Thursday, March 31, 2011

three things thursday.

i thought yesterday was thursday. news flash to me: it wasn't. don't you just hate when you're a day ahead of yourself and you then realize you're one day farther away from the weekend. oi.
1.  Have you heard of this "trash the dress" thing.  I think it is insane.  insane I tell you.  It is when you get married and then trash your dress after the dust has settled.  My good friend and co-worker suggested we do this after my wedding and the thought horrifies me.  And no, I am not exaggerating.  But I LOVE my dress. It is so ivory and pretty and wonderful and the bustle is great and fun and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I chose it.  I want to wear it while watching TV once I actually am able to take it home (seriously, it probably shouldn't be housed in my house or I may just slip it on from time to time) and then I want to wear it just because after the wedding is over.  It is just so so so pretty and amazing and I love it.  Why oh why would you ever trash your wedding dress?!
2.  Atlanta has a SERIOUS jay walking problem.  And I went to college and in college kids are dumb and do stupid things, but they still seem to find the cross walk.  I don't know, but every day I am baffled by the amount of people who just cross the road where ever rather than walking 20 feet to a cross walk.  And 7 times of out 10 they're diagonally walking in the direction of a cross walk, so they could have used one. I really do think that these people have a death wish, because when they're strolling across peachtree during rush hour trying to get to the mcdonalds I just can't help but think... you're trying to get killed!!  The CRAZY thing is, I work with a girl whose friend was jaywalking.  The friend got hit by a car (no worries, she is fine), but get this THE FRIEND, WHO WAS JAYWALKING was ticketed and had to pay her own hospital bill and to get the dent out of the car that hit her.  So BAM, there you go, you mr. or mrs. jaywalker won't get a penny of my cash money if i accidentally hit you.  which i hope i don't because that would scar me for life. but please, find a yellow cross walk. stat.
3. I am still "shamelessly" plugging my friend Mitzi for Georgia's Woman of the year campaign benefiting LLS.  If you want to donate and support her, that would be fabulous and appreciated.  All donations are 100% tax deductible and the proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Each dollar donated = one vote and who ever has the most "votes" wins. And, Mitzi is really competitive so she has to win. You can donate by clicking HERE ... if you're in Georgia I have 2 things for you. 1) if you want a killer work out, one of Mitzi's girls is organizing Saturday morning boot camps for the last 4-5 weeks of the fundraising.  $10 for a butt kicking and the money goes straight to her campaign **more details to come and I WILL be there each Saturday!** and 2) want a fun night on the town - you can go to the Grand Finale party at the Loews Hotel in Midtown on Saturday, June 4, 2011 6:00 PM.  Tickets are $125 and be sure to credit Mitzi!! Think about it....

Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 Peachtree Roadrace - not gonna happen

I put myself in the lottery a few weeks back to just see what would happen.  If I got in - fine, whatever, it is a 10k and a reason to run and train.  If I didn't get in - no biggie, it is overly crowded with people who don't get in the right corral, volunteers who do not monitor who is entering what corral, people who have numbers who jump in the race at mile 3 or whatever, and you're pretty much dodging people who are just doing it for the shirt the whole 6.2 miles.

Well... today we learned via email if we were in or out this year.  And my fate?  I was not in.  I got the email this morning and for me, it really is not that big of a deal.  Kyle and I had talked about heading home to DC to see our family that weekend if I didn't get in.  So the positive outlook:  I am sure I can find an awesome race up there.  Heck, it is the nation's capital!!  But I do feel bad for the runners out there who did not get in, who look forward to this race EVERY year and they're unable to run it but someone who just wants to casually stroll Peachtree for a shirt will get the experience.

Now... I could go on for awhile about that, but I won't.  But to all those who got into the Peachtree 2011, best of luck - get training for Cardiac Hill!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

ok bridesmaid dress - for real.

I feel like a hot mess - with my mind ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I picked the original bridesmaid dress like 5 days after getting engaged and then started looking elsewhere and then chose to stay with the original. 

But then.... After buying my wedding dress and talking with both mom and the really start wedding people at Demetrios, I realized that the 1st dress chose won't work with my dress and the color of it.  The fabric looked GREAT the navy looked great ... the off white top... not so much.

So - onto the next. I have held onto the Navy color. I chose and selected this dress.  And a few of the girls have seen it and have said  i can wear that again. so hopefully.....  they can be worn again!

Girls -- To order ... you need to call Demetrios (404.846.2220) by October 8th and give your measurements.  The dress with tax is $183.60

Thursday, March 24, 2011

365 DAYS

WE ARE 365 DAYS OUT EXACTLY TILL I BECOME A SHANAHAN!  ....And my new name will then be Barbara Ann Shanahan.  =)  Giggle. It is okay. I know you're doing it. Everyone does.

Kyle and I are celebrating by going to dinner at Medieval Times where we got engaged and where the fun began!  I am so so so excited about the next year, I feel like I have been engaged a million years!  I guess the countdown really does begin now!

photo by kristin leigh

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*shameless plug*

I started running because of luekemia.  My good friend from high school had been diagnosed  5 months earlier with CML and I wanted to do something in her honor.  So I linked up with Atlanta's Team in Training chapter and ran my 1st half marathon.  Leukemia linked me up with one someone who I not only aspire to be like, but respect and love to be around.  In the team meeting the night before the race Mitzi Jiles sat next to me and asked who I was at what I did.  With having a mission to find a cure and both working in the staffing industry as a link we hung out the rest of the night and into race morning.

Fast forward 2 years... Mitzi was nominated for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Woman of the year here in Georgia and she accepted the challenge!  Mitzi herself is a cancer survivor, when she was 25 years old she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Just after being diagnosed, someone from LLS was at Mitzi's beside comforting her and talking to her about this disease and what they could do to help her fight and beat it. Originally, Mitzi was 2 weeks away from dying, but this May Mitzi will celebrate 10 years in remission!!!! No doubt, she is already a winner. The disease that almost took her life has changed her life and now she is on a mission to find a cure. While in remission Mitzi has raised over $20,000 for LLS through their Team In Training program, and now with our help she is going to double, even triple that amount as she vies for the Woman of the Year crown.

Mitzi was charged with the task to form a support team to help her reach her goal and when she came to me and asked if I would help it was a no brainer... We have 10 weeks to raise as much money as possible as a team.  Each dollar donated = 1 vote and whoever has the most "votes" (aka dollars raised) is named the LLS Woman & Man of the Year. 

If you live in Atlanta.... you are invited to buy seats to the amazing black tie event at the Loews Hotel in Midtown!  Tickets are $125 per ticket and include food, drinks, dancing, a silent and live auction, and the crowning of the Woman of the Year!  It really does sound like a fun event!!

We're raising money not only to honor Mitzi, but for all the others who have fought or are fighting leukemia or lymphomaEvery four minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer and every ten minutes someone looses their life.  Every dollar counts, whether is it $1 or $5 .... or more if you can afford it ... each dollar helps and goes towards the mission the help find a cure for blood cancers.  We are fundraising starting today, March 23rd and have till June 4th to raise as much money as possible.  So if you have some spare change and want to help with such an awesome event we are so grateful and thankful.

If you'd like to donate.  Please go HERE and remember every dollar counts!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

joyful bath giveaway winner.

I have had a crazy hectic past few days, but I somehow remembered that my giveaway ends today.  and I am so excited to announce my winner not only because I get to restock someone;s joyful bath stash  …. but because it gives me an excuse to buy more for myself … which will give me a reason to take more banumberths and to run and workout more.

and the lucky winner is … number 17 (see proof to the right)  And number 17 is …. my little auburn friend who I need to go to blast900 with  ELIZABETH from Running for Bling!  **she could probably use some of this after running the Publix half marathon this morning**

I am placing the order now … so email me if you want to meet up for a pure barre or blast900 or if you want me to mail it.   Congrats Elizabeth and Roll Tide!  =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bridesmaid Flowers -- ideas!

There is 1 thing that I know for sure.  I want to have an all white bouquet [and I am pretty confident that I have chosen it, but I am unsure if I want to share it....] and I want my girls to have purple in their bouquet.  Right now I am tossing around these 6 options.

These pictures are smaller than I would hope.  But I am leaning towards the 1st one or the last one in the 2nd line or the 1st or 2nd in the top line.  With that said ... I want replica bridesmaid bouquets on some on the tables at the reception.  And I want low centerpieces ... so it may come down to price and what would look good as a small floral arrangement.  That is why florists are pros right?!

Polling the audience: which ones do you like?! =)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Peachtree Roadrace -- why oh why

I said I wouldn't do it again since it is so crowded and you end up walking for the 1st mile and having to dodge people who just jump in the course half way just to get the infamous shirt, but for some odd reason I said what the heck and put my name in the lottery system this morning.

The Peachtree Roadrace is an Atlanta "tradition" that I ran for the 1st time last year and (may) do again this year should I get in.  Why I am going to put myself through the frustration of an overly crowded 10k race again where 75% of the people participating do it just to do it and get a COTTON tee-shirt, I do not know.

If you're interested in putting your name in the lottery you can do so HERE 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wedding Dresses.

...This is just a preview...

I am going wedding dress shopping with my mom this weekend.  =) Kyle seems to think that I will still be dress-less this time next week since I am "so" hard to please, but I do not know.  Just so you know: I will not be telling or showing anyone what dress I chose until my wedding day!!

But there are 5 dresses that I HAVE to try on this weekend.  4 of them are at 1 place and the other 1 is at another.  At most this weekend, I can only try on 10 dresses (5 dresses per appointment).  And if one of these 5 are "the one" ... great.  If not, it may be a long process.

The first three are all Allure dresses.  The middle one is more of a "ohh I like this" but I doubt I will like it once I get it on.  But I still want to try it on, just to see.  But the 1st and 2nd one I really really like.

The next set... the 1st one is by Wtoo Bridal and then the 2nd one is by Demetrios.  I like them both for different reasons. 

What I like about the 1st and 3rd Allure ones and the Demetrios one is all the lace and the vintage, romantic feel.  but I love the Wtoo one because it is playful and fun. ....And since I want the old, romantic, vintage feel for my wedding... I'd like dress to mesh.  But it is really all about finding the one!!

joyful bath review & giveaway!!

on of my favorite activities is taking a long bath and reading a good book. when kyle and i were house hunting there were 3 things i wanted. an awesome kitchen, a backyard, and a fabulous bathtub. i got 2 1/2 … but most importantly i got my bathtub. 

i do not really know how or when, but i was introduced to the joyful bath company and was told to try them because “if i liked epsom salts, i would love their salts more”. so i bought a little packet of “green tea glee” to try them out and was pleasantly surprised!  i used them in hot baths and ice baths, baths to recover from runs and when i just wanted to relax. when it snowed in January i started to really really follow the joyful bath company on twitter and learned that they do something called #bathday on Wednesdays.   (explanation: they tell their faithful followers to tweet one of their product names and if you’re the 11th or 4th or 9th or 24th or *you get it* you win a free product). 

Ok… but in all seriousness.  I love this company for so many reasons. 1st and most importantly, their products are phenomenal.  Up until being introduced to them I swore by epsom salts in my ice baths and hot baths after long runs, blast900 workouts, & on days my legs just hurt. The glorious thing about their products are that many of them have epsom salts mixed into their concoctions.  2nd. The owner. Founder. Creator. She is an athlete so she understands muscle pains and aches. when i get to chat with her on twitter (or whoever runs the twitter page) she is always so joyful and encouraging! 3rd. they’re also wonderful because they ship CRAZY fast.  And I mean a package can get from Bethesda Maryland to Atlanta Georgia in 3 days.  It is like they have their own little postman! 4th. they smell glorious.

I like so many of their salts for different reasons.  post run or for sore muscle days I like Ginger Snap, ‘Nilla Buttermilk, and/or Oatsy Floatsie.  Long day at the office?  I really like Green Tea Glee or Oatsy Floatsie (the lavender. love.)  And when I want to just take a bath to relax or read… Citrus Buzz or Oatsy Floatsie.  (Guess, which one is my favorite!!)   I also enjoy mixing two kinds together… like Oatsy Floatsie & ‘Nilla Buttermilk :o) ….I have heard good things about Mellow Yellow, yet I have never tried it.  Maybe next?

Since I love finding new fun things and I like sharing new fun things… I am giving 1 reader the chance to win 3 samples of 3 products they love or just want to try.

what to do to be the lucky winner:

  1. follow my blog. or tell me that you have been following. (+1)
  2. follow joyful bath on twitter @joyfulbathco (+1)  …and once you follow them you can play #bathday on Wednesdays!!
  3. scoot over to their website (link above) and tell me what 3 bath salts you have tried/want to try/like (+1)
  4. your ice bath secret. what do you do to make it manageable?!

Happy entering and hopefully winning. this wonderful fabulous giveaway will end in 1 week. 7 days from now—next sunday the winner will be announced.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our little date day.

The wedding planning is about to REALLY start since we're 1 year and a few days out from the I Do's ... next weekend my mom and I are going wedding dress shopping and then sometime soon Kyle and I will spend 4 Saturdays lunching and registering for gifts.  We're going to have food tastings and flower appointments and showers and wedding planning meetings and parties and dress fittings and bridesmaid luncheons and bridesmaid dress appointments and hair trial runs (the list could go on and on).... so Kyle and I decided to sleep in this morning, run some errands, do lunch, and then go Putt Putting. =)

You have to understand Kyle and I are really competitive.  We can't even play Guess Who without the words "I want a rematch!!" being yelled.  Last year I had bought a coupon for 2 rounds of mini golf at Pirate's Cove for $14.  It was (and still is a good deal) so we decided to use it today.

The weather was gorgeous, the place was packed, but we had a lot of fun.  We started off neck in neck and Kyle struggled on some holes and I didn't do so well on some others.  But... I won by 3!  ...And in true loving fashion I rubbed it in so much that Kyle sprayed water on me.

We finished the day off with an ice cream date! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress CHOSEN.

alright ladies. i have decided to decide on your dress so i won't have to keep looking and questioning.  with that here is the dress. but, shall the bottom be navy or lilac.  please, voice your opinion.

It is buy Lulakate, you're gonna have to go to bella bridesmaids here in Buckhead to order... if you're out of Atlanta you will have to call the store to order. 

three things thursday.

1. there was a lizard in our house last week. a lizard. he was hiding behind the blinds.  of course kyle scooped him up and got him outside but that freaks me out. i don't do lizards. or spiders. and they do not belong in my house.  i understand they're warm blooded and like the warmth, but i don't think them, therefore they're not welcome. if i see another one, i am staying in a hotel.  sorry mulligan, but that doggie door that leads INTO the kitchen, yeah it is FOREVER staying closed.
2. upon cruising facebook monday morning i learned that one of my buddies from the 1st college i went to away in his sleep. on the couch. at age 28.  yes, age 28.  They do not really know what happened (there had been some red flags recently. troubles with his insulin, but was seeing new doctors. he had a seizure while driving a few weeks back and got in an accident. but he told everyone he was doing fine.) and won't really know until the reports come back. Andy Towne is a truly awesome individual and though him and I did not keep in touch once I transferred to Alabama, many of my freshman year of college memories have Towne in them.  if there is anything that is becoming more and more clear the older and more aware i become, is that life is just way too short and you have to make decisions for yourself and that will make you happy.  As much as I regret not keeping in touch with many of my friends from my 1st college I know that many of them touched my life and I am forever grateful for that.  Sadly, since graduating college I have heard of 4 friends passing unexpectedly in car accidents, boat accidents, and in their sleep. I feel like people at my young age of 26 (and younger and older) think they're so invincible and they have SO many years ahead of them.... but for me, people like Towne and Brady and Chase and Mabry are constant reminders that tomorrow is not a given.
3. i am sorry. but when it comes to weddings i am REALLY traditional.  Thankfully, Kyle knew that an understands that.  In my world the boyfriend asks the girlfriend after he is given permission.  The girlfriend then becomes the wife and takes the now husband's last name. I will become a Shanahan, no questions asked.  Barbara Ann Shanahan to be exact.  But... in one of my friend from high school's world I guess his relationship is all about role reversal.  A year or so back I noticed that SHE proposed to HIM. My thoughts were... okay okay, maybe she got impatient.  Not my style, but to each their own.  Then this week I am wondering who the heck "S. Wayland" is... only to click on him and learn that HE TOOK HER LAST NAME. Normally I am left wondering who this girl is that looks familiar but has a strange last name, not the other way around. I can't help but wonder what the Social Security office was thinking when he came in to change his name because he got married.  I know, I know this is 2011, but can't some things stay sacred and traditional?!

Have a really great weekend and Friday!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have said it before, but something has to give

Running is the greatest metaphor for life because you get out of it what you put into it.
:: Oprah Winfrey ::

This time last year I had run 1 full marathon, was gearing up to run my 1st half of the year, and had run a handful of 5ks and 10ks and had 1 more full and 2 more halfs on my schedule.  I had gone through at least 1 pair of running shoes and done countless loads of running clothes laundry. This year. We're in March and I have barely gotten 12 miles in ALL YEAR.   and i want to call myself a runner. 

The quote above by Oprah could not be more truthful.  If I went out to run a 5k tomorrow, I would struggle but that is because I have not touched or nurtured my running relationship this year.  I have 100% put it on the back burner and moved work to the front.  As I have been screaming all year I am ready for a change and want to figure out how to get running back into my life.  Maybe not racing in 2011, but at least running.

I want to put my goals on paper.  I want to tell you how I hope to run at Stone Mountain every weekend starting this weekend and that I want to do Blast900 twice a month and that I want to rejoin a gym and actually use it and that I want to do runs in the neighborhood after work before it gets too dark.  (wait i did tell you)  I just know that I won't get anything out of my running and I will not be successful at Ragnar or Savannah or even the Brookhaven Bolt if I do not start moving and getting back in the groove.

Yesterday morning I started my new job.  But not the new job that I told you about on Thursday. I chose to stay with the company that I have been with since I moved to Atlanta.  They have been so great to me and have been my family and the position they countered me with on Friday fits my career goals.  Right now, I am in the branch assisting with the transition and then I move up to corporate. And with the corporate move I hope that there will be a balance where I can work and do what I love, but I can also fit in the time to go to the gym. And if that means rejoining LA Fitness because it is just up the street rather than upgrading to Lifetime then so be it...

But if there is 1 truth that needs to be presented is: something HAS to give.  Running has to work its way back into my life.  Maybe I give up sleeping in on the weekends or I give up the Lifetime marathons or I push myself out the door rather than staying late every night to finish up a project at the office. ....but something HAS to give.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

running jacket.

Not that I need another running jacket, especially since we're nearing the hot summer suns here in Atlanta... but I COVET this one.  The Sugoi Women's Versa Jacket has awesome reviews and it is so sleek looking and I heard (ore read) that is is light but oh so warm in those cold winters and it does get cold here in Atlanta during the winter....

Friday, March 4, 2011


I am really freaking stressed right now. What I could go for is a good mind clearing run right now or take a mind numbing nap, but I don't want to step too far away from my phone, so here I am telling you about an upcoming Atlanta race and watching past seasons of ABC Family Channel's Make it or Break It (thanks Wii Netflix).  I am going to leave it at that.  I will blog later about my oh so stressful day.

But since my phone is by my side and I am checking it every time it bings, I wanted to share an email / race notification that I go today.

May 1 - Perimeter Area :: Concourse to be exact :: 5k and 2k fun run/walk -- Lauren's Run -- 8:00 AM.  The 5K race and 2K fun run/walk will be hosted by CURE Childhood Cancer, an organization that supports research and education for pediatric cancer--the number one cause of death in children. Since 2002, Lauren's Run has raised over $2.5 million for pediatric cancer research.

If you're interested in participating you can go here to register.  It is only $20 for pre-race registration and $25 on race day.  I will 100% be there and on May 1 the weather should *hopefully* be gorgeous!!  And this is my 1st real organized race of the year that I have put on the calendar.  Guess I better start training.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday.

... three things thursday. once again. not about running. just about life. maybe i should change the name of my blog from "barbie rus" to "barbie lives" ...

1. This past Monday I put in my 2 weeks notice at the company I have worked at for pushing 3 years.  It was bittersweet, there are SO many things that I have loved about that company. But, in December I was contacted by a company to "talk" about them, me, and what I wanted.  We never connected for who knows what reason, but about 2 weeks ago I was courted again and started talking to them. They offered me a position I just could not turn down.  Though I loved working with my coworkers and many people in the company and though i loved SO many aspects of the company as a whole, I just felt thought it was time to gain new experiences.  I hate to say that I felt that I had hit my glass ceiling at the company I had been with for years, but I was having the feeling that I was "stuck" where I was since I was stable and good at my job.  My old company was without a doubt my "family" here in Atlanta... they're all I have really known since moving here and I am so so thankful for that and for them and for all the memories. I would lie if I said that it was not scary to jump and make a HUGE change since I had a world of job security at my old company, but you don't gain anything without trying and without taking risks no matter how huge they may be.  So what's next?  I am working as a Talent Manager and I will be responsible for building a team of recruiters, managing them, training and coaching and developing them, and still recruiting & working with clients.  Needless to say - I am ready for the challenge and am excited to be starting something new on Monday.  The question is: will it be better or worse for my running life.  They talked about a work life balance... so *fingers crossed* better.
2. After putting in my notice, I was pretty much told I was done - which is understandable since I was going to competition and had access to a database full of candidate and client info.  SO, I have had 4 days to watch Gilmore Girls, shop for the new house, read the book I have to read prior to Monday, lunched with girlfriends, run errands, drink wine, walk the dog, nap with the dog, play with the dog, and take bubble baths!  Tomorrow after lunch with a friend, I am planning on getting my Stone Mountain pass and suffereing through a run.  It has been the 1st 4 days where I had NOTHING to do since moving to Atlanta and I could totally do this for a living.  Why can't I just be rich with zero responsibilities.
3.  Kyle and I picked our 1st dance song last night and we danced to it in the living room.  And no... I don't want to share what our song is because I want it to be a surprise to those who will be attending our wedding.  I love the song so much that I am listening to it now.  Ok, one lyric and if you want to look it up, you can do so.... "you're a mystery, you're from outerspace, you're every minute of my everyday" ....  But I love having our house and all the space so we can dance to my iTunes.  Tomorrow is Kyle's birthday and I am even more excited about that!! =)

With that... I will now give my lifetime movie full attention! =)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazing Music Choice.

I am going to need to host auditions.  I really want this song to be in the background when Kyle and I do the unity candle thing in the ceremony.  Preferably, I need to discover that one of my guy friends has a hidden talent that he has kept secret.  And that talent would be: being an really good guitar player & singer. So... boys, has anyone been holding out?  ....If I cannot find someone I guess the Hazlehurst House will need to figure out how to get this song played....  no pressure or anything.  Or even better... Matt Wertz, please feel free to volunteer your time on March 24, 2012.