Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Favorite: body glide for her + giveaway.

In true Barbie fashion, I am stealing an idea from one of my favorite fellow running bloggers Aron.  Every Friday she talks about 1 of her favorite running products/things.  Granted, I will not have a favorite every Friday – but this week… I DO! 

A few weeks back I had tweeted that I needed Bodyglide for my poor feet since my heels where killing my feet after a long day of cold calling in Midtown Atlanta.  A few hours passed and Bill from Bodyglide emailed me asking for my address to send me a free product.  His reasoning - “since I was thinking of them, he was thinking of me”.  SCORE!  A week passed and tada a whbodyglide.ite box was waiting for me at my apartment and in the box was two samples of Bodyglide For Her.   I have been a faithful user of Bodyglide ever since I started running, especially in the hot summer months here in Atlanta.  But I was REALLY excited to give this line a spin.  I loved how I was sent the mini sticks because I tend to pack them with me on long runs and when running my half or full marathons. 

I found this product to go on softer but just as easy as their normal anti-chafe stick. Evidently it is made from some plant-derived wax that helps moisturize your skin, which lets be honest girls love to have soft skin. I found it to work just as well as their anti-chafe stick and it is just as much a staple in my running bag.  I have never had bra chafing so I do not know how well it helps in that area but I ALWAYS use it on my inner thighs to help with the rubbing and to keep my shorts in place.  It doesn’t work as a “glue” to keep the shorts in place, but it definitely does help keep the fabric from running up.  The anti-chafe kind tends to leave your skin (at least mine) feeling a tad bit sticky if you go overboard and put on too much, but I did not notice this with the “for her” formula. **Granted, the more you run the less sticky your thighs feel with the other line of BG** Like it’s brothers and sisters, the for her formula can withstand long, warm runs.  I went out for a run last Friday, realized I took a wrong turn and got lost (awesome, I know).  It was hot (80 degrees) and I was sweaty but the BG stayed in tact and worked the whole run. 

And guess what – you can use it for things OTHER than running.  I used it for my shorts at spin class because boy do those things ride up and it worked super well.  I also use it on my feet for when I am out making sales calls and wear the cute but painful heels.  The pain stays but the chafing is eliminated. 

You may be saying that it is too expensive but speaking from experience, I know this stuff lasts a while so it is well worth the $7.00 sticker price at REI (where I buy mine).  You do not have to cake it on – apply it like deodorant (up, down, stop) and it will last. BG really is a runner’s best friend.

Since they sent me 2 sticks I have decided to share the wealth with my followers.  SO!  Starting today I will take submissions to win.  Want to win? This is how you can (and make 1 comment in my comment area for each thing you do):

  1. Become a public follower of this blog or comment that you already are. (+1)
  2. Become a Fan of BodyGlide on Facebook.  You can do so here (+1)
  3. Add me to your blog roll. (+1)
  4. Tweet about it, blog about it, whatever. (+1)

I am going to pick a winner NEXT Friday!  So happy entering!

have a great weekend everyone!  good luck if you’re running and racing!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

work vs. running - fight to the death.

My brain is so past fried. I just tried to sign into blogger with the user name "blogger". Very wrong, that is not my user name.

It is pushing 10:00 pm and I am just now signing out of work. This is the 2nd night in a row. This happened twice last week. We are slammed at the office and lacking manpower. I am doing two jobs at once. My head spins for the 9 hours I am clocked in. There is no such thing as a break, you want lunch? You bring it or run downstairs and grab something to eat at your desk as you work. Listen: I am in no way shape or form complaining. I am so past grateful for a job and for a job I enjoy.

I work in the staffing industry. I work on the sales side. So as I bring in clients who need jobs filled it is imperative to get those jobs FILLED. If they get filled, I make more money. If they do not get filled, I do not make more money and then I have to beg for another chance. SO! I have been trying my best to fill jobs and sell and fill jobs. Everyone in my office has a head that is spinning and we're all moving 4 million miles per hour... my scheduled 3pm run is just not happening and it needs to be.

I have this crazy idea that I want to be prepared to The Marine Corps Marathon. I started off this week on a great foot. I ran my scheduled run on Monday and then life went crazy at the office. I was unable to leave early today for my weekly spin class. My 5 miler that was scheduled yesterday, yeahh about that.

I am at a total loss on what I am supposed to do. Kyle and I have it worked out that he hits the gym Monday & Friday and I get the gym Tuesday & Thursday (that is, if I can escape the office by 4:45pm). I have it on my calendar to run EVERYDAY at 3pm I just cannot seem to pull away from the computer. I have been taking the dog on long walks to keep the cardio up (as much as walking does) but unfortunately he is not quite the running pal so we run a teeny tiny bit and then go back to a walk.

I guess I am just overwhelmed. I have an 8miler scheduled for Sunday. I guess we shall see how that goes!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

bring the spring 5k

This morning I ran my first 5k of 2010. I do not know how I chose this race but I ran the bring the spring 5k which benefited the Embry Hills UMC Youth Fellowship. Once I signed up and checked out the course, I realized it ran through my brother's neighborhood and I though to myself, wow that is going to be a hill race. And yes indeed it was hilly. A little past mile 2 was the worst of it and the pollen count in the thousands did not help much.

I was kinda worried about this race all together. Not only was I super unprepared, the pollen is out of control, but Kyle and I went to Medieval Times last night (yes, it is a real place, not an imaginary "Cable Guy" place) and well Chicken Leg, Pork Rib, and Garlic Bread isn't exactly great pre-race food. We got home super late and I was asleep by like 11:30. Seeing that I had to be up by 6:45 I knew I was going to be exhausted when my alarm went off.

Overall, the race was a good one. It was pretty disorganized which was a little frustrating. We were scheduled to start at 8:00 and were told everything was running just a little behind... which meant we started at 8:30 am. Once I got running everything that irked me was forgotten. The course and the neighborhood we ran through really is pretty, hilly, but pretty. The volunteers on the course were really excited to be there and cheer us on which was nice. As I mentioned, a little after mile 2 there was quite a slope UP and when I saw it I muttered a few words to myself and tried to truck up it only to fail since I could barely breathe (Atlanta is in major need of a good rain to wash this pollen away). Around 30 minutes I thought to myself that I was not going to PR but I was wrong. I ran my fastest 5k to date by 2 minutes and 11 seconds. Go me!

Here are the mile breakdowns:
mile 1: 9:33
mile 2: 11:10
mile 3: 12:33
last .1: .31
finish time: 33:39
average pace: 10:51

Next on schedule: The Brookhaven Bolt 5k - it will be bittersweet since that was my first race ever! ....Now if I can run it in 30 minutes flat, I will be super stoked!

Monday, April 12, 2010

why do i run?

one of my favorite blogger’s allie posted on the reasons why she runs (you can find her blog and her entry here).  and with that and even though i do not hit the pavement or treadmill nearly as much as i want and need to, i have decided to piggy back her idea and explain why i run.

we all know i started running about this time last year (holy moly, my runniversy is coming up in may!!) and i did so because i got involved with a little organization called team in training.  i got involved because my friend from middle school and high school was diagnosed with CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) which is a non-curable, but manageable form of leukemia.  i wanted to do something to show i cared and wanted to help her and find a cure. so. i ran. and i walked. and i ran some more. and i loved it.

so a year later (almost) i am still running and in bullet form, these are my reasons.

  • i have a stressful job and sometimes i just need to exhale
  • sometimes i need to have a hour alone to myself
  • so i can eat cupcakes and lots of them
  • the running clothes – so funky and fun
  • it gives me a reason to discover more great music
  • the running community is just inspiring
  • it is an excuse to take a hour away from the office to enjoy the weather
  • there is nothing like crossing the finish line of a marathon – total sense of accomplishment – even more than graduating college
  • finishing ANY race is a feat and makes you thankful and grateful for your abilities
  • i have a legitimate excuse to go get a massage
  • knowing that you have burned 1000 calories before most people are awake is a pretty awesome feeling
  • it reminds me to shave my legs more than 2 times per week
  • you cannot rely on anyone else to make you do well – how you do is all a direct result of how you prepared
  • the free tech tees at the end of races. oh and the medals
  • i can eat brownies and cookies without feeling too guilty
  • i know that if i am ever being chased i can make it pretty far and hopefully escape
  • Most importantly, it’s all about the mental toughness
  • last but certainly not least – because i want to and because i can

think about it … why do you run?!

nose injury & new girlfriend.

Mulligan had quite the weekend this past weekend.  I guess I will start by saying we have kept him away from other dogs (other than his brother) for a little under a year.  He had 3 really good friends in our apartment complex, but thanks to Obama and his 1st time homebuyer deal all his friends from birth moved into houses with yards and said bye bye to Mulligan.  On top of that, he used to go to daycare but evidently he didn’t like being bombarded by a lot of dogs and he was too high maintenance.  (He would get snappy if too many dogs wanted to play with him at once, so he spent a lot of time in time out.) ….Needless to day they asked him to not return till he got a bit older.  We also would take him to the not-so-official dog park, but then the cops kept coming so we stopped going.

Fast forward about 5 or so months and Mully had his first doggie interaction this past weekend with my co-worker’s dog, Sophie.  And well, they’re in puppy love.   I was a little hesitant to take Mull over to meet Sophie and then head to the dog park because I did not quite know how Mulligan would act/react since it has been awhile since he has been social.  Well… Mulligan and Sophie got along great (once Sophie got over her territorialism - understandable).  They played in the backyard and got use to each other and then we went on a big long walk to the dog park.

Mulligan basically was a loner at the dog park.  He really wasn’t interested in playing with anyone, he just kinda wanted to wander around and sniff around.  Of course, there was this dumb little dog who was a pest who kept picking on Mulligan.  And this dog, was like 3 times smaller than Mulligan.  I kept trying to separate them, the other dog’s owner didn’t understand why I was so annoyed.  But, long story short … the dumb thing BIT MY DOG ON THE NOSE SO HARD IT BROKE SKIN! **see picture**  injury And then to add insult to injury as the dumb thing picked on Mulligan he kept submitting to it kinda waving the white flag, surrendering.  Next thing I know, the little thing and 4 or so of his friends have Mulligan cornered  and are barking at him as another big dog is humping him!!  I literally FREAKED OUT and went running towards Mully to try and rescue him.  The owner of the dog who was humping poor Mulligan didn’t understand why I was panicking so needless to say, I let her have it because it is not acceptable to let your dog dominate another dog.

We left shortly after because I do not think Mulligan was having too much fun.  As sad as it is to say, he reminded me of the little kid who played on the playground all alone with sticks and rocks in the corner.  Luckily, we went back to my co-worker’s house and Mulligan and Sophie played more and cuddled in the backyard. So he now has a new girlfriend named Sophie who is a 4 year old Sharpae-Shepard mix who loves him just as much.  We now ask Mulligan “where’s Sophie?!”  ….they have another play-date this Saturday after my race and I will try to get pictures of them to post!!!  But it was still a sad experience for my poor little guy.

Once again, puppy is not for sale.  We love him too much to let him go currently!  But I will report back later!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


With me just signing up for the Marine Corp marathon one would think that I would jump in feet first and hit the road running. Not so much. This past week I ran a measly 3 miles. I even got called out by my Dad and was told that "good marines run 3 miles in their sleep before waking up in the morning". I had great intentions of really running this week but then like always work got in the way (I was working till 11pm one night this week. eek) and I never quite fit it in and I am currently in no shape to run right now. (Tin Lizzy's, friends, and the patio took a toll on me)

I even wanted to start the 200 sit up challenge thing this week and only did 1 day of it. Really, I could have done it while watching TV at night, but the couch and my bed were just so much more comfy.

This week I am really going to try my best kick it into high gear. I am running a 5k on Saturday through my brother's neighborhood and it is hella hilly plus, I have a printed out training schedule for Marine Corp that I need to follow. Didn't I want to have another 50+ miles month?! I have a goal of running Marine Corp in 5 hours (give to take a few minutes). So last week I brought my running clothes to work everyday but never used them - it will be different this week - I will try my best to pull myself away from the computer at work for just a hour and run. wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marine Corp Marathon – Imma runnin’

Today the registration for the 35th annual Marine Corps Marathon opened up at noon. I rushed back to my office this morning from a sales appointment I had Downtown to get ready to register to run. I had just as many nerves signing up as I do when approaching the start line on actual race day.

Long story short – I am IN!  Evidently, this is a popular race that fills up quick and they were not joking.  Last I heard there was 11,676 people registered (and that was at like 4:00 pm today)  …. 8,550 people registered in the 1st hour… so I guess this is a pretty big deal!!

I think it is funny because after running Disney my mom mentioned that I needed a 26.2 sicker for my car and I told her “nah” since I was never going to run another marathon again.  I proclaimed the same thing on my blog and I was told by many people to rethink it and that they knew I would do another one eventually.  But one person told me something different and I guess I have to take a moment and say Michael B. was 100% right.  He told me (and I quote him): “my prediction? by the end of the year you will have run another marathon. i'm just sayin'” …. well, Michael were right! :o)

206 days till race day!  Time to get running and moving and ready for this!   …Just checking another race off my marathon bucket list.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mully “helps” us make the bed…

Sunday is laundry day in the Shanahan-Vines household.  Sunday means clean sheets (which are always needed since our dog sleeps with us and he sleeps under the covers like a human) and the task of remaking the bed.  Mulligan thought it was a “game” and decided to hop in the bed while Kyle was putting the fitted sheet on to “help”.  …Needless to say the 2 minute task turned into a 5 minute one and I was snapping pictures. 




Nothing like encouraging bad behavior and letting a dirty dog play in clean sheets.  Well… at least we knew he was having a good time!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Free Bodyglide. What?!

**This post has very little to do with running. For once, I am letting you into the non-running life of me. Doesn't happen often, so enjoy it**
I am never lucky. I never win anything. I never get free things mailed to me (especially free things that I love and use a lot and spend too much money on). Well the times are changing my friends!

I work in sales. One of the crucial parts of my jobs is walking from building to building, riding the elevators from top to bottom of buildings, schmoozing with clients and prospects, dropping off promos, but mainly it is the walking your territory to learn it. Today I decided to drop off Easter gifts to people and re-canvas some buildings in Midtown Atlanta. The weather here is gorgeous so I decided to throw on a skirt and well, I think skirts and dresses only look good with heels so I put on a pair of heels too. 5 buildings later, I wanted to die or cry or maybe both. As I was heading back to the office to pick up my co-worker for a client lunch my feet were screaming and I was tweeting "I need Bodyglide for my heels, cute shoes but I can feel the blisters forming".

As I am walking out of the office, I had an email from the President of Bodyglide asking for my address and he would send me some because "We are thinking of you, because you were thinking of us!"

Now for real. Most runners know what Bodyglide is but strangely many do not. So - let me take the moment to enlighten the unenlightened. Basically, it is an antiblister sport stick. It helps prevent chafing, blisters, and well anything that really irritates your skin (shirts, bras, shorts, etc...). I use the Bodyglide Anti Chafe when I run and normally put it on the tips and sides of my toes and my inner thighs (especially during the summer) and I swear I cannot run without it on super hot summer days. They even make it in small sticks that are perfect for long runs and half and full marathons when you need to reapply in areas. They actually have Bodyglide for Her, which I really want to try because well, I am a her. But, what I REALLY want to try and will end up trying is Bodyglide Foot Formula - because according to their website it can protect against heels and that was what started the whole Bodyglide chatter today!

I ended up cold calling 8 buildings today and having 1 client lunch - basically walking all over Midtown. I took my heels off every chance I got (elevators, parking garages, driving from building to building, in my office while documenting) but I still am the proud owner of 4 new blisters. ....I have decided that I am going to use my FREE stick on my feet when I wear heels and I hopefully I will be able to report back that Bodyglide not only works when you're hitting the pavement for a good run but also when strutting around town in your cute heels!

**BTW - I work in staffing, so if you ever need any help recruiting, filling an open position (or positions), or need some contract workers... I am your girl!**

Have a great weekend and Easter everyone! Good luck to everyone racing or running for fun!