Monday, August 17, 2015

Um. Hello?

I have not blogged since May. I am pretty sure I have zero followers at this point. Well, my aunt and parents probably still eagerly await any type of update on this thing. So if anyone is still out there. Hi. Hello. Good to see you again.

I should probably do some life updates, huh? Well. I now have a one year old. McKenna turned one in July and we had a super low key birthday party. All family and all attention was 100% on her. I got a promotion at work. I am now a director. That means I am important. But not really. I started running again as prep for my half marathon at the beginning of October. We still have two dogs. And I still have a husband.

So. McKenna is one. And it is A LOT of fun.  The girl is getting more and more mobile. She still is not walking, but at like 11 months she finally started crawling which was a sigh of relief. Now I just wait for the walking, but she is making strides and will get there eventually. I just worry about her being behind and parents judging her. (Which is something I need to get better at because I have turned down play dates with friends who have kids walking.)  She just decided this past weekend that she loves the water.  it took all summer, but she does like the pool. Now, we need to think seriously about swim lessons. ;D And. She loves books. LOVES books. If a book is by her, she has her nose in it.

Me. I moved into a Director of Major Accounts role back in July. I am in charge of a few of our major accounts. It has been a big challenge but I am enjoying that.  I sometimes wish I had more direction, but I have one coworker who has been great to bounce ideas off of.  I have had some travel in this new role, nothing more than usual. And don’t judge me, but the break from life is kind of nice.  I am running more and more lately and I am really enjoying it. Oddly. I have a half marathon on the books for the beginning of October and have 2 races that I am thinking about signing up for.  A 10k and a 5k.

Dogs and Kyle are good too. Nothing going on with them really.  Just a lot of fantasy football starting for Kyle and better weather which means more puppy play dates for the dogs.

I am not 100% sure of why I chose to blog or update on my life tonight.  maybe it is the new laptop. but hopefully I get better at this……..