Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May. You’re Packed.

this month is going to be NUTS. and I mean NUTS. we have something on the books pretty much every weekend this month. There is one weekend that is 100% free and unscheduled, but I know we will make it busy.   Is it too early to be grateful that it is a 5 weekend month – even though that really will not make a difference.

Kyle’s Mom and Step Dad are coming to Georgia to visit.  We will have them in town all weekend (+ a few work week days), not sure what all is on the schedule or what we are going to do.  at that point, I will be 31 weeks pregnant – so who knows how I will be feeling, but I am hoping for good! I have been feeling good 90% of the time so far but I am also well aware that my luck can turn whenever.  But we will have to get the grocery shopping and laundry in the mix somehow which is always a challenge when you have people in town.  But. it will be good  to see them and I know kyle will enjoy having them in town and catching up.

This weekend is going to be oh so fun.  Not that having Kyle’s family in town won’t be fun.  But by bestie Heather is coming in town and we are going to the Braves game with a group of people & we get to meet her mysterious boyfriend.  And… this is her 1st Braves game so of course we have to make a big deal of it.  …and they have a built in DD!  Plus – it will just be fun to hang out and catch up with her.  I adore her and do not see her enough!! 

We have Kyle’s 1st 5K on the schedule and I am planning on walking it with a good girlfriend of mine.  Granted – it is in the morning and we will have a full afternoon I am pretty sure Kyle and I will need a nap afterwards.  That is after we probably grab brunch.  from there – we need to get the car seat installed in our car (WHAT?!) in case anything happens and we need the car seat before July.  Then that night is my friend Afton’s birthday bash – dinner, drinks, and dancing.  And seeing how I will be 33 week pregnant at that point and exhausted from the 5K, I think I will be excusing myself after dinner.  And this will be the 1st weekend with a free Sunday, so I predict I will be working around the house and Kyle will do yard work on Sunday.

We have our first baby class – the baby essentials one that teaches you well, all the baby essentials.  Like bathing, feeding, soothing, diapering, dressing, all that jazz.  it is only a 3 or 4 hour class on Saturday, but I think it starts pretty early.  Sunday is unscheduled so far – which is good.  But it will be used for errands and chores around the house and yard work and baby stuff more than likely.  This is a shorter class so we will have lots more time on Saturday to do other things. 

Saturday is an all day event at Northside Hospital.  We have our birthing  class from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  So Saturday is shot.  The poor pups will have to be locked up all day long – and by locked up I mean have free reign of the upstairs.  Sunday is a free, unscheduled day but well. I think you know how it may be spent.  Yard work. Errands. Baby Stuff.  Plus this is a holiday weekend and we wanted to go see if we can get  a furniture deal to work on turning Kyle’s man cave into our family play room. 

our May is pretty action packed and revolves a lot around the baby.  which is to be expected as we are in the home stretch {which is crazy to me because I feel like we were just announcing the news}.  But. I think we will have time to fit some other things in.  I still want to do the laundry room make over, but I predict that being tabled till June {if done at all} because May is full and I cannot see us fitting in IKEA unless we go on a Sunday.  But… with all this on the schedule, May will just FLY by.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Woah Weekend.

Do you know how you should not start your Saturday when this is your weekend to do list:


1) Draft a long blog post while watching last night’s episode of Hart of Dixie
2) Sit on the porch and read in the sunlight while drinking the morning coffee
3) Start your errands at oh 12:30 PM

Well… I did that {and do not 100% regret it}.  But there is a LONG “to do list” blog post coming – but it is an exciting list. And my Saturday thus far has been terrifyingly busy.  And tomorrow will be the same way!!  We are preparing for the arrival of Kyle’s Mom & Step Dad on Thursday and then my bestie and her boyfriend the following weekend.

12 things done of 25.  Soon to be 13 {headed for a 30 minute swim} then 14 after I go to Target. And then I may even get a few more things done before I hit my mandated 10:00 PM, lights off, glasses off bedtime!

Why can’t all weekends be this productive?!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

McKenna’s Nursery Reveal

 McKenna’s room is pretty much DONE!  And that is a big sigh of relief to me because I wanted the nursery done by the end of May and our May is a little hectic and overwhelming.  I love how it all just came together so easily and how simple and clean it looks.  I do have to brag on my husband a little bit – he was such a trooper.  it was a long day of crib assembly {with Kennesaw in the way 98% of the time} and hanging things on the wall.  But he never once complained and I think he is proud of the work he did. And it all seriousness, I think she has one of the better rooms in the house.  Already a spoiled little princess! Now, I just cannot wait to get her home and in her room.

I absolutely love our crib.  I am so glad the debacle around the crib {and nursery} set was resolved …. even if it did take me writing a scathing review on Yelp.  Oh well.  The cream color looks good with the gray and pink and I love love love the engraved detailing of the little flowers.  I do hate mesh bumpers and think they are total distraction, but Land of Nod doesn’t make the big pretty bumpers and evidently non-breathable bumpers = bad.  But.  I still think they are a total eye sore.  We wanted to put McKenna’s name of the crib, but with the letters being white and the crib being cream we now are hunting for what to put over the crib.  Ideas are welcome!


Crib & Nightstand : Koo Koo Bear Kids, Dolce Babi Bambino // Bedding: Land of Nod, Hop to It

I just LOVE this wall.  And I have to pass the credit onto Kyle for the idea of putting M’s name of this wall.  I love these curtains and how they look on the pink wall.  When we hung them last week Kyle and I both immediately thought that they looked so good against the pink wall.  And we all know that K and I are pretty much obsessed with the glider.  And then the addition of her name on the wall just works.

McKenna Wall

Curtains: Land of Nod // Glider: Babies r Us // Letters: Babies ‘r Us.

I LOVE our dresser / changing table.  Again.  I am so glad the debacle around the nursery furniture was resolved and I am slightly obsessed with the mirror.  We like how the pink wall is reflected in the mirror and adds a little more pink to the room.  Another project will be to wash, organize, and put away little baby clothes and socks and mittens.  I need to order the drawer organizers from IKEA that I really like and we need to decide if we are going to do a diaper caddy or use one of the top drawers for supply and diaper storage to keep it all out of the way.  I am leaning towards using a drawer.  After all, I don’t think she will need ALL that drawer space yet.  Right?! FYI: babies are so small.

big picute

Dresser: Koo Koo Bear Kids, Dolce Babi Bambino // Mirror: Pottery Barn Kids // Changing Pad Cover: Land of Nod // Lamp: Target circa 2008

I saw this idea on Pinterest and we needed a place for books and extra storage and I really liked this idea.  And it looks clean and put away and is just what we needed – great storage for swaddling blankets and extra sheets and her books and toys anything else we need to store. I do need to get one more pink bin.


Cubbies: Target

We also have an apothecary jar on her night stand to store pacifiers {and need to stock up on some pacifiers to fill it!} and need to figure out what to put over the crib.  But, I love that the room is basically done and that it looks so very very good.  I cannot wait to show it off to Kyle’s parents when they come in town in a few weeks and then to my bestie Heather when she is in town and then my parents and brother as they visit!

And… now we have to go onto our next project.  Which Kyle thinks is laying down grass seed or sod from all the juniper he pulled.  I believe it is a laundry room make over.  Flip a coin – heads: yard work … tails: laundry room!?  We also need to get new furniture for our living room to move the old couch to Kyle’s man cave so we can have our big “family space” and the love seat into the random sitting room we have.  I feel like we need to play the lotta and hit the jackpot!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

hey there 3rd trimester!

as of yesterday, I am officially 28 weeks pregnant and 28 weeks = third trimester and the quick downward spiral to having a baby before we know it.  Needless to say we are excited but a tab bit overwhelmed.  quick little update on how everything has been going.

baby bump picture:

since I now look pregnant and people are asking me “when are you due” versus just looking at me wondering – I thought I would share a baby bump photo with you. And there is a bump to be seen.  But everyone keeps mentioning how small my bump is for 28 weeks.  ….I will take those comments with a large smile on my face.



how I have been feeling:

still feeling great.  I am swelling a little bit. it is starting to  get a little uncomfortable to sleep, but not too bad.  it is getting harder to get in and out a bed because our bed is so tall, but I am managing. my back has been hurting a bit. but overall, I am still feeling great. not really looking forward to the hot summer months though.  I have still been working out – FlyWheel, Blast900, dog walks all the jazz.  Last weekend I went to my first water aerobics class {and was the youngest person there} because I heard water aerobics is great for pregnancy and labor and I will be going again.  And I am thinking about prenatal yoga to help with the zen, breathing,  stress relief for labor.  Plus, it cannot hurt to be limber right?!

exciting moment:

Kyle FINALLY got to feel McKenna kick and move around last week and he loves to feel her swim and kick.  And man does she move.  it is the cutest thing ever to watch his face light up and perk up. he just asks “was that her” – but then he didn’t have to ask because she was kicking and karate chopping and swimming so much.  I know I have said this before, but he really is going to be an amazing dad.  the amount of love he has for her right now is too cute.

nursery update:

still no furniture. koo koo bear oh koo koo bear. We did get a phone call yesterday that the furniture was in Atlanta and we paid for the other half of it – now we just have to wait for the delivery company to call and schedule the delivery.  I changed the knobs on the closet doors last weekend, our pottery barn mirror came in last week, and Kyle hung the curtains and they look so so so good!


I cannot wait to actually have the nursery done so I can post those pictures!  Once the furniture comes we can get the McKenna on the wall over the crib and the mirror hung over the dresser and then decide what else needs to be done.  That may be like 2 weeks off, but I am antsy!!

…and I think that is basically it.  This has been a crazy time and everyday we are still amazed we are having a little baby and how fast it has flown by.  But I can say I have been so very very lucky that it has been so easy!  12 more weeks till baby! =D

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Things Friday

Week who knows what {I have lost count at this point} of the 80 mile round trip commute complete.  Unknown number of weeks to go. it was a long, tiring week – but, I survived! I am officially 26 weeks pregnant – 27 weeks tomorrow – and nearing the 3rd trimester. Which is crazy to me because I feel like we just announced our pregnancy! The nursery is painted and we are just waiting on the furniture delivery {which you all already know} to get to us and after that ordeal we should have it within the next 2 weeks.

(1) A few months back I told Kyle that I would run his first 5K with him and we would make it easy.  We would run the one that I run every single year – The Brookhaven Bolt – the one that was my first 5K and then make it his first 5K. ….well I had thought it was in March, nope. it is in May. When I am 33 weeks pregnant. Looks like he is running his first 5K and I will potentially walk the 5K depending on how I feel – or I will be his personal cheerleader and may even make him a sign! =D  I do have a good girlfriend who plans on walking it while pushing the stroller sooooo I may just join her.  Again, if I am feeling up to it.  Right now, I feel great.  But May and potential heat + humidity + hills and 33 weeks.  We shall see!

(2) Not sure is this is considered “nesting” but I have a sudden urge to redo our laundry room.  there is nothing specific about it that bugs me, but I would like to get a better shelving system above the washer and dryer and then a better storage space.  Currently – we have a bedside table in a corner with a basket on top of it and it is just driving me a little nuts.  I have been eyeing the “expedit” line at IKEA.  We bought a bunch for K’s man cave and now I want to bring it to the laundry room too.  Plus there is one long one that we can mount on the wall and then use baskets to conceal things versus the wire shelf thing we have that is messy and driving me nuts.  Another project for Kyle J – he will be thrilled – but can I remind him how much I love him and how much he loves being handy and being able to say “hey! I did that!”.  but other than mounting the shelf on the wall and putting things together it is really a project for me.  So….. ….lets go to IKEA and make this happen.  {expect a future blog post and the revamp}

(2a) I actually have a really strong urge to do a lot of organizing.  Like I want to organize under all our cabinets.  And our pantry.  I don’t know why but for some reason I feel like I am living in disorganization and that could not be further from the truth.

(2b) I also need to order the mirror for our guest bedroom. I found one that I really like at Ballard Designs, I just need to pull the trigger and buy it.  Not sure if it will go over the headboard or over the dresser. 

(2c) this has to be nesting. or boredom. maybe I need a hobby. 

(3) We had our 24 week appointment this a few weeks back and they moved my due date from July 10th to July the 5th.  We have may have a Yankee Doodle, Fireworks baby on our hands. Which has officially changed our plans in regards to which hospital we we will be delivering at, but oh well!  But… she is happy and healthy so far and everything is looking good.  I officially look pregnant.  People are now starting to ask when I am due versus the odd, is she or isn’t she look.  Kyle still has not been able to feel her kick – which is a bummer – but she gets shy when he is around. 

(4)  Speaking of McKenna – which is all I seem to speak or think about now a days.  I have actually picked out a few birth announcement designs for July.  Of course our photographer is picked, secured, and all that jazz. Now I just need to decide which announcement I like the most. I am beginning to think I may be a crazy planner.  Opinions are more than welcome.  Comment on which one you like the most.


(5) On Wednesday I went to the gas station and lost my car keys.  True story.  Somehow in-between swiping my Kroger card for discounted gas & getting in my car to clean some trash out I lost my keys.  I looked for about 10 minutes before calling Kyle.  When he pulled up with the spare & to help me look there was an old man digging through the trash.  And Kyle opened the passenger door only to find the keys about 14 seconds later in-between the center console and the passenger seat with the key chain thing “clearly visible” (according to kyle). I am going to blame that on exhaustion and pregnancy brain! =/