Sunday, August 11, 2013

Catching you up on us.

this is becoming an all too common trend: me apologizing for not writing – explaining that life has been busy – and then breaking down life and blurbing about what K and I have been up to.

Well. Here we go:

1. Work Travel it  officially OVER! For now. So I am home – got to put my suitcase away finally and am enjoying being home and not in the air in a Delta plane that is running  out of fuel. {True Story: happened twice... should have morphed this blog to the adventures in work travels – it would have been a “riot” – and I have stories for days}

2. K and I have been lounging by the pool as much as possible – the wedatenightather this summer has been less than ideal, but on the  good days, you can find us by the pool.  We have also been loving our deck furniture and now do Friday night date nights on our porch with wine and shrimp and crackers. We have been loving it because work has kept me busy this summer and with Kyle being SO consistent with working out every night we have been having late dinner and then I crawl in bed.  We just don’t get enough time for each other Monday – Thursday, so we make a point to do something simple and low key on Friday night to just catch up and just hang out together.  We average about 2 bottles of wine and lots of shrimp and cheese each Friday – but it is fun.  And Kyle made some summer fresh black bean, corn, and feta salsa last Friday and it was SO good.  We are gonna be super bummed when it gets too cold to have wine night!! ....but we will be happy when the bugs and flies are gone!!

3. We also live in a real life, legit, must reserve your tennis courts online tennis community so we have decided to pick up tennis and wreck havoc on the tennis pros that are unlucky to have the court next to us. Correction: Kyle causes the havoc – i get to run all over the court after the balls.  I still have some skills from when my dad and I would play on the tennis courts by the pool and when i did 1 summer of tennis camp. Kyle know my back hand is my weakness so he goes after it every.time.he.can. I tell him that he plays dirty. But.... we are having fun – getting a tan – and getting exercise.

4. I went to Justin Bieber last night with my friend Afton.  And we had fun! =D  We had dinner and drinks before the show by Phillips and then headed to our AMAZING seats – seriously, amazing {Thanks Ramy Chawani for buying them and putting them on stubhub} – we were 1 level off the main floor and not too far away from the stage so Justin actually looked like a human. Not an ant. There were a lot of screaming, crying, pre-teens around us who we made fun of and hoped that wasn’t us when we were growing up.  We were kinda disapjustinconcertpointed – we thought he would bring out more guests {since he is known to do that in Atlanta} and he claimed he was going out “big” since it was his last show... but he only brought out Ludacris  and there are so many other artists that he has collaborated with that are based in Atlanta. Oh well. Luda was still a fun surprise. But still.  Kyle did not go to the concert – he had a boys poker night at the house and he won!! He walked away $120 richer which was fun and exciting for him.  And I know he had fun having having a boys night, playing poker since he used to do that a lot when we lived in VA.  And thankfully our dogs were not maniacs and after they hopped on everyone they settled down and were good little dogs.   Poker night + Dogs + Strangers = our biggest fear all week long.

5. Not sure if I mentioned this or not – but Kyle and I have been able to participate in the Dine Around program with Buckhead Life this summer so we have had fun date nights at places we normally wouldn’t go to because we can’t exactly afford them. Basically –  the Buckhead Life chain sends out $25 gift cards to 1 restaurant per month and you get to go where your card is for.  We went to Atlanta Fish Market last month and have Pricci this month.  It has been fun to just get dressed up and go on a Sunday night date. We had never been selected till this summer and I hope we get picked next summer too!!!

I think that is about it – we’re getting ready for a LONG fun filled Labor Day weekend – Alabama/VA Tech game.  First ever Braves game + Tailgate. And then our busy September. Hopefully..... we will have some fun filled things to write about!!