Meet Us

Kyle graduated from George Mason in May 2008 with a degree in Accounting.  He started working for Maxxis International as an Accounting Assistant down in Georgia in September and is still with them.  Kyle loves football and cheers for The Washington Redskins as well as Alabama.  He enjoys playing fetch with our dog Mulligan, playing video and computer games, reading, and never letting Barbie win while playing the Wii. 


Barbie graduated from The University of Alabama in December 2006.  It was her idea to move to Atlanta after Kyle graduated from college.  She currently works for TRC Staffing out of their corporate office as a Field Support Manager.  She enjoys running (and is a marathoner), Alabama football, shopping, playing the Wii, and watching Lifetime movies.  When it comes to the dog - she loves cuddling with him.

Kyle and I met while working at Logan's Roadhouse in Fairfax, VA.  Kyle worked there throughout the year and while going to school while Barbie was a seasonal employee working holiday breaks and summers.  We were not instant friends, but after awhile we somehow started talking and exchanged AIM screen names.  We would chat while in school and somehow we started having phone conversations and I talked to Kyle for a LONG time while driving home from school to Virginia one time.  Once I graduated college and started working at Logan's full time while job searching we started hanging out.  However,  I was looking for a job in Atlanta not Virginia.  When nothing panned out in the south and I ended up taking a job in Virginia Kyle decided to ask me to be his girlfriend (awwww).  And as cliche as this sounds .... the rest is history.