Friday, November 28, 2014

5 for Friday {thankful edition}

Every year I have so much to be thankful for, but this year I feel like I have A LOT to be thankful for. Obviously, I am thankful for every member of my family and my friends and my job and that I have a warm house to come home to every day. but these 5 things I am especially thankful for this year! =D

THIS LITTLE THING!turkey3 McKenna has brought unimaginable joy to my life.  And while it has not always been easy and I picked up MRSA bringing her into this world and I have cried many frustrated tears, it has been worth it. I just love waking up to her baby babble on the weekends and her happy baby smiles make me realize I have to be doing something right.  She has given me so many fun times, good laughs, and fun memories in the short 4 months. She has given me a whole new perspective on life and for once a solid work life balance.  I look forward to going to work, but I love coming home to her and my little family.  And even though I feel like she is growing up too fast already, I really cannot wait to watch her grow up.  it is crazy to me that this time last year, she was our little secret and now we get to share her with our family and friends. 

Kyle J. I really could not have a better husband and McKenna is one lucky lady to have him as her Dad. turkey1And even though I am insanely jealous that he is the only one that can make her laugh so far, the Daddy & McKenna moments are something that bring me a joy that I cannot even begin to put into words. Kyle has been my #1 supporter and fan through all the struggles and tears of trying to figure out this parenting thing. And when it would have been understandable for him to think I was losing my mind and going crazy as I cried for days over little things, he never once made me feel like my feelings or emotions were irrational. I love that he constantly remembers that even though we are both busy and tired we still need to put our relationship first and spend quality time together.  McKenna and I are both so very lucky to have Kyle in our lives.

My parents & McKenna’s Grandparents. They have been so helpful this year which the HUGE turkey2life change Kyle and I went through.  From helping take care of the dogs while I was in the hospital for 6 days, to making dinner every night and washing bottles and clothes when they were staying with us while we were trying to get this parenting thing under control.  And then they dropped everything to come back to help take care of little M when we found out that my c-section was infected with MRSA. And now with them so close, we can call in a favor when needed to help take care of the little one when we have to work.  And, you can obviously tell that they love our little girl so much.  McKenna is going to be SO lucky to grow up knowing her Grandma & Granddad and seeing them often.

my best friend is engaged. Yes, I am thankful for  this! Because I have never met a girl who is such a good friend and who is amazingly beautiful both on the outside and inside. Her strong roots in faith, family, and friends makes her just an amazing person.  And while we can go weeks without talking, when we do it is like we just had lunch a week ago. in fact, when she called me at 8:00 on a Friday night, I just knew the news she was about to tell me and when she said, “Barbie.” my next words were, “Stop.” – I am so lucky to have her in my life and so grateful that a little place called Mugshots brought us together years ago!! I cannot believe it has taken this long for her to be off the market, but Greg is an great guy and he is so lucky to have Heather in his life forever.  Now, I cannot wait to help her plan her wedding and help her celebrate her big day,


my health. this year has been quite the whirlwind for health “problems”.  I had a healthy and easy pregnancy and for that, I am forever grateful. And with the exception that McKenna just didn’t want to “come” I had a fairly easy labor. But then I found out that my C-Section was infected with MRSA and it took about 7 weeks post partum to determine that so I am grateful that it never spread and that it didn’t hospitalize me.  And then I got the melanoma diagnosis and while we went in hoping for the best, we also had to brace ourselves for the worst. Again, luckily it was caught early and it hadn’t spread and now I just get to be extra diligent about my skin care and sun exposure. And while I beat myself up for not being able to work out and lose the baby weight and still being in maternity clothes and unable to wear my rings 4 months post baby I have to remember all that I have been through and that I have been medically not allowed to really work out.  But, I get to be thankful for my health and that I was given a today. 

2014 has been a pretty spectacular year. Not gonna lie. Full of life changes and huge adjustments. But, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Little Miss is 4 Months {and some}!

This is a smidge overdue. Sorry!!  Full Time. Working Mom here. Took the pictures had to move them to the right computer. forgot. sue me. =D


Percentiles: >97%
Height: 27.5 inches
Weight: 19 pounds
Clothes Size:  9 months

Little Miss really is just the portrait of perfection. We are loving watching her grow up and develop and learn new things. Her Smile. It just brightens our day. And she is starting to giggle. So when we get a giggle. You have no idea how much that warms our heart.  She loves all the same things – stroller rides, her birdies, and her rainforest toy. But she also LOVES when Daddy lifts her in the air over his head. Everyone at daycare adores her & daycare has been amazing for her.  Hard on us – we sometimes feel like we are watching her grow up from the sidelines – but we know she is thriving and learning and developing and just so loved and taken care of. She has started sitting in a high chair and we got the green light to start solids and plan to once she kicks this RSV. We bought her an exersaucer and there are not enough words to describe how much she loves it. EVERYTHING goes in her mouth currently and due to lots of drool she is forever sporting a bib & we are realizing we didn’t buy enough burp clothes to sop it all up.

I LOVE Saturday mornings and the 9:30 AM feeding. Kyle and McKenna play beauty parlor (hair brushing and manicure) after chow time is over and they watch College Gameday together. McKenna loves football. It is probably one of the cutest things ever.

We are excited for her 1st Thanksgiving and then her 1st Christmas. We have already decided to fill her stocking with necessities we need like baby spoons and socks and baby food. She won’t know and nor will she care.

But. It has been an amazing 4 months so far.  While I want to freeze time and constantly tell her to slow down the growing, I am excited for the next developments and the new tricks she will learn!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

5 on a Friday–Christmas

{this was supposed to post yesterday. but as a new mom. with a sick kid and sick myself + working 40.00 hours per week with like 1.5 hour commutes this week, I forgot to hit post. sue me.}

Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and I am way behind on my Christmas shopping. I am actually at a total loss for about 80% of my family and friends so I think I will be dragging my feet and buying rushed gifts this year. Whoops. I can blame it on the infant, right?!

I feel like as you get older, the things you want for Christmas cannot be bought. But, as I do every year. it is time to list out my CCL (Coveting Christmas List) and I am going to rank them from 5 to 1 – 5 being the don’t get your hopes up, it ain’t happening sista … to 1 being this is a totally logical gift that could end up under your tree. With that said, let me begin.

{ FIVE }
New countertops, new sink, and new faucets. Granite to be specific. I am so tired of bleaching coffee stains & black marks from our trivets out of the out of date ‘80s white countertops we have.  I know that in the grand scheme of reality, Kyle wouldn’t let upgrade the kitchen anytime soon either due to the financial costs of having a baby.  But goodness – I would love for some new tan countertops.


Tory Burch Everything. The York Handbag to be specific (In either the dark brown, light brown, or black), a new pair of Caroline flats (size 10 in any color but gray), and a new wrap bracelet in a fun color. I feel like I am due for a new handbag and I bought a pair of Caroline’s during Friends & Family and those are my new Revas and well, I love her wrap bracelets. And let’s be honest, I cannot even hide my adoration for all things Tory.

Decorative Wall D├ęcor for our house.  We have put a pause on all things decorating and revamping of our house due to wanting to conserve money and not spend outside our means.  So adult like.  Which means – we aren’t finishing our house as much as we would like.  It happens. We have a baby.  but I would love the wooden sign off Etsy for over our bed or the 3 Ivory Tiles from Pottery Barn for over our guest bed.


Crate & Barrel White Canisters.  I had bought 1 a few years back for sugar and LOVED it.  it is sturdy and the clamp thing is high quality and I was in love and knew I wanted more but had no reason {at the time to buy more} and then they stopped making them which I realized when I went to register for more for our wedding. So, we registered for some large-clamp-canister-with-chalkboardfrom Bed, Bath, & Beyond and they ended up looking good & actually being crap {guess the $19.95 price tag should have been a warning}. In fact there is a small one that was never used that is just taking up pantry space that needs to make a trip to our local Goodwill.  Now, Crate & Barrel has the white canisters back and I want like 3 of them – 1 in each size.  Plus I love the little chalkboard piece so you can label the canister since currently I have to open each one to find the rice or the flour. And, I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Crate and Barrel because their stuff is high quality and good looking.  Oh the saga of being a home owner who wants a pretty organized pantry. =D

Gift cards. Gift Cards. And more gift cards. Since our allowances were cut significantly with the birth of our precious baby girl, my cash flow to do things like buy new clothes or go to spin class has been cut.  And with my desire to go to spin one day a week in the morning since Flywheel is so close to me I would love gift cards there.  Or to The Loft or to The Limited where I legit buy all my clothes for work.  I seriously do not know how people have more than 1 kid and still make ends meet & I can tell you we are NOT living outside of our means, just sticking to a very tight budget. So, gift cards are key to me being able to do fun things and buy pretty things. 

And, shameless plug: not sure you if people shop online, but if you do… you should do all your shopping through EBates. If you start your shopping trip there and then go to the store, you get cash back for each purchase.  to date, I have received like $200 back, it isn’t a lot, but it is nice to get a check from them 4 times per year.  Sign up HERE. Right now I have $8.00 pending and I just got a check like 2 weeks ago. 

Everyone have a fabulous holiday season – it will be a semi fun one for us since it  will be M’s first Christmas! But…. what is on your Holiday want list?!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

We saw Santa … before Thanksgiving.


Let me first set the scene. I pre-registered my email address for McKenna to see Santa at Phipps back in like March. Maybe earlier. But seeing Santa at Phipps is like an Atlanta tradition and rumor has it, homeboy makes six figures in 2 short months because he is LEGIT.  Emails started going out to reserve your spot to see Santa [ yes, you have to make an appointment to see Santa ] near the end of September and they send out 300 emails per day until all the slots are reserved. Well. September ended and I still had not received my email and the panic that hard started, it got worse.  Then October rolled a round and daily, nothing.  THEN FINALLY on the 6th of October, McKenna Marie Shanahan was invited to see Santa at Phipps for the first time. And when I say I dropped everything at work to grab a spot… I DROPPED EVERYTHING. My children-less coworkers thought I was losing my mind, but I don’t care, McKenna was invited to see Santa at Phipps. And when I got to the page to book our appointment there was one weekend day left and the earliest Santa was available that day was 6:45 PM.  And I paid my $20 [ $15 of which gets credited to your photo packed ] and booked that 6:45 PM appointment on NOVEMBER 1st. Yes. McKenna got to visit Santa before Thanksgiving. But this is me not caring.  We got a coveted spot to see Santa at Phipps.

So fast forward. it isn’t even Thanksgiving and McKenna got to see Santa.  She told Santa she wanted books and an exersaucer and clothes and Baby Einstein DVDs and fun age appropriate toys {whatever those may be}.  BUT! She did really really well.  She was more confused what was going on and why there was a weird man shaking maracas at her. This all explains the dazed look.  But I will have to say, it was a good experience and not having to wait in a long line to see Santa is worth the pre-registration fee.


I cannot wait for the adorable Christmas cards we ordered this week! And I cannot wait to make this a family tradition.  Maybe in the future I won’t have to stress over if we will get an email invite or not.  But, it was well worth it.

Oh – and Santa came to daycare yesterday.  Evidently she did very good with that Santa too.  Wonder what she told that Santa she wanted. =D