Thursday, April 28, 2011

another way to help tuscaloosa.

If you follow me on Twitter or know anything about me, you know I am an Alabama Grad and that I bleed crimson and white and I love everything about Alabama and that city!  Over the summer I showed you a running tour of my campus and favorite town.  As you know Tuscaloosa was rocked by a tornado yesterday and so many are looking for some way to help out.  I plan on heading to Tuscaloosa for Memorial Day to help with Habitat with Humanity or a soup kitchen.  I have been wanting to get back to Tuscaloosa and this is a perfect reason to get back - thought it is a sad reason.

In the mean time I have bought a shirt to benefit Tuscaloosa.  Want to help too?! You can spend $12 (well $16.50) with tax and buy a shirt.  You can do so HERE and they come in Mens S,M,L, and XL!

three things thursday.

we have almost survived another week. hope it has been a good one thus far!
1. yesterday morning we oddly lost power. i was getting ready to leave for work and then BOOM and all the power went out.  My first thought was, oh well i am glad i have my make up on already. and then I thought, oh crap, my car is in the garage and i cannot call my boss to tell him that i will be late since my car is stuck in the garage.  I knew I had to pull the red thing from the ceiling, but I didn't know I had to lift the door too.  After pulling and pulling I quit and called Kyle.  Who then turned his car around, came back to the house (with his coworker in the car) and came home to rescue me and my car.  Oh my knight in shining armour.  :o)
2. I have cried over Tuscaloosa two times in my life. First, when I left that amazing city after graduation and then again yesterday. Tuscaloosa was hit really hard by a tornado yesterday - the mayor described the damage as "catastrophic" {see picture to the right and that is just a TASTE} my friend's little sister has a friend who died in the storm and i have a friend who lost his house and 15th Street is just pretty much gone. it is so hard to look at pictures and watch videos of all the destruction and all the people who have lost so much. Tuscaloosa means the world to me, it holds a huge part of my heart and all my memories bring nothing but joy. it was 3 or so of the best years of my life to date and it breaks my heart to see a place i love damaged and destroyed. it breaks my heart more to hear that the firemen say they will be discovering bodies for awhile and it hurts my heart to know that they're spray painting body counts on the houses. i cannot even begin to imagine what families are going through and how parents are holding up - I know my parents would have been freaking out from 600+ miles away. all my friends have to say was "it is really bad" and that "it was terrifying" ... college is supposed to be a happy and fun time full of amazing memories and good memories - it breaks my heart to know that there are so many students who are displaced and no longer have a place to call their home away from home. it makes me want to head there some weekend and just help. do something. anything. the campus and the stadium were missed but so many awesome businesses and homes were flattened. thankfully, everyone i know that is still in Tuscaloosa are accounted for and okay and the auburn community is amazing for setting up "Toomers for Tuscaloosa".  my thoughts and prayers are with everyone there. forever i love alabama.  if you want to help out .... you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10
3. My life is about to get REALLY busy at work. I am participating in my 1st training class as a teacher next week and then we have to dive right into planning another one that is in June ... and on top of it all I am in the process of selecting a new background screening company and then have to have it all rolled out and implemented by June 1 ... and we may possibly be switching software companies so there are meetings on top of meetings about that and if we do switch that will start the traveling (probably) to train.  Needless to say, I am pretty happy that I bowed out of Ragnar, I don't think I could have done it.  But I LOVE my new job and am SO happy that I chose to take this role over the one the other company had offered me.  I am busy but a good busy, a different busy than before.

Take some time to hug your family. So thankful the weekend is coming up.  What are you doing? Anything fun? 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

high mile month.

looks like April will be my highest miles month so far in 2011! running at 9.04 miles so far.  i will have to make myself do 10+

this is out of control. i have been a total running slacking fool this year. looks like i am trying to slowly get myself together though.

Monday, April 25, 2011

weekly wrapup.

just another week trying to get back to being active and in wedding dress shape.  but on monday i was told that i was looking skinny. skinny = good.

monday:  1 mile. pace: 11:47. I am starting what I like to call "mile monday" where i kick start my week with a little run around the oh so hilly neighborhood.  I am making myself run every hill and each week I am going to make myself run longer (ex: past the mailbox i stopped at).  and when 1 mile is too easy we will lose the alliteration and make it a longer distance.
tuesday: pure barre with afton and lyd! and this time, it was a freaking work out out.  i don't know if it was monday's run or what - but my legs could not do the thigh work to save my life.
wednesday: just a little casual walk with kyle j and the dog around the neighborhood. the sun had not sunk yet and the weather was gorgeous. just had to walk with my two loves!
thursday: nothing.
friday: nothing. planned pure barre at 4:15 but afton's boss didn't let her off early like mine did.
saturday: goodness me. mitzi's $10 boot camp. that child is lucky i love her and will suffer for her in the name of a good cause. the warm-up was more like a work out, running hills, squats, push ups.  Then the actual work out was ALL sprints. Sprints then 10 push ups, sprint then 9 push ups sprint then 8 ... and you get the point. But we did sprints with push up and butt lift things and sit ups and then burpees (but i slacked and did jumping jacks)  ... my garmin was dead so i couldn't track the miles. but seriously, it is a GOOD work out so if you're in Atlanta, we have 1 more next weekend at Piedmont Park and you should come.   plus mully got a 30 minute hilly hot walk.
sunday: planned pure barre but it was closed for easter. then i planned to run, but my legs could not move because of bootcamp. but i walked mully for 30 minutes.

total miles run: 1 mile + whatever I ran at bootcamp, which was at least a mile, maybe even more! ...and it is an improvement from last week. but then again, anything is!

random thoughts:
  • i know i am not supposed to like chris brown since he beats women, but T-Pain's song "Best Love Song" with him on it is amazing to run to.
  • I think I may adore running skirts - but I hate the lululemon one, I like my brooks one.
  • My matron of honor is burning Kyle and me P90X ... but what are we getting ourselves into?!
  • bootcamp is REALLY painful.  How do people do this 3 days a week and not want to kill themselves?
  • i just may run a 5k this upcoming saturday... just to see how out of shape i am.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

three things thursday.

thursday thurday {sing in the tune of the song monday monday}

1. in case you didn't know. nick saban's statue was unveiled this past weekend at the spring a day game.  he is now standing outside our stadium for eternity along side other great coaches.  I wish I could have been in Tuscaloosa this past weekend, A-Day always was a fun day. and just to throw some numbers out [not to brag about alabama's greatness or anything....] but alabama had 93,310 in attendance while our sister down the road only had 53,209.  ROLL TIDE!  ...i also heard that timmy tebow got a statue and my shrek looking nemesis cam newton is getting a statue too.  boo hiss. Evidently also the '10 team captains put their hands in cement outside of Denny Chimes.  Oh I love all of Alabama's traditions and can't wait to force my kids to go there.
2. ok seriously. is donald trump really going to run for president? is the republican committee really going to let him do this?!  i am really unsure what kind of value he can add to the united states. i mean no offense to the republican party (hey, i voted for mccain) but don't you all harp on obama all the time for his "lack of experience"?!  what kind of experience does trump have? he bankrupted his business (twice, right ... maybe even 3 times?), how is he supposed to pull us out of our current economic state and debt when he can't handle his own company's finances.  and good grief if the reality tv loving people vote for him we are all doomed... what is next snookie for president?   political rant. done and done. (how many followers did i lose!?)
3.  my wedding is a little over a year away, but i am slashing my to-do list left and right.  this past weekend i firmed up our minister.  and i am really excited about it. my friend since i was little (like 3 or 4 years old little) is a minister in tennessee and he agreed to be the one to marry kyle and me.  i think it is such a small, personal touch.  now i just hope he leaves the embarrassing stories in tennessee. now onto premarital counseling where we are hoping we're not told to reevaluate our relationship.  if you're not following our wedding blog, you should - HERE - i am trying to keep it as up to date as possible but not let out too many secrets.

....and a few extras.  Mitzi's fundraising boot camp.  This weekend. Piedmont Park by the 10th street entrance. 10:45 AM. Be there. Bring water and get ready to sweat.  It really is a great work out and it is all for a good cause. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And another video.

Yay for more videos!! We took so many for a while when he was super little and adorable.  Yes, he is still adorable.  Just not super little anymore. Makes me wonder why we do not video his crazy behavior now?!

This one makes me wonder why we buy him toys.  He was dragging Kyle's trashcan around to entertain himself, but notice there are toys on the ground....  I personally like when he stumbles and falls over it and has a hard time finding his footing & standing up.  What a cute little puppy he was.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ragnar Runners Needed Update.

So the spots on the Ragnar team that I dropped out of are quickly filling up. But they have 2 spots left and need runners as soon as you can commit.   Below, please find all the details.

In Van 1: Runner 2: Leg 2 (4.5miles), Leg 14 (4.5miles), Leg 26 (6.8miles): 15.8 miles

In Van 2: Runner 11: Leg 11 (5.5miles), Leg 23 (4miles), Leg 35 (8.3miles): 17.8 miles

Please keep a couple things in mind:
•You'll probably need to take Thursday June 9th off of work for travel to Wisconsin and definitely Friday June 10th since the race starts that morning.
•Registration: $90
•Hotel room in Madison, WI Thursday night before the race: $35
•Van rental: $35
•Gas for Van: $??
•Food: ??
•If you are coming from out of state, airfare: $200++

Ragnar = think MTV Road Rules, but running.  You're in a van with 5 other gals running, sleeping, and carrying on.  Truthfully, it does sound like a cool experience so if you want in & this sounds doable contact Courtney ASAP at

we have a minister!

another thing to check of the "to-do" list.  we have a minister!

after procrastinating for months i finally connected with one of my really good childhood friends and asked him to be our minister.  i thought it would be really cool to have someone i know marry us and the fact that i have know brian pretty much my whole life added a nice sentimental touch to the event.

oddly enough i was pretty nervous when asking him. don't know why. but i was.

next thing to do: premarital counseling. lets hope we aren't told we shouldn't be getting married. they even say that sort of thing?

now.... lets hope he leaves the embarrassing childhood stories in tennessee and doesn't bring them up in front of our guests. 

B & K

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Work Out Round Up (vol. 2)

and. how did this week go? cliff notes version: still a little lazy.

monday: nothing. nada. lazy.
tuesday: lazy. nothing again. thought about it, but then went for mexican to gain weight rather than lose it.
wednesday: pure barre. 55 minutes. still sore from boot camp it seemed. but the core work is getting easier which means, i am building a core. now, if the extra skin on my stomach would go away.
thursday: nothing. (oi this is getting embarrassing)
friday: i was gonna run, but i didn't get home in time to miss the rain. but rejoined LA Fitness.
saturday: run in the neighborhood. only .98 miles - my allergies or something made it hard. but i think this will be my "monday mile" run, if i can find .02 to add. i skipped mitzi's boot camp, but i will go back next week.  ohhhh and i did a 30 minute dog walk with the dog.
sunday: pure barre with afton and lyd again. =)  and another 30 minute dog walk with the pup.

miles ran this week: .98 -- pa-thet-ic.

And in other news... As you know I have dropped out of Ragnar. And really, I am okay with it. My heart wasn't in it, nor was I athletically in shape for it. With that.... the team is on the hunt to fill up a few legs and I am going to *at least* try and help! 

In Van 1:

Runner 2: Leg 2 (4.5miles), Leg 14 (4.5miles), Leg 26 (6.8miles): 15.8 miles
Runner 5: Leg 5 (6.3miles), Leg 17 (3.2miles), Leg 29 (2.9miles): 12.4 miles

In Van 2:
Runner 7: Leg 7 (4.7miles), Leg 19 (3.7miles), Leg 31 (4.9miles): 13.3 miles
Runner 11: Leg 11 (5.5miles), Leg 23 (4miles), Leg 35 (8.3miles): 17.8 miles

Please keep a couple things in mind:
  • You'll probably need to take Thursday June 9th off of work for travel to Wisconsin and definitely Friday June 10th since the race starts that morning.
  • Registration: $90
  • Hotel room in Madison, WI Thursday night before the race: $35
  • Van rental: $35
  • Gas for Van: $??
  • Food: ??
  • If you are coming from out of state, airfare: $200++
Now if you're interested and this sounds doable for you, please e-mail Courtney ASAP at

Wedding Updates.

You can pretty much scratch all the ideas that have been floating around on this blog.  Wedding flowers -- none of those are even in the running anymore because .... I LOVE these for the bridesmaids.
I think I want them to have something simple and white with their navy dresses.  Nothing loud or too bright.  Plus.... all eyes must be on me.  =)  I also do love these, which are very similar.
So I am 99% sure the girls are going to have white hydrangeas with white roses.  But I LOVE the navy and white ribbon on the 1st bouquets.

I also got my wedding dress.  Well ordered it.  I won't have it till September I think.  And I love love love love love it!  =)  I would show you the flowers I like for my bouquet, but like my dress I am gonna keep that a secret.

Bridesmaid dresses have been picked.  And to my knowledge, no one has purchased theirs yet other than Erin. So... girls.  Get on it.  Please. and thank you.

Cake: I have been looking at cakes again and who knows what I am going to end up with.  All I know is that I want it simple and classy.  I like the one below because it is simple but it has a touch of color. But there will be no flowers on top.  I hate flowers on cakes. 

Another fun video.

First of all: we do not do a good job keeping up with Mulligan's life as a crazy dog.  Cliff notes version of his current life. He LOVES his backyard and new house.  He is still exploring the neighborhood & loves to find rocks.  We don't love him finding rocks.  Oi.  He is TERRIFIED of thunder and Atlanta has been hit with some monstrous storms lately.  He had his annual vet visit a few weeks back and he is healthy and happy.  And that is all 2 proud parents can ask for!  Since momma got a new job he doesn't go to daycare nearly as much as he could or as much as we would like him to, but he is going this week!!  Daycare and bath since he is stinky stinky.

I am spending the morning cleaning up my computer since I am debating on getting a new one & I stumbled across this great little video of Mulligan when he was still small.  Needless to say, he still loves when we  come home with groceries.  But in this video he is "helping" us put them away.

I love coming across cute pictures and videos.  I also sometimes wonder when he is going to calm down or if we're going to have a Curious George forever.  Oh well... we love him and all his quirky behaviors.  <3

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet the bride & groom

When Kyle and I got engaged I went into full wedding obsessed mode.  I bought every wedding magazine out, when I went to the bookstore I always ended up in the wedding section, started watching the Wedding Channel, ordered swatches for Bridesmaid dresses, stalked potential wedding venues, fell in love with things, fell out of love with things -- I went CRAZY.  Well, one night Kyle and I went for Mexican and after dinner we ended up at Barnes and Noble.  He went to look at books and I went to the wedding section.   I stumbled across these "quiz books" called "Do you know your Bride" and "Do you know your groom" and we went home to play a little game we called "how well do we know each other"
The book asks you 100 questions about the person you're about to marry.  And well... I wanted to share some fun facts about us that we learned about each other (or rediscovered and it took these books a moment to trigger the memory).

1. I think hanging around all day in PJs, not once going out is perfectly fine any time.
2. I eat my ice cream in a cup over a cone.
3. I think a guy with thinning hair should do something.... quick
4. I have never been to a movie alone
5. If I was looking to get a dog, I would prefer one from the pound

1. The junk food he cannot keep away from is: twizzlers and skittles
2. The last time Kyle was in the hospital he was a patient, because his roommate stapled his head with a stapler.
3. When Kyle was a kid he wanted to be the fry guy at McDonalds.  Not the manager. The fry guy.
4. He does not know my mother's maiden name.
5. In the past year, the thought of getting a tattoo has not crossed his mind.

....And most importantly.  How did we do?  Kyle got 25 wrong and I got 36 wrong.  We had planned to save these books for our 1 year wedding anniversary to take the quiz to see how much better (or worse) we know each other! ...But on Amazon today I found the "wife" and "husband" version -- and well, I will be buying those.

If you're engaged.... or heading to a bridal shower, I for sure recommend these books.  They bring good laughs, fun conversations, more memories... and you just may learn new facts about your significant other!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ragnar Update

So. I have some news. I am dropping out of the ragnar relay that i had planned for this summer. this is something that i was REALLY looking forward to, but as I will explain why... I think that you will begin and maybe understand my reasoning.

I guess, I should start at the beginning.  I first read/heard about this relay when I 1st started running and thought it was a cool idea and something that *with the right group* I would love to do.  I don't have a big group of running friends here in Atlanta, so I knew I couldn't start and create a group but when one of my twitter pals blogged about it, I knew that if they had a spot for me, I wanted to join the fun.  lucky for me, they did. and they had a spot for one of my favorite people & my maid of honor Erin.  So we agreed and were ready to rock and roll.  I was excited about it and I mean REALLY excited about it.  I was pumped to meet people like Jessica and Jennifer and Jen Z and Ashley and Courtney and Lauren.  We had it all set up that our van of 6 was going to be fun.  

....And then it started.  The emails about people dropping out and people being replaced.    I can't remember who was the 1st to go, but it felt like once she dropped out people were dropping like flies.  All for good reasons - school, new jobs, babies!!  But with each "drop out" my excitement started to fade. you can ask Erin.  every time an email came in, I bbm'ed her and was like uhhhh do you want to do this?!  And as people got replaced they were being replaced with randoms, people who I had never even seen on twitter or in the blogging world before.  the adventure of meeting & running with people who i had a social media relationship was slowly going away.  [no offence to any of those people, we thank you for stepping up]

And then the money came to light.  I knew that I had to fly there and get a hotel and help pay for vans and gas ... but with gas prices rising I could only imagine how much the flight would cost + the money for gas for the van + food + hotels + shirts + supplies.  And then the chatter about volunteers came up and how we were going to have to pay for them if we couldn't come up with a certain amount of them.  The total cost just kept piling up and I was having a hard time spending that much money on something I was not 100% excited about.  And I really wasn't even 25% excited .... it all just became draining and a chore.

And the icing on the cake came when I got the "invitation" to operations training June 7-9 for our newly hired recruiters.  assisting with training & helping develop and grow my company's operations team is one the of parts of my new job that i am most excited about.  I knew I wouldn't be able to leave Atlanta till like 7:00 that night and then I would have to start running miles upon miles on June 10th.

.....I just knew that this was not going to happen and I was (and am) okay with this.  Not being excited about it was not helping my training and when you run a half or a full marathon unprepared you're only hurting yourself and your performance, but with this... I had 11 other people relying on me to be ready to run 8 miles in 1 leg... and running 4 miles is hard right now.

i know i am adding more stress to jen's life and i am sorry for that -- especially since June is so close... and i know i am pulling out partially for very selfish reasons, but i just want to be excited about something especially if i am going to be spending A LOT of money on something.  i wish the 12 girls who do it the best of luck and i hope they have a really good time.  but this go round, just not for me.  ....if they ever organize another one, I am 100% in but this one.... I am just not feeling it. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Song List.

We wanted to make sure that our wedding play list is amazing. SO, we wanted to do what we like to call "poll the audience".

With that said...
  • what songs do you want played at our wedding?
  • what are some must play songs at weddings?
We hope you hear your request! =)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How we spent our 365!

I am SUCH a horrible blogger!!  Yikes!!   As I probably mentioned before, Kyle and I decided to  postpone our celebrations of Valentines Day & our 4 year anniversary since we were moving from our apartment to our rental house.  Between security deposits, movers, buying a washer & dryer, and much much more ... we were pretty broke.  We decided to hold off until the March 24 weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day, our 4 year anniversary, and 365 days out till we get married.  (Yes, we're dorks)  We didn't really talk about what we wanted to do/where we want to go, but we chose to celebrate at Medieval Times!

Medieval Times will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We celebrated our 3 year anniversary there, got engaged there, and now celebrated our 4 years and our 1 year till we are married. 

Needless to say, we were on the yellow knight's team again this year and once again the yellow knight lost.  Sadly, the show was not as entertaining as the 1st time but the food was still fun (and oddly good).  Kyle and I ended up talking through "the show" about random things and laughing at the family who refused to move to the end of the row so it would be easier to seat everyone, but most importantly, we had a lot of fun!!

weekly workout (episode 1)

weekly workout recap round one.

monday: nothing. meant to. but had to run to the grocery store and then the storms rolled in.
tuesday: nothing.
wednesday:  55 minute pure barre. core. butt. legs. arms. death. followed by the foam roller
thursday: nothing. drinks with coworkers since we're the company of the month at wildfire!
friday: nothing
saturday: 10:45 AM - Piedmont Park $10 fundraising boot camp. goodnight we were worked.out. lots of core work, arm work, sprints. *be there next weekend, super big thanks to tiffy t. who joined me and helped us raise money for mitzi*    .... and 30 minute dog walk around the hilly neighborhood.
sunday: i was supposed to go to pure barre, but didn't. my body hurts from yesterday's boot camp.    but i did do another 30 minute dog walk with the pup.

total miles ran: 1.27. nothing impressive. i must run more next week.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Boot Camp #1

Mitzi's first boot camp for a cure was a complete success this morning!! YaY!  And, I define "complete success" by... it was a killer work out.

A little bit about what we did:  We all met at Piedmont Park and ran to various parts of the park for different work outs.  We ran to the "active oval" where we ran the oval in 4 parts -- sprinting or running from "station" to "station" ... we did lots of core work (flutter kicks, planks, sit ups, etc...) ... ran to another part of the park for push ups (55 to be exact) ... and then ran to another part for more arm work and then we were finished.

It was an AWESOME work out.  I think you should join us next time if you're in Atlanta.  *I may or may not be there since I need to get my car looked at, but I will for sure be there in 2 weeks*

Next boot camp - this Saturday.  $10.  10:45 AM.  Piedmont Park, 10th Street Entrance.  The $10 is 100% tax deductible.  You can RSVP HERE!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday.

thursday.thursday.thursday.thursday. 1 more day till friday.
1. Each Sunday plan to now see what I want to call my weekly wrap up where I will document my physical activity for each week. Some may find it boring, others I don't know.  But I think if I KNOW I have to report back I may be a little more active.  And I feel like my running blog has become more of a life blog (which is fine), but I think it is time to refocus and get back to the basics.  *hopefully* I will have more race recaps for you, product reviews, etc... in the future.
2. Do you know what I find really cool.  The stats section of blogger.  I feel I may have addressed this before, but obviously I like it so much I am talking about it again.  Not only and I being introduced to more and more awesome running blogs (like I need more to read / not read and have to play catch up on) but I find it cool to see how people are linked to my posts and blog and what not.  It appears that "thirteen minute mile" is googled a lot and I seem to pop up.  And my race reviews seem to be pop up in google searches too.  Please potential runners, take my reviews lightly... I am a picky person.
3.  I have been doing a lot of pure barre lately.  it is a killer workout and i can for sure see how it can/does change someones body if they do it enough but goodness it hurts. however, i do not think it will really change my body (for some odd reason) but what i am wondering is if it will effect and improve my running.  i had to pull out my foam roller yesterday to work my legs and was painfully reminded how much the foam roller hurts.  oi.

......and shameless plug time.  If you're in Atlanta. I hope to see you at bootcamp this Saturday! $10, 10:45 Piedmont Park. Be there.

Monday, April 4, 2011

$10.00 Boot Camp for a Cure.

More shameless plugging but with a fitness flair.

So, as you know Mitzi is in the running for Women of the year with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  One of her good friends is a boot camp instuctor here in Atlanta and she volunteered her services to teach a boot camp class each Saturday for the next 4 weeks.

Here is all the info on the bootcamps classes and if you want to register you can RSVP here

WHO: You! You! You! (and me)
WHAT: $10 Boot Camp  (you can donate more each week if you'd like. cash only.)
WHERE: Piedmont Park  -- We will meet at the Charles Allen entrance of Piedmont Park off 10th Street. Once in that entrance there is a stone wall to your right and a park flag right next to that wall. This area overlooks the main field in front of the Park Tavern. We will meet there at the stone wall. Your instructors will have on black.
WHEN: Saturday April 9, 16, 23, and 30th at 10:45 AM --  We will meet rain or shine, unless it's dangerous weather.
WHAT TO BRING: Please bring water and maybe a towel for the ride home.

If you can't do bootcamp (or don't want to) ... think about donating to her campaign and to the cause!  You can donate HERE .... but I really hope to see you out there sweating with me.  Remember Atlanta.... it is about that time when the cute sundresses come out and when your friends want you to hang by the pool.

Friday, April 1, 2011

weekend plans.

i am kicking off my weekend with a 12:00 PM, lunch break pure barre workout with my friend afton.  this weekend i am going to stop being lazy and go to stone mountain and get my yearly pass. and then i am going to run/walk a lap around the mountain.  and i am also during pure barre at 2:00 PM on Sunday in Dunwoody if anyone wants to join me.  hello killer abs.

and then next weekend. i am going to go to stone mountain and run/walk around the mountain.

and each saturday i am going to repeat such activity.  {or on sundays when I am doing Mitzi's boot camps}

ragnar sneaked its little self up on me and i gotta get in some sort of running shape if i don't want to d-i-e.

....and the only highlighted thing on my wedding to-do-list is ... start working out to get in wedding shape.  maybe, if i feel like living on the edge I will take advantage of LA Fitness's "we want you back" and rejoin the gym.