Friday, August 31, 2012

:: Friday Letters ::


We have all survived another work week or week in general. Give yourself a pat on the back. You have no idea how happy I am that we have a 3 day weekend ahead of us! I wonder just how many hours I can lay on the couch, watching TV just relaxing.

Dear Alabama Football :: YOU’RE BACK!! It has felt like forever.  Good Luck tomorrow, beat Michigan and lets have an awesome season!! But I am so so so happy! ROLL TIDE!

Dear Person who came to me for dog advice about at a pet store pup she bought :: Don’t come talking to me about a dog you want to buy from a Pet Store. Everyone knows how I feel about buying a pet. Buying from a pet store is WHY there are so many dogs in the shelters. Oh, you want a puppy – shelters are FULL of them and puppies get put down  ...and yes I did at the end of the conversation tell you to rescue from a shelter or a rescue organization. It was my civic obligation. Or something like that. end of rant.

Dear FlyWheel :: I am OBSESSED with you. Obsessed – with a capital O! I really need a 2nd job just to pay for your classes. I want to try and work this into my life a little more often that I already have.
If you’re in Atlanta and looking for a fun, fast, killer workout I recommend FlyWheel in Buckhead. Your first ride is free so... Go HERE to create an account and sign up for a ride!

Dear Kyle J :: Thanks for going to spin with me this past Sunday. I am glad you liked it and really impressed that you were able to keep up and bike 2 more miles than I did. Maybe we can work out more often together now? Is the competition on?!

Dear Mom & Dad :: Next time you visit Atlanta we have plenty of coffee for you (if you stay with us). I am a moron and bought decaf K-Cups the other weekend & we have decaf from the big mixture box. Le Sigh. So wasteful.

Dear Atlanta Home Buyers :: Quit snatching the houses I LOVE.  Kyle and I are seriously looking at buying a house early next year and I have my list of faves. Quit taking them from me.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled holiday weekend.  I hope my Tide starts their season off with a big fat W on their schedule. Happy Labor Day Weekend y’all!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

are you ready for some football?!

It is seriously the most wonderful time of the year! :) Kyle and I live and breathe football in the fall {hence why we had a 16 some month engagement} and our weekends are forever booked until football season ends. me


So very very ready for kick off the weekend! ROLL TIDE! BEAT MICHIGAN!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life Recap

I don’t know where the days, weeks, or months are going. I meant to do Friday letters yesterday but Friday escaped me. As did the rest of the week. And to be honest, I am being so lazy – it is 6 pm and I am laying in bed watching TV in my PJs. Happy Saturday!

I don’t really feel like elaborating on my life so I am going to do a quick recap in bullet form

-I do not know where the year is going. It is almost September.
-September = FOOTBALL and Kyle and I cannot wait. Kyle has already asked for spinach dip for the game this weekend.
-Kyle and I went to my company’s company picnic today. It was hot, but it was good to see everyone outside of work.
-Kyle dragged me to see The Dark Knight last weekend, the things I do for love.
-Tomorrow he is dragging me to the outlets up in Dawsonville. Of course. I have to drive. Again. The things I do for love.
-BUT.... I am dragging Kyle to spin class tomorrow! The things HE does for love!
-I have house fever. I have probably “favorited” 3 pages worth of houses on Coldwell Banker’s site and we still have like 3 months before we can actually start looking. And of course it is like the end of the world when one of MY houses gets marked as “sale pending”.
-All we know is that we do not want to be “house poor” and we don’t want to do the whole “grow into your mortgage”. Our real estate agent will probably hate me.
-World. I got it. Evidently there are only 52 weeks in a year, so my goal of reading 100 books in a year is a little lofty and unattainable. I am going to have to rework that goal. Especially since I will have to accomplish it next year.
-Gross Alert: I have a boil on my face. It is so gross and I have been stalking home remedies and trying basically everything I read and it is slowly going away.
-Kyle has signed up for like 99 Fantasy Football leagues and his 1st draft is tomorrow. I have officially lost my husband until the football season is over.

I really think that is about it. We have not been doing too much with our lives. We are both REALLY excited about Football Season and just hanging out.  I am counting down the days till I head to the beach. But until then, it is just one day after another. :)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Rescued Day kenKen!

1 year ago I was working in filling in for a recruiter in our Marietta branch when Kyle called me to tell me about this dog that showed up in his IT Manager’s neighborhood.  1 year ago I called Kyle after my Blast900 class and asked where he was, only to be told that he was on his way to Kennesaw to pick up the dog.  1 year ago Kennesaw (unnamed at that point) came to my house, scared, covered in fleas, thirsty and super hungry.  And oh how things have changed in just 1 year.

If you have not heard the story of Kennesaw, you can do some quick reading and catch up HERE and HERE and HERE

When I first saw Kennesaw I said “ugh” and thought she was so ugly. I loved on Mulligan WAY more than normal and let him know that he would always be my #1 and not to worry about that weird dog in our house. I now call her my Pretty Pretty Princess and I have to admit her wild hair makes her so super cute and Mulligan isn’t my #1, but neither is my Kens – they’re both my favorite in different ways.


When I first saw her/heard about her – I said no way, no how. I was focused on the wedding and getting me married and another dog just meant more money to spend when boarding the pups while on the honeymoon. I was ready to foster her and adopt her out to a woman in Aiken, SC who had a farm and could give her a great life. I went to 1 adoption event and cried the whole time. I sent her off to Aiken and cried all day. And when I got the call that “it wasn’t working out” and had to pick her up I was more than happy to go get her and take her home home. To her forever home. Kennesaw taught Kyle and I that we could never foster a dog.  If we tried, we would end up with so many dogs.  But, we both now have a HUGE respect for those who foster dogs.

Kennesaw went frokennesaw couchm no roof over her head for a few days in the hot summer sun with no real food or water to being able to sleep on the couch with a pillow under her head in a nice cool house with a constant supply of water and steady meals. It does make us sad that she scarfs her meals down every.single.time as if it may be her last meal and that she eats sticks and pinecones when out back since we assume that is how she ate when she was flying solo in the neighborhood. We wish she would understand that she is home for good and will never go hungry again.

She has a big comfy bed (a replacement bed since Mulligan destroyed hers at daycare one night) right by my side of the bed that she sleeps in every night because she loves to be close to her Momma. She has another bed in our “family room” even though she opts for the couch every time. 

She spent her 1st Christmas at our house getting spoiled with new toys from her parents and grandparents!  She met Santa and got her picture taken with him {and I am pretty sure she got EVERYTHING she asked for and more}!!

She has more toys (most are supposed to be shared, but she doesn’t share) than the average dog and she likes to pile them up and chew on as many as she can at one time.

Kennesaw has been a breath of fresh air and it has been great to have a dog that listens and is quick to learn.  She is a dog who wants to please and is so much easier to train than our big boy.  Granted, we just stated REALLY training her a few months ago.  I know.  I know.  We’re not stellar dog owners. (Another reason why we could never legit foster).


Even though the beginning was tough and Kennesaw spent a lot of time hiding under our bed from the big mean dog who would just growl at her and was very unwelcoming … Kennesaw and Mulligan have become the best of friends and it is so nice that they have each other.  Ken Ken loves her big brother (wayyy more than he loves her) and she misses him when he goes to the vet and she has to stay home. She follows him around at daycare even though she has dozens of other dogs to play with. I love when I find them cuddling in bed or on the couch together or when they chase each other around and wrestle {except for when they wrestle at midnight or 7 AM on a Saturday morning}. We think it is cute how she likes to “cry wolf” and yelp even though we know Mully is the gentle one out of the two of them. 

Over the past year, we learned that even though Kennesaw is a girl – she is actually a total Tom-Boy who loves to hunt for possums, crawl under our deck to see what she can find, and just hang out outside.  We often find her with scrapes under her eyes or on her elbows and tufts of hair missing because she was out exploring our backyard. And if we’re ever wondering where one of her favorite toys are, 9 out of 10 times it is out back! We have been SO lucky that she hasn’t killed anything and then brought it through the doggie door. And she always seems to bring pine straw in the house since it is weaved in her fur.

One of the cutest things is that she has perfected the hand flip which consists of her placing her nose under your palm and then flipping your hand onto her head. It is her cute way of demanding to be rubbed. Yes. It gets old, especially when you want to sleep or read a book – but you cannot help put give her a little loving!

In the past year, I gained another total cuddle bug  who just wants to hang out in bed with me at night while I watch TV or read.  And she likes to lounge with her body on mine.  KenKen is my little girl and it is no secret that she really does love me way more than Kyle J.kenneme  She is also my shadow – wherever I go – Kennesaw is about 3 steps behind me. Sometimes tripping me.

We of course will never know why her original owners decided to dump her in a random neighborhood. We wonder and ask each other all the time if they ever think of her and wonder what happened to her and we wish we could tell them “don’t worry. she is okay – actually she is better than okay”. But we thank them for the unplanned and unexpected blessing that is now in our life and we thank them for taking the time to drive far back into a neighborhood and dump her rather than taking her to a shelter – because since she would have been an owner surrender, the odds would have been stacked against her.  We love our little furbaby and she really got lucky by landing us as parents.

And.  For the record. I am not here to preach, but there are so many beautiful, amazing dogs at your local shelter or local rescue organization.  So, if you’re ever in the market for a new dog – or your first dog – please think about rescuing a dog rather than buying one from a breeder or pet store!  Every time you adopt from a shelter you save a life and every time you adopt from a rescue you’re making room for one more dog in their group – so one more dog gets pulled from a shelter.  Either way, you’re saving a little furry friend’s life! And don’t be scared of the black dogs in shelters – Google black dog syndrome and you’ll learn they need the most attention and love.

I am a firm believer that a dog knows when he/she has been saved! Don’t get me wrong – we still have our struggles with her and even though we think she knows she is HOME she still cowers if we raise our voice and puts her tail between her legs. And she still treats every meal as if it was her last. But all in all, I am so glad that Kyle was told about her and that Kyle went and got her and brought her home.  Because even though I didn’t realize it that night, Kyle knew that she wasn’t going anywhere and she has been such a great addition to our family!

Monday, August 13, 2012

It is hard being a dog!

This is a HUGE week in Kennesaw's life!  1 year ago she was dumped by a dumb family and we took her into our home.

Today she went to the vet for her annual puppy exam and we were told that she is happy and healthy and perfect. Her coat is healthy and much better. She is well exercised with little to no body fat. And she took all her shots and other things like a trooper. I am sure the treats helped.

And then to celebrate 1 year of true happiness I took her to PetSmart where she picked out 3 news toys - 1 for Mulligan and 2 for her. Literally picked out toys. I threw toys on the floor in front of her. If she pounced on it for more than 3 seconds it was a winner! {yes. i picked up all the toys. and yes. i talked to her the whole time in a little wittle itty bitty baby puppy voice.} 1 hour later 2 of the toys are defluffed and dead {reminding me why we never buy fluffy toys and tell people not to buy them} but she was oh so happy romping around with her purple elephant and stealing toys out of Mulligan's mouth.

I really wish I had taken pictures of the toy selection time at PetSmart and the toy destruction at the house. Oh the memories we didn't capture forever. 

Best part of it all: she was super sweet around the other dogs and the baby in the stroller!

Happy Almost 1 year Ken Ken!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

:: weekend wrap up ::

This weekend was JAM PACKED. Correction – this whole week was a little overwhelming.

Saturday morning started at 3:00 AM when we had a really bad storm come through and our big, ferocious dog started barking out of fear. {He may be 90 pounds and look scary but he isn’t} It was annoying. But then I legit had to be up at 6:00 AM for a 10k. I had a free entry to the Button Down Dash and ran the 10k. It was miserable. Hilly. Humid. I prayed the dark skies would release rain, but not so much.  But truthfully, for it being the 1st year it was pretty well run. Some water issues on the 10k {aka not water at all the advertised water stops}. I survived. I was slow. And my legs and hips KILL. But 6.2 miles done and done before 9:00 AM.

I then had a few errands to run and then headed back home to get Kyle J out of bed. We were making a trip to the bank to talk about mortgages and buying a house and everything we needed to know about closing costs and pre-approvals. Since Kyle and I are throwing around the idea of buying a house here in Georgia we wanted to talk the financials through before making any big life decisions. We wanted to know how much we would need to save for closing costs and monthly mortgages. {Him and I are a little over the top when it comes to making decisions – we want to be very educated}. We learned that we don’t need to start looking till like 60 days out {since that is when your pre-approved rate “expires”} and we learned that Navy Federal has this really cool “buy a house using us cash back option” ... we still have a lot of talking to do.

Sunday I was up early to hit FlyWheel with my buddy Afton.  We have seriously become addicted to this place and our lunch dates afterwards. It is really nice to have a workout buddy on the weekends and FlyWheel is a killer spin class. I know it is kind of pricey, but it really is a great workout. Surprisingly, after running 6.2 miles, my legs were okay and not too dead. I biked 22 miles and ended up improving A LOT of my stats {which is awesome}.

I came home and had my first Pinterest failure. I took one of those dish scrubby brushes and filled it with vinegar and dawn soap – sounds brilliant, but how do you get all the suds off the wall and how do you not get a bubbly waterlogged mixture of cleaning supplies.  Ever since conquering meal planning {4 weeks going strong and we’re LOVING it} I decided I want to put our house on a cleaning rotation. Which is a shocker if you know me {I hate cleaning}. But, all the recommendations are definitely directed at stay at home moms and I am not that person. So, I will take any and all suggestions. And I don’t want to spend my whole weekend cleaning.

Of course, I have a fabulous Pinterest meal on the menu for tonight. Cheesy, Bacon, Baked potatoes and Flank Steak with this soy sauce, hot pepper, garlic marinade thing.  Long Story Short – You can just name me wife of the year”!

And now... I am just going to sit on the couch relaxing my legs while Kyle cuts the grass.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

{thirty before thirty}

Earlier this month/late last month at work my friend was telling me about how one of her friends decided to make a list of all the things she wanted to do before she turned 30 {I feel like this is a stolen idea but I am okay with that}.  My friend then thought it was a good idea and decided to do it. And as I sat in traffic on the way home that night I too thought it was a good idea. And…I thought it would be a fun thing to do and then blog about since we all know my life is rather boring.
Well. It took me awhile to come up with 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. But ... here is my list.

{my list}

1. Find a charity I am passionate about and donate money each month. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money – just some money. {completed 10.4.12}
2. Rent a cabin for the weekend with Kyle and just get away
3. Accomplish my running goals:
   -Run a half marathon in under 2 hours.
   -Run a marathon under 5 hours.
   -Run a 10k in under 1 hour.
   -Run a 5k in under 30 minutes.
4. Go on a hot air balloon ride!
5. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet!
6. Pick out my most favorite wedding picture and get it printed on canvas. Hang it on the wall.
7. Go to an Alabama Football game in Bryant Denny!  I have not been since graduating college in ‘06! {completed 10.5.13}
8. Paint Pottery.

Go horseback riding.
Shoot a gun. At a shooting range or whatever they’re called. {completed 10.21.12}
11. Visit a vineyard!  {completed 6.23.13}
12. Go to a brewery.

Take a random spontaneous vacation or weekend trip (with Kyle or with the girls).
14. Go to Savannah for St. Patrick's Day!
15. Go on a ghost tour.
16. Take a Zumba class. {completed 3.23.13}
Buy a house.  {completed 12.18.12}
18. Climb a rock wall.
19. Go to a braves game {completed 9.1.13}
20. Do a city scavenger hunt.
21. Get my fortune read.
22. Run another half marathon for charity.
23. Take Kyle J to Sanibel Island. {completed 9.13}
24. Go on one fabulous vacation – honeymoon does not count.
25. Spend a weekend in Charleston!
26. See Alabama play in a bowl game – in person.
27. Weigh less than my drivers license says.
28. Learn how to change a tire.
29. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.
30. Spend an afternoon lounging at a swanky hotel pool.
And that my friends – is my “to do” list for the next year and a half or so. Wish me luck & if you’re in Atlanta and want to do any of these things with me ... comment away and we will party plan!