Saturday, December 20, 2014

How Do We Have A 5 Month Old?!

McKenna turned 5 months last Saturday. And I feel like that happened in a blink of an eye. Girl, stop growing up.

She loves her exersaucer and apples and bananas and squash. She has a new trick: rolling from her back to her front. She is still doing amazing at daycare and every time we drop her off we get to hear about how she is the favorite baby and how everyone loves her.  She is trying REALLY hard to be a big kid and sit up on her own, but she is not quite there yet.  She loves being sung to. She loves mommy dancing for her. She loves Veggies Tales. And she has the BEST giggle ever.  Seriously – so much joy.  She is in 9 month clothes and is just HUGE! Everyone comments on her chunky little thighs.  The last 5 months have been a challenge and easy at the same time. But SO SO SO very worth it!!