Thursday, January 31, 2013

<< MIA, I know! >>

Oh my gosh. I have some serious blogging to do.
Writing. Catching Up on other blogs. Posting pictures of the new house. Telling you about the mice in our house and my job and the yoga for beginners I am starting.
Seriously, I will sit down soon and do a tell all. =D

Saturday, January 12, 2013

House + Life Updates

WHAT A LONG WEEK! But... I survived. We survived. And it looks like the weekend will be just as long – between setting up our new house and picking up our current house since it looks like a bomb went off and we have our 6 month walk through this week. Beh. I am not amused.

Well. Most importantly. Alabama is officially back to back national champs. ROLL TIDE. And that made for the start of a great week. Monday was a long nirolltideght, making Tuesday painful.  But it was 100% worth it to watch my boys raise the crystal again! Mulligan was obsessed with my shaker and wanted it, but he eventually gave up and sat his 90 pound body on my lap! ... now we have to wait till September for the fun to begin again!

I am super bummed that my #1 FlyWheel instructor got fired this week. something about “complaints from customers” – but hey hello – there are SO many other classes and teaches just take another person’s class. Duh. But –that gives me an excuse to try out the weeknight classes since I going from work is WAY closer than going from the new house.

I had an impromptu trip to Birmingham on Thursday for work and it was scheduled to be a 2 day trip, turned into a 1 day trip... making Thursday a long day. But it was good. A good productive day for the big project I am heading up. Now. Our client needs to pull the trigger so we can get rocking and rolling.

.the house.
last weekend was a mess. i will spare you the dirty details, but long story short we had appliances scheduled to be delivered and they were cancelled last minute. but. after i was a total bitchface to every best buy employee that crossed my path we had a new appointment. and then today... dun dun dun...


I love the upgrade. it was stressful and a pain, but it makes the kitchen look so much better. between the knobs i changed out a few weekends and the appliances our kitchen is a great spot. Now, I just need to get the counters upgraded to granite. And... that won’t happen for a few years. Sad. The only bad: our oven is sticking out about 2 inches because of how the gas pipe is. it doesn’t bug me – but it drives kyle crazy. he will have to deal!


I also spent HOURS putting contact paper in the drawers and cabinets and I am not done yet. And let me tell you. Contact paper is a freaking nightmare. No one warned me how pesky and uncooperative it is. And to think, that project continues next weekend or the weekend after that. Le sigh. if anyone has tips please, for the love, share.

I also decorated our guest bathroom/kyle’s bathroom and it looks great. and kyle actually does not mind the shower curtain. it is the little victories! {i promise, the walls aren’t yellow.}

And my most favorite.  My wrapping paper organization from the Container Store. It was expensive, but 100% worth it to get it all organized and in one place.

But, I am going to spend the rest of the weekend lounging, packing, and trying to clean up the mess that is our rental house. Anyone want to come help?!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

13 goals for 2013

I have been working on this post for a few days now – I wanted serious, real life goals as well as some fun ones. And since it is 2013... I decided why not set 13 goals, that way there would be a good mixture of fun and serious goals.

1. Get back into running. I am not saying marathons or even half marathons {yet} ... just lace up the shoes. Dust off the cobwebs. Find my happy place on the pavement again. Run some local fun races. Just get my groove back.

2. Get the house 100% set up. I don’t want to hit January of 2014 and things still not be decorated or done.  This includes organizing it & buying new family room couches and new bedroom furniture. We went 2 years in our rental house with curtains that were never put up.  We had them, just were too lazy to put them up. NOT.AGAIN. ...then i will do a blog tour of our house! :)

3. Read more. Watch TV less. I read a lot at the beginning of last year then let myself disappear into Netflix streaming and TV shows. I need to disappear into a good book more often again! Goal: 30 books in 2013

4. Blog More. Find a direction. Be more open and honest. I feel like my blog is all over the place. i feel like it needs more direction. I  want people {other than my family} to want to read my blog. I feel like I have a lot of superficial posts – I feel like I need to be more honest and put things out there. I have only done that once and it was cathartic.

5. Save More Money!! We already save a lot of money, but as a homeowner who will need a new roof and new HVAC systems in the future, it would be nice to be able to replace those things when the time comes and it not hurt too much. Plus, I want to go to the  Dominican Republic before there are Shanahan kids running around.

6. Be More Relaxed – Dial back the Anxiety – have more ME time. I am a control freak. I don’t like people doing things for me. I cannot make decisions to save my life and when I make a decision I then second guess it. All of this lead me to have a crazy anxiety stress filled 2012. So much so, my doctor put me on meds. I want to learn to let go this year. I’ve asked Kyle to send me to the gym when in a bad mood or stressed. I want to take more time for myself – massages, baths, lock myself away from the world.

7. Do at least one thing that is fun per month. Now that Kyle and I have decided to stay in Georgia, I feel like we need to embrace Georgia. Make friends. and go out and do things. We have lived in the same redundant rut for years – I want to start experiencing Atlanta and Georgia and what it has to offer!

8. Accomplish at least 1 of my running goals from my 30 before 30 list. i think it would be really cool to run a sub 30 5k or something. But to do that... I need to REALLY start running again!

9. Take a vacation. Or a mini weekend trip. Just get away. Our 5 day trip to St. Lucia was just refreshing and a good way to restart our lives. We need to do that more often.

10. Be able to answer the question “what do you want for _________” I have the hardest time answering this question for birthdays and Christmas. I want to be able to give ideas easily this year!

11. Walk the dogs more. Mulligan and Kennesaw are so spoiled with walks in the spring and fall. They’re not so lucky in the winter because it gets dark and the summers because it is too hot. Now that we have sidewalks, the dark won’t be as scary and we need to do longer walks on the weekends. This is not only good for them, but Kyle and my waistlines too! :)

12. Make more friends. This ties into goal #7. We have been in GA for almost 5 years now and I really don’t have a circle of friends down here. All my friends from College realized they hated Atlanta and moved back to Birmingham. But how does one make friends?!

13. Keep my car clean! If you have ever been in my car, you know what I mean. A common phrase for the front seat passenger is “hold on, let me clean you off a seat real fast”.  I’d like my car to be trash free and junk free in the near year.

....13 goals are A LOT of goals. With a lot of variety. I was really bad with my 2012 goals (the only one I accomplished was to look really pretty on my wedding day). So, Wish me luck... I want to do much better this year! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{Weekend & NYE Wrap Up + Pictures}

We had a low key long weekend.  I actually had to work on Monday, Kyle was off.  So my long weekend was a kinda fake long weekend. But it was long in the sense that we were busy, did a lot, and  there was little to no relaxation. Guess that is the life of a new homeowner!

|| Kyle and I did NOTHING for New Years Eve and it was nice.  We drank Champagne. Ate Cheese and Crackers. I made homemade chocolate covered strawberries. And I was in bed right after the ball dropped and asleep after Justin Bieber preformed! Then this morning we had cinnamon roll waffles and have been watching football! HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE!! ||


|| We worked kind of on our 2013 budget. Was hard to know our exact income for the year, not knowing if we were going to have a tax hike come the new year and what or car insurance will be like in our new city. Bah hum hug.||

|| my brother who was living with us for awhile got his own place and moved out. now i am pretty sure kennesaw is having another bout of “people leave me” since she has been hanging out upstairs looking for him. she has no loyalty. ||

|| Mulligan was a total cuddle bug this weekend and it made me the happiest lady in the world. I love when he is a cuddle monster, granted I think it is because he feels bad about eating 3 Christmas ornaments this year, not praying for his dinner anymore, and killing a HUGE possum this week ||

|| We spent A LOT of time at the house this weekend and learned Alpharetta life will be WAY different than city life. Example one: you can take your dog into Home Depot. Yes, you read that right. Your dog. Can go into Home Depot. ... we also dropped TOO much money at Home Depot. It is like Target for men. Kyle is not allowed to go there on his own. But, he does accept Home Depot gift cards for Christmas and Birthdays ||


|| we have a huge window in our kitchen with a pretty little view. ||
|| driving the back roads we saw deer – a family of them ||
|| The mantle and fireplace are decorated! we have no furniture yet ||


|| i got handy and changed the door knobs. one knob can make a huge difference. crazy how that works ||
|| i cannot wait to get the kitchen appliances in and show ya’ll a before and after of our kitchen. it is gonna be so pretty ||

|| the more time I spent at our house, the more excited i got about it. i am really going to enjoy making it our home ||