Monday, December 16, 2013

guest bedroom // reveal

warning: this is a really boring post.  BUT. Our guest bedroom is like 80% done.  And this is really exciting news on the Shanahan front because that means we will never have to worry about this room again and our house is one room closer to be finished, furnished, and a big kid houseguestbedroom.  I know. I know. but for us it really is the little things in life.  We have this huge house made for adults with all these empty rooms and I know this is a room that is very rarely used – but to have it {almost} fully decorated is a win in my book.  The blue and gray walls look really good with the gray curtains and gray bedspread.  All the steel accents {top of bed. lamps. curtain rod} all just really tie together.  The candle holders are in route to Alpharetta from Pottery Barn.  But… on the need to buy list:  a large, horizontal mirror to hang over the dresser and then some sort of “art” for over the bed – but I have a vision of what I want, but cannot seem to find it.  I want  something round and simple over the bed, but not a round decorative mirror because there will be a mirror over the dresser.  But – there is really no rush on either item since the room is rarely used and just having real life, big kid, not embarrassing furniture in that room is a total win.  And now we are in debt to Havertys since we got new furniture for our bedroom.

Next rooms to decorate: living room needs new furniture. Luckily, the living room is decorated and we really like it. And the couch in our living room will be moved to Kyle’s man cave – then need to decorate the man cave.  The love seat in our living room will be moved to our awkward weird sitting room off the foyer with the coffee table and end table.  We also need to get a table for our formal dining room.  Then the other 2 rooms upstairs will be decorated as bambinos are added to the family.  Plus we want to replace all 5 out of the 6 ceiling fans upstairs.  And add granite to the kitchen. And evidently spend all our money on this house.

Seriously.  Home buying and decorating and making it our own is expensive.  We will always accept Havertys and Home  Depot gift cards for holidays and birthdays.

But… in other news.  Look at this ham that is our dog Kennesaw.  newbedloveWe got a new bed {upgraded to a King from a Queen} and after a little bit of uncertainty, Kennesaw embraced the new bed and decided it is really comfortable and had made herself at home.  At the top of the bed. On my pillows.  And I am pretty sure she only left the bed on Saturday to go to the bathroom, drink water, go on a walk, go outside, and have dinner.  This bed is WAY taller than our old bed and Mulligan {thinking he was small} didn’t know if he could jump up.  Needless to say.  He can.  And now we have two dogs who love our bed and my nap on  Sunday was surrounded by puppies.  I am glad those kids of ours love their new bed.  Because of course, it was bought especially for them.  But seriously, how cute is Kennesaw snoozing in luxury.  and, for the record – there is so much room that it feels like kyle and I are sleeping on different continents and there is plenty of room for 2 dogs in bed, but kennesaw does move to the floor for her egg shell bed. Spoiled.

well. I am out.  I am in Asheboro, NC for work – headed back to Atlanta tomorrow – and need my sleep.  I have been exhausted lately.  just exhausted.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh December.

Can you believe that the year is almost over?!  I decided to do a little update on the old blog since I am sitting here watching the SEC Championship {rooting for a Mizzou victory – even though it seems like it will be another win by the barn school down to road from Tuscaloosa} and Kyle J is painting our guest room in preparation for our current bedroom furniture to move into the guest room. Oh the life of a domestic couple living in the burbs.  Picking out paint colors.  House projects pretty much every weekend.  And lots of time spent at the local Home Depot.

I am actually really excited about decorating the guest room – I have lots of ideas.  the room got painted with one gray accent wall and then 4 light blue walls … and well, the walls are a little too blue for my vision – they remind me of a baby’s room blue – but we will make it work.  We have gray curtains to hang and then a charcoal gray comforter for the bed.  My Dad will be VERY happy to know that he will have bedside tables, with lamps, so he can finally put his belongings places. I am trying to decide if I want to put mirrors behind the lamps {like something amazing I saw on Pinterest} or just decorate above the headboard.  Then we have other walls to decorate and what not – so I am hoping the blue will just fade in the background.  You know?

I decorated our Christmas Tree today while Kyle painted.  Pause.  I went to Home Depot to rent a truck to bring Kyle’s Christmas present home …. and they were out of trucks {say what} … so I drove up the road to Lowe’s and got one of their trucks, took it back to Home Depot, and then got Kyle’s grill home.  Needless to say – that was terrifying.  I was driving a BIG Ford F250 around Alpharetta and could not figure out how to “open” the side mirrors on one side.  For real – dangerous and I now believe the average Joe does NOT need a truck that big.  I basically needed a ladder to get in it and then would roll myself out of it.  And, I drove like 15 miles per hour home with a larger than life grill tied to the back.  DANGEROUS.

Back to the tree –christmastree I decorated for Christmas even through we will not be in Georgia Christmas – but we still need the holiday spirit in Alpharetta.  Our mantel is REALLY bare and even Kyle thinks it is bare.  So I will be adding Home Goods and Target to my list of errands tomorrow to get more mantle decorations.  But I think our tree is really pretty and that next year we will need to buy one that is a little bit bigger – only because we have a higher ceiling and more room in the corner where we are going to put the tree each year.  Plus – ours is a cheap Walmart tree from like 5 years ago and there are too many big unnatural holes – so I think we will splurge next year and get a new tree that is higher quality.  Oh homeownership – a never ending battle of saving and spending money. …..but at the end of the day, it is all worth it.

I am travelling again for work.  Spent most of last week in the great state of Alabama between both McCalla and Montgomery.  Best part: I got to have dinner with my bestie Heather.  I always love seeing her any chance I get.  This week I am off to Augusta.  Then next week I am off to Asheboro, NC.  Then home to Northern VA for Christmas with Kyle’s family. 

But. I will post pictures of the guest room as the furniture gets moved in and as it is fully decorated…. or I will show the work in progress!!!