounding it will be beneficial, plus the elliptical also whoop me. I don't know why - but they wear me out. I also want to get some sessions of Barry's Bootcamp in. I feel like I really just need to stay in shape. The worst thing that can happen is me get back into the 'lazy rut' and then die once I am told it is okay to run again. I am terrified though that the doctor will tell me to stay off it for a while. When I get driven & passionate about something there is no stopping me. And if I have to stop, I will be bummed. Really bummed.

Other than having a bum ankle all is well in the world of me. I am gearing up to buy new running shoes (my mom offered to shell out the big bucks) so I get to head to Big Peach for the first time. I have always gone to Metro Run & Walk back in DC, but now that I am in Atlanta I guess I will be visiting Big Peach. I have a phobia about new shoes. I love the ones I have now and they fit and feel great. The thought of having to break in a new pair does not bring a smile to my face, but my shoes may be the route of all evil. I will let you know how my low-impact training goes. I cannot wait to get back out there. We have the 5 mile long run this Saturday and I can do it, but I want to hopefully do it pain free. If anyone has any ideas, please share! :o)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Long Run Day. Did Not Happen.

Mood: off.
Running song of the day: "Bang Bang" ~K'naan (ft. Adam Levine)

This morning was my weekly group training session with my Team In Training team and my body would not get out of bed. Talk about frusterating. But maybe that was a blessing. I do not know. I tried to run the scheduled 4 miles on my own this afternoon, but I just barely got over 1 mile. I felt horrible.pukey.weak.disoriented.light headed. -- I could keep going, but I will sum it up with awful. I do not know if I am not hydrated enough or if it was just one of those days. My breathing was wack today as well... which of course did not help the mission of getting to the goal. I am going to try again tomorrow and make it my long run day.

I am also debating on taking these fitness dance classes at a place here in Atlanta called Dance 101. There are 2 classes I am specifically looking at. They're geared at boosting your endurance and stamina (since I took a whole year off from hitting the gym and pavement, I need to do a lot to get in super shape). I need to get some mixture in my workout that way I do not burn out. The problem is... they're so dang expensive. I also REALLY need to start going to the Tuesday night Team in Traing track sessions every other Tuesday night. Evidently, those sessions focus 100% on pace and form... while getting in the required miles for the day. The dang humidity is so awful though.

I am $30.33 away from reaching my goal of $3900 to go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Exciting news. So Close. So Close!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Run Barbie Run!

Mood: Drained
Running song of the day: "Fire Burning" ~Sean Kingston

Welcome to the world of Barbie and her wonderful tales of running... and walking. I got this idea from this girl Tammy I am following on Twitter to really track my running and training for San Fran. All in all as most people know it is going really well. I recently decided to push the envelope and do the full marathon rather than the half. 26.2 miles of fun hills, but I heard the course is BEAUTIFUL.

It has been an off week for running for me. I have done about 10 miles total this week (according to my dailymile.com account) and I should be at 16 miles this week. Tomorrow is our GTS (Group Training Session) long run... which is 4 miles... so I have an extra 2 to make up somewhere. I am playing a new game with myself and I have decided right now to run 1 hour per day (with walk breaks of course) and see how far I can go. And everyday I hope to go farther and farther.

Surprisingly, I really am enjoying getting back into shape and running. If you have not done so already, please think about donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Of course, I am running mainly in honor of Beka... but this is so much larger than just her. You can go here to make your contribution to the society...