Saturday, July 31, 2010

july i let you down. sorry.

when july started i thought it was june. i think i need a mental vacation. i looked at my marathon training plan and thought pfew, i am still in the 3 milers. then i realized it was the 1st and we weren’t celebrating my birthday which meant it was not june, it was july. :: hand palm to face ::

july came in with some gorgeous weather. the 1st weekend in july was out of the spring that we missed and all us peachtree road race runners were blessed with great temps. …july ended just as steamy as it should have been. but i am still super thankful for the short blast of gorgeous-ness. (are my monthly recaps turning into weather reports or is it just me?!)

miles and runs and work outs. what really matters. 20.90 miles ran. i was hoping i could report in that i had a great month. my early month outside run and then running the peachtree roadrace wanting to DIE, made me realize i needed to kick it into high gear, FAST! …and i had full intentions of doing so, the beginning of the month was so easy and smooth. i was aiming for a 40 mile month, but work over took my life and i got engaged, was in a bridesmaid in a good friends wedding, and well it was done. i didn’t run really at all in July and there were moments where I felt like I was drowning in pressure from the office. i was working till 5:15 in the office and then till 11 at night at home. working on the weekends. i had moments where i wish i wasn’t expected to work 7 days a week. i started to wonder when my life was going to get back to a point when i could do more than just walk the dog for exercise. i paid the $29.99 for my LA Fitness membership and never made it through their doors. needless to say i got in little to no running in july and i wasn’t unhappy about it – i was annoyed and frustrated. after my run to the office where i could barely go 1 mile, i made the decision to just start back from the start – rebuild my base and just go from there. hopefully it will help and i just have to stay on track…

This month I did 2 spin classes and 1 swim session… not quite enough in my book. but, i did love my time in each swim and spin session so that is a total positive! and i was wickedly sore after each workout. the runs and swims and spins i did do this month I gave it my all so that is good.

my only good break from running: i took a week off from running because i got ENGAGED and was so wrapped up in weddings and excitement and celebrating. Not a planned week off, but it happened and as much as I hate that I didn’t get in any miles that week, I really do not care because I am now on the road to becoming Barbara Ann Shanahan! =)

Also: soon I will have a giveaway for a gift card. Stay posted for details. :o)

wedding update #1: we have not settled on a date. we’re running between march 31 2012, april 7 and april 14 2012. However, we (or…I) have decided on colors. Navy blue, cream, and lavender/lilac. my parents are coming down to Atlanta in a few weeks to check out venues and after that I think the wedding hype will be put on hold for a bit....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

starting over with marathon training.

to date this month i have only run 17.40 miles. this month starting off so well and i was hoping for a 40+ mile month. life got in the way. work got busy and sadly, i have pushed running to the side. not that marathon training was not always on my mind and important, work just literally sucked my life dry. i ran this past friday and this morning for the first time in almost 3 weeks and man was it hard. i have totally lost my base and everything that i had been building so if i want to run marine corps and not want to die, i need to start over.

so as of today marine corps is 14 weeks away which means I have 97 some days to get ready for it. not as much time as i would have liked, but i have to rebuild my base and my cardio and grow from there. i guess we will see how this all plays out, but i going to start my training from the start but on a modified schedule. i won't push too hard too fast, but once i get back to where i was on july 4th (which was 6 miles easy...) i may add more onto my long runs. and i am going to keep up the weekly friday runs to the office.

wish me luck. starting tomorrow it is gonna be all about telling people no and doing my workouts. if that means no to a happy hour or a dinner that means no. the hardest part is going to be dragging myself out of bed on sunday mornings for my long runs.... bye bye social life for about 3 months.

Friday, July 23, 2010

i ran to the office today. i put on running shoes and hit the pavement. holy smokes, i remembered how to run. it was not pretty, but it was miles and every one of them counted. no seriously. this Sunday would have marked 3 weeks of no running and that is not okay in my book. but i made the decision a week or so ago that since Fridays are typically slow and uneventful in the morning that I would hit the pavement at 7 am and run to the office. shower there. and then work 8+ hours.

yesterday morning i packed up work clothes and shower stuff & left them at the office (forgetting to pack both shoes and underwear, SO i got to run with underwear in my fanny pack like thing. Hot, I know and well, I have a shoe closet under my desk at work so I had 4 pairs of black heels to chose from so I was covered). Last night I spent close to 1 hr updating my iPod and deleting things off for my 6 new running songs **Christmas list: new iPod with more space!** and drinking water and I crawled into bed early since I wanted to be out the door by 7 and I am normally taking the dog out at 7.

so how was run #1 to the office?! well. it was pretty awful all the way around. I do not even know where to start other than the beginning. It was 79 but felt like 99 with 84% humidity. I could barely make it 1 mile without having to take a breather and walk. Looks like no more 3 week breaks for me. Around mile 2 I am passing Oglethorpe University, look to make sure it's safe to get in the crosswalk, it is so I run into the crosswalk and BAM boy in silver murano texting and driving nearly wipes me out (hey moron: it's illegal to text and drive in GA). My hands are banging on his hood, I am SCREAMING at him and he still isn't stopping. He sees me. Looks terrified. And speeds off. Luckily, I spotted him and was able to stop as my hands hit the side of his car and hood. It could have been worse but I hope he has nightmares...every night for years. Kid didn't even stop to make sure I was okay, I was so pissed and threw my water bottle at him and screamed some choice words. (Can you imagine me being put in an ambulance and them going through my fanny pack and finding underwear, that would be mortifying, they would be like ummm why does this girl carry underwear wit her). I was pretty mad about the whole thing and I could never but could never get my heart rate down & I couldn't calm down so I ended up walking the basically the last 3 miles and all I could think about was thank freaking god for my RoadID. *seriously, if you do not have one it is an amazing investment & it really isn't expensive* I had crazy indigestion (thanks Chick-fil-a spicy chicken sandwich) so I wanted to puke, find a bathroom, & die around like mile 4. The Garmin stopped working around mile 4 too. It just wasn't my day for a run.

up until today I wanted to run to the office everyday and keep track of my time and see if i could do it faster and faster each week. Now I am not too sure, but then again it's like riding a bike, you fall off but have to get back up and keep trying. What the likelihood of me being almost hit EVERY week?! Peachtree Road is such a battlefield.

tomorrow morning i am off to Alabama for my friend son's 1st party but i am hoping to get my swim in afterwards and Sunday I hope to get in a semi long run. i hope you all have a fun weekend planned!! have a great weekend guys!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sleepover with Bogey the Boxer!

Mulligan had a sleepover last night and he had so so so much fun! One of my co-workers had to leave town for a night for a meeting up in North Carolina and he needed someone to watch his adorable boxer, Bogey. I was a little nervous at first because Mull can be quite a jerk when it comes to other dogs. So we set up a quick meet and greet to see how they would do on Tuesday night and to our excitement they did so so so well. So I of course agreed to watch the adorable boxer for a night. I was a little worried about how much work it would be to have two large dogs running around our apartment but it really wasn't that hard which was awesome. I fell in love, Mulligan made a best friend, and they played so much that we got a good nights sleep!

..Kyle and I had to sleep in separate rooms since Mulligan & Bogey both sleep in beds and well, there was not enough room for the 4 of us. So Bogey and I cuddled/slept in the guest room & Kyle and Mully took the main bed room. Bogey was such a cuddle bug it made me miss Mulligan when he was just a little thing. (He is too cool to cuddle with his Mom now). We all even watched a movie together (and that is how I learned the 4 of us would not fit in bed....)

Surprisingly, it was super easy to take care of 2 and it was a lot of fun. They chased each other both inside & outside. We played fetch with them and they raced each other to the tennis ball. We took them both on a walk around the block to wear out what energy could be left in them. We cuddled. Mull gave puppy kisses. They wore each other out. We had to separate them around 10 or 11 because Mull kept wanting to play with sleepy Bogey. It was a lot of fun for all of us. We joked about getting another one since it was so peaceful in the apartment, but that won't happen anytime soon.

Lucky for us, Bogey's owner has another trip planned back to North Carolina so Bogey is gonna come back soon!! =)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

do i run? doesn't seem like it.

This month thus far has been an epic fail when it comes to my feet hitting the pavement. I have not run since the peachtree which was July the 4th. Yes, I have a half marathon in September and a full in October. This month has been packed full of exciting events and is not yet over. Granted, celebrating an engagement is reason enough to not lace up, but I was also a bridesmaid in a good friend's wedding and coming up my month is full of housewarming parties and a baby's 1st birthday party.

I know, I know. I need to make time for running and tomorrow I will start making time for it... promise. And I will also find myself in spin class. I am thinking about starting to run to the office on Fridays... that's 6 miles right there.... and Friday's are casual days and I can shower in the gym at the office.

oh.oh.oh. i did get dressed to go run today and then noticed it was pouring down rain. booo....

Monday, July 12, 2010

i <3 wigwam socks – i <3 free wigwam socks!

it is no secret to my followers that i ADORE wigwam running socks and am brand loyal to them and to them alone.  A week or so ago Natalie from Wigwam reached out to me to say “thanks” and she wanted to send some socks my way to try out.  WELL – the package came yesterday with a super thoughtful handwritten note and 4 pairs of socks!  It was like Christmas morning in July!

I am getting to try out the Ironman Surge Pro, Trail Trax Pro, Ironman Sparx Pro, and Racey.   * I am such a girl but check out the funky and fun colors and styles*
003 I am really excited to try all 4 pairs out and cannot decide which ones to wear first.  Yeahhh…. I can see my sock drawer expanding!!  As I try them out I will review them and let you know my thoughts and feelings.  Tomorrow is a spin class day so it’s gonna be a day or so before I run in a pair, but I will keep you posted!! =)

…Seriously, if you have not tried Wigwam you should give them a whirl.  I was hooked from run #1 in them! 

Thanks Natalie for checking out my blog & I will report back!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

still alive.

So Mulligan in still alive and kicking. He is just enjoying life and loving to play and hating this hot hot weather. He loves to be outside, it is just a challenge since he gets so hot so fast. We have this cool water container/water bowl thing for long walks but it just does not cut it. He comes in from walks, slurps up water, and practically dies on the cold kitchen tiles.

His new favorite toys are basketballs, but I am convinced he loves popping them the most and then walking around and jamming the ball into my knee. Let's admit it, he is pretty darn cute with that little ball in his mouth! No wonder he is so stinking spoiled!!
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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been anxious to talk about this all week, but with my parents on an Alaskan Cruise with zero cell reception, I didn't want them learning the news through my blog. I wanted to actually tell them on the phone (even though I know that Kyle asked for my Dad's blessing... so that had to have some sort of idea).
Kyle and I have been dating for over 3 years, lived together for 2, he moved 600+ miles from DC to Atlanta to be with me, and we have a fabulously awesome dog together. We call us our little family and I rely on him for pretty much everything. He is my best friend, my rock, the boy who drives me absolutely nutty, but can make me so happy and turn my bad days around. Obviously, being a girl I have been pestering him about when he would pop the infamous question. I thought it was happening on my 26th birthday. When I found out it wasn't, I cried. If I wasn't running or with his family (since we were visiting home) or with friends, I was crying out of disappointment. *I know, I'm absurd* I would always ask WHEN?! And I would threaten "I am giving you 1 more year and I am out" (total empty threat & if you know me, most of my threats are empty). And he would tell me, "not till we move back to VA" and "I cannot afford it" or "I have to buy a car" and "if you keep asking me I am gonna keep pushing it back a month". Little did I know, his wheels were turning in his head and he was planning on asking while living in Atlanta and when I was pestering him.
I am a traditionalist. Kyle has known that it was very important to me for him to talk to my Dad first. Kyle listened and sneakily, he asked for both my parent's phone numbers (in case of an emergency he told me...) Kyle called my Dad last Friday from the parking lot of the ring store, to of course get his blessing, and let my Dad know how much he loved me (aww) and that after 3 years he was ready to ask me to marry him. He ordered the ring the same day and the following Tuesday it was ready for pick up. :o) Kyle had the whole thing planned out for Saturday (aka, tomorrow) but he said he just couldn't wait. He had to ask. (what can i say, I'm irresistible)
When Kyle and I first started dating I had a dream that Kyle took me to Ireland and asked me to marry him in front of a castle with a pink cupcake. I had told him about the dream and ever since it has been a running joke in our relationship. I had no idea he had plans to incorporate it into the real proposal and I live my life so oblivious most days that I didn't put it together as the whole thing unfolded. Kyle told me he was taking me to dinner at Johnny Carinos because he heard it was good & didn't want to cook. So I got in his car, telling him that I had to be home by 8:00 because I had a tv show... I kept nagging him that I better be home in time. Little did I know I was about to be given a sparkly ring for my left hand. Kyle took me up to Discovery Mills (to go eat) and as we pull into the mall parking lot he zips right past the restaurant. Cue sassy attitude and I was telling him he missed the turn and I had to be home by 8pm for a TV show. He told me that he wanted to just "look around" and we stopped in front of Medieval Times and the castle. I told him that I didn't want to go to Medieval because I had a TV show at 8. He ignored me, took my hand and kept walking. We didn't go in, but stopped by the drawbridge outside and Kyle handed my a cupcake, with pink icing (just like my dream). Since I had no idea that a proposal was coming, I was wondering why we were at Medieval and why I had a cupcake (I told you, I am oblivious to the obvious). Kyle just looked at me and got on one knee and honestly, I do not know what words were muttered other than "will you marry me". As he hit 1 knee I immediately started tearing up and put my hand over my mouth (putting pink frosting on my cheek) and kind of turned my back to him because I was in total shock. I of course said YES!! and covered his face in kisses. We totally forgot about putting the ring on my finger because he was shaking too much and I wanted to make sure he had asked my father before hand and I couldn't help but cry. Finally I got the ring and it is absolutely gorgeous. See picture and ignore my awful spray tan that was wearing away and looked bad in between my fingers. By the looks of this close up I need lotion ASAP!

He bought a ring that he could afford. He did not want to buy something out of his price range and then make me have to pay for it after the "I Do's". I always thought I wanted this huge, blind people, rock on my left hand but this diamond is beautiful and so sparkly and just the right size and amazing. I love it more than anything he has ever given me (even the Tiffany Bow Earrings & Necklace). We did dinner at Johnny Carinos after and talked about his convo with my Dad and the convos he had with his parents. He told me how he had the whole thing planned out but didn't want to wait and he wanted me to cry (and I did). And I couldn't stop looking at the diamond and smiling!
I had to wait like 3 days to tell my parents and they told me they're excited and happy for me. My Dad told me to tell Kyle next time he calls to use his words because when he called he was stammering and quiet, of course making it seem like I was dead in a ditch somewhere. It means so much to me that they like him and approve (my dad says he is an 87%).
it is now onto planning and dress shopping and the guest list and flowers and CAKE and bridesmaids and registering and music and colors and venues. We have to set a date first (I know it won't be during football season), lets just say the glitter and excitement is fully there. I am buried in wedding movies and magazins. I am already looking at venues (and am in love love with one in the North GA Mountains and in love with another in Dalonega) and colors and cakes. I am imaging a shabby sheik, Anthropolgie inspired wedding and engagement pictures in an Orchard or Cotton Field. I want wild flowers and paper lanterns and a barn. I want my super talented friend Kristin to shoot the wedding and engagements. Something so unique that when I look back on the pictures I just say WOW. ...ok ok, maybe I have given it a lot of thought!! I will for sure keep everyone posted... looks like we're transitioning to a wedding/running blog! :o)
....oh and i do not regret it, but with all the excitement and phone calls to make and people to celebrate with i have run 0 miles this week. My 7 miler on Sunday is gonna suuuccckkk..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

the infamous peachtree roadrace

i remember last year when i signed up for my first half marathon, everyone asked me if i was running “the Peachtree”. “the what?!” i would answer?  i then remember people wanting to sell me their race number to “the Peachtree”.  to me it was just a 10k. little did i know it was a big deal here in Atlanta.  Owning a coveted Peachtree road race shirt was the ultimate goal and getting up cardiac hill.  i just didn’t understand the hype.

fast forward a year later. i still remember running the ING half marathon, taking an ice bath, and telling myself that i could not fall asleep i had to sign up for the infamous Peachtree road race. the sign up process took me 2 hours but i was in. i would be able to run down and up Peachtree, 6.2 miles of it on the 4th of july. i felt like one of the cool kids who was going to get the tee-shirt. And then I had to wait months for it to actually happen and man did it sneak up on me.

on Friday i left work to go make some sales calls Downtown and to pick up my race number.  The whole thing blew my mind and I realized that this wasn’t just any 10k, this was a pretty big deal.  The Expo was huge with tons and vendors and booths – it reminded me of a marathon/half marathon expo.  I walked around a bit – but quickly headed back to the office, race number in hand.  Oh and there was a LINE at 10:00 am to get in. 

onto race day…  I had a 7:55 start, so I was on the MARTA (or at the station by 6:30 AM). I forgot my muffin so I knew I would be running on an empty stomach and on top of it all I had done a horrible job of hydrating the past 2 days. Once I got to Lenox, I was blown away again.  all.the.people. i don’t even think i can put into words just how many people were surrounding lenox mall, it was unreal but a totally awesome experience. it reminded me of a college football game, people were walking around holding up fingers indicating they needed a scalp a number because they wanted in on the “fun”.  I found my Coral around 7:30 and entered in … only to hear the national anthem be sung and watch the flyover … which gave me total chills. …25 minutes later, I was OFF and running.

honestly, I have driven down this stretch of Peachtree thousands of times.  So many times, I could probably do it blindfolded, but this was a whole different experience. If you know anything about ATL, you know that Peachtree Rd. is busy all the time.  And today, this big 6 mile stretch of road was just closed – in both directions.  Blew my mind.  It was like a 6.2 mile party of people cheering and bands and other runners just having a GREAT time on the 4th.  Everyone told me to not RACE the Peachtree, to just enjoy it and take in the sights and the sounds and to check out all the spectators who are dressed up and out cheering us runners on.  …I tried my best, but I also wanted to try and get a fairly good time. (it’s the competitor in me) :o)  The first few miles was a challenge, it was congested, runners got in the wrong Corals and it seemed like I was having to stop and walk around walkers from the VERY beginning.  Around mile 1 I got attacked with lulu love by the Buckhead Lululemon girls since I was in head to toe lulelemon and it made me laugh, smile, and get super excited!  they covered me in stickers and gave me a red, white, & blue lei and took pictures of me dancing around mile 1. honestly, that was probably the highlight of my peachtree race since i am SO lululemon obsessed.

mile 2 and 3 don't have any real memories to be quite honest. i just remember hundreds of people. Around mile 4 I realized that I was not going to PR nor was I going to get a rocking time so I just decided to enjoy the race.  I got a high-five and a hug from a client around mile 4ish/4.5 – I was in awe at the amount of people lining the streets in  (you crossed over the 85 bridge and entered midtown and BAM people everywhere) – i tried to high 5 every kid who offered their hand and took watermelon and freeze pops from people offering them.  I was unable to get UP cardiac hill, but I blame that on the family of 6 walking up the hill drinking their starbucks frappachinos and around that time, I pretty much wanted to die since I was so dehydrated and hungry.  Running past all the hospital patients that were outside of Sheppard Hospital practically brought me to tears and I gave my 4th of July lei from the Lulelemon girls to a little girl in a wheelchair who was cheering us on.  I loved how churches along the route had pushed back their worship & gathered their congregation to cheer us on and then there was one church that was spraying “holy water” (which was somewhere between mile 2 and 3). when i saw cami cakes i suddenly wanted a cupcake, but a few minutes later i saw a lady handing out mini cupcakes and the thought of eating a cupcake made me want to vomit. (i know, i know ME. not take a cupcake?!)  I know I already said it – but the amount of people who just woke up to get a spot on peachtree to watch 55,000 people run and cheer us on… it was amazing. I feel like the turnout for this race was way bigger than the turn out for The Disney Marathon which is nuts.  i honestly was just having a fun time looking at the crowd, weaving in and out of the people, and enjoying the race.

I looked at my watch around mile 5.5/6 and realized, wait maybe I can PR and if I do not PR I will be pretty close to my best 10k time and took off running.  As I rounded 10th street to head into Piedmont Park I was at 1:08 and as I saw the finish I bolted. …I didn’t PR like I thought I did and at first i started to kinda beat myself up about it saying “if only you had run a little bit more on the downhills” and “if you had just pushed a little harder to get up the hills and swerved around the walkers”, but then i calmed down and thought hey… it’s okay. I finished.  I ran the Peachtree and have one of the coveted shirts. it was my 1st race with my yurbuds and they’re an amazing product  …Now I want to do nothing but watch TV in bed (mainly lifetime) all day.

I would say my only complaint was the volunteers who were not monitoring who was entering the Corals.  I looked around Coral F this morning and was surrounded by “J” and “W” and “R” and “S” and “T” – you get the picture.  It made it an annoying start because people in my coral were literally there to WALK it, yet they didn’t want to wait for their 9 am start.  As I zipped past people around mile 2 and 3 I noticed that I was passing people with Corals that hadn’t even started yet.  I know it’s more of a fun event, but I stay to the far middle and close to the right because I am slow and like to take walk breaks… it was frustrating to be blocked by people who were just there for giggles who should have started after the people who actually wanted to try and do well (like me).

mile splits: 10:04, 10:02, 10:54, 12:46 (hello hill to kick my ass), 12:20, 11:13, 10:00  :: finish time: 1:10:22 :: average pace: 11:09

started strong and finished strong… with 2 miles in there that must have been the true up hills! :o)

hope everyone had a great 4th!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 goals check in.

um. did you know it’s july?! i looked at my marine corps training plan and had a mini panic attack. i honestly thought it was still june {which means we would have celebrated my birthday TWICE} but then i woke up from whatever world i have been living in this whole year so far and the panic set in. 10 miler is 4 weeks?! WHAT?!  you know that song that goes “get your booty on the floor tonight, make my day” … well I am thinking “get your booty on the street asap” <—same tune.  …i still have a panicked look on my face and am trying to figure out how i can fit in a run 3 times a week while at work… does 3 pm work?!…

well. lets check in on my goals (written back in December) and where i am… 110% honestly right here too.

  • resolution one: take this thing called running more seriously. actually TRAIN for big events. don't go out and wing it.  -- truth: not training as hard as i would like to be. lets call it a work in progress. my mind has recently clicked to the “oh no” mode, will i run more?!
  • which leads to resolution two: run at the minimum 60 miles per month. do the 10% rule so i do not get injured.   truth: no 60 mile months in 2010 yet. one 44 mile month & 1 50 mile month and lots of 20+ mile months. no 60 milers yet.
  • resolution three: incorporate cross training. swim. row. kick box. take spin classes. I signed up at LA Fitness ... now I just have to use it.   truth: YES! I am doing spin and swimming and i LOVE them both!
  • resolution four: focus on pace and form to get faster. build my endurance. incorporate hill training, tempo runs, speed workouts. focus on long distances. just get faster.  truth: – i have done hill repeats and speed work. not too much faster though. one step at a time right?!
  • resolution five: do more races. focus on finding 10ks rather than 5ks. I am at a point where a 5k is fun, but it is not a challenge for me. I want to be challenged in 2010 ~ shall we call 2010 the year of 10ks?! **don't hear me wrong, I will still run them ... work toward a PR, but I want to focus on distance next year!**  truth: started 2010 off with 1 race per month. got bored with the idea and decided to only run races that i feel are beneficial. plus i’m 26 not 62… i need to save my pennies.
  • resolution six: run a half marathon (or more) and be prepared for it - rock it out!  truth: i have run 1 half marathon (ING Atlanta) and I wasn’t ready. But I have Women’s Marathon Nashville up ahead and I will be ready. Followed my Marine Corps and I WILL be ready!


so how are you doing with your 2010 goals?!