Friday, August 28, 2009


I have not run since Monday. Monday folks. Monday. I blame it on sheer lazy legs. Not even my body saying rest up... just my lazy legs not wanting to do anything. But. I check my mail today and low and behold my number for my 1st ever 10k is chilling in a big white envelope. My mind starts racing and thinking 10k... 9 days away... 10k. oi. so I decided to run this evening. I wanted to do a little low key little "fun on the treadmill" if you will. (I call it "fun on the treadmill" because Fitness this month has a 30 minute 'blaster' workout that I was dying to try... when I do try it, I will report on it and outline it *stay posted*) ...don't get too amped people... leave it to my boyfriend to burst the "I actually want to run bubble". Washington Redskins on TV in Atlanta = me having to watch Disney channel's Wizards of Waverly Place and watching the dog. However, I did take Mulligan outside and we did some speedwork. By speedwork I mean him and I running the road infront of my apartment complex and by running I mean sprinting and I was sprinting because of the 70+ pound rotty/pitbull mix dragging me down Miller Dr.

This all kind of goes back to me saying I really wish I had his support 110%.

Total bummer because trust me I have not found the "love of running" just yet and if I want to lace up my shoes and run it's a pretty big deal. Oh well... I guess I am saving up the energy to go run around Stone Mountain tomorrow morning.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Attitude. Fresh Start. Take 72.

I feel like I mention a lot that I am going to start taking this half marathon thing seriously. ....And every time I say I will, I try to. I really do. But I fail. Epically. Epic Fail on the past what 508375 attempts to take this running thing seriously. But seriously, as I sit here and blog when I should be running I am vowing to myself that I will run and run with a mission so I do not die in San Fran. I am not going to set out on a mission because I have made up routines for myself in the past and have not stuck to them, but the one thing I will try to do (and notice I said "try") is to just up my mileage every week.

So. I ran 12 miles this week. What is that 1.71 miles per day - lame. Next week I have to run at the minimum of 13 miles. I can run more than 13. But if by Sunday I have run only 10 miles, I have to go out for 3 mile or so run. And I am going off dailymile. They tend to round up. And if I run 13 miles next week... I have to run at least 14 the next. See the trend? That is my goal.

And. I wouldn't say I am going to push myself too hard. Because that leads to injury. But I at least want to be able to run more than 5 miles without the thought of suicide crossing my mind. I am supposed to have a 10 mile long run on Saturday, but we all know that is not going to happen. But I want to try for a 6.5 miler.

Wish me luck. For once I want to actually stick to what I say. Wish me luck! =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

26.2 Things I’ve learned through my Training (so far)

I posted this originally on my facebook page. Why I did not share it here, I have no idea. But now I have. However, from then to now I have slightly modified it!

As the world knows. I am running in the Nike Woman’s Marathon to help find a cure for blood cancers. Go here to learn more -

Mile 1 – I’ve been more than impressed by the generosity of family members, co-workers, long lost friends, neighbors, people I thought that hated me, and strangers.... but surprisingly disappointed by some of my friend’s lack of support. People who I wouldn’t expect to donate/support me have taken time to look at my page, donate, read my blog, and send encouragement throughout the process. Then on the other hand, I have some friends who have watched me struggle through every part of this experience and haven’t given me a dime or even offered some of their time. It’s been shocking.
Mile 2 – Fundraising large amounts of money is not an impossible challenge. It is terrifying on the front end, but amazing as the funds start rolling in. It just requires a lot of time, effort and creativity. My biggest suggestion to anyone who takes this challenge on is to START EARLY and TELL EVERYONE!!
Mile 3 – People are willing to give you $25.00 without much too much begging and $25.00 from a lot of people adds up. Heck... $10 from a lot of people adds up!
Mile 4 – People are even more willing to help if they get something out of the deal. But I cannot blame them one bit! $25 AMEX cards are quite enticing.
Mile 5 – Many people want to donate but cannot donate with money. People are more than willing to help out in any way they possibly can. I had some great friends review local business... and a lot of local business at that. My marathon was highlighted on two friend’s blogs I have had GREAT people standing behind me 110%.
Mile 6 – It feels good to know you’re making a difference in someone’s life, even if the someone is a 7 year old stranger or someone you have not seen since High School.
Mile 7 – Granted, I am no where near as active with my Team in Training team as I should be... getting to know members of your community and becoming an active member of the community is rewarding and a great time.
Mile 8 – Early morning long runs really aren’t that bad (and I hate mornings). You can nap when you’re done and it’s kinda neat to be up and moving before the rest of the world. Plus, it is no where near as hot at 8am as it is at 1pm.
Mile 9 – Knowing that you burned over 1000 calories before 9am feels pretty good.
Mile 10 – Gatorade, gels, bagels and pretzels are your friend. Make sure you hydrate before, during and after your run because dehydration headaches are the awful.
Mile 11 -Body glide [even though sometimes I swear I am not using it right], wicking shirts and shorts will make the heat and humidity just a little bit more tolerable. Cotton is not your friend.
Mile 12 -Make sure you thank everyone who donates. People really appreciate the recognition, as well as updates on your progress. My Dad has relayed to me how much my thank you notes have made people feel. I am sure that thank you note or my hello email, pales into comparison for the feeling I felt when they donated!
Mile 13 – Take care of your feet. Having the right pair of running shoes matters. But having that right pair of socks matters so much more than you would ever think. ($17 for one pair of socks?! What?! ....So worth it!!)
Mile 14 – Getting injured is a total bummer, but it is all about how you handle it. Take it in stride. Stay active so you won't lose focus and motivation.
Mile 15 – A good playlist on your iPod can and will make or break your workout. Your ‘good’ playlist only lasts so long. Switch it up.
Mile 16 – 26.2 miles is a long distance. Make training fun. Throw in some actual local races. Races give you a total sense of accomplishment and will make you want to train more and harder. Make running a game. Do something to liven up the training. You won’t dread hitting the pavement. [I am doing 13.1 one now... and that is even a long distance!!]
Mile 17 – Run with a group. I love/adore my hour of alone time. I get to clear my head and listen to Miley without getting crap from my boyfriend. But there is something about having someone push you just a half a mile farther. Having someone encourage you when they’re going through the same trials and pains is an inspiration. If they can do it, you can do it!
Mile 18 –Keep a log of your training experience. It is a total adventure and wild ride. You will want to look back at the moments and smile. My log is on [to track my actual mileage] and my blog is what tracks the training as a whole
Mile 19 – Don’t be prideful. Whether you’re running your 1st or 40th marathon... it is never bad to ask for training tips, great doctors, and new running routes. Yes, this is my 1st marathon but I have learned so much from my coach and running friends made on twitter and What is inspiring? The people who run 10+ miles per day, but they’re still asking for suggestions and swapping tips.
Mile 20 – Admit defeat. You cannot always run more than you ran yesterday or even last week. It’s a fact of life; everyone has “off” days. As long as you’re getting in some sort of running you’re in the clear.
Mile 21 – Endurance/Stamina is key and it’s amazing how quickly you can lose it. Stay active – even through injury. It will do a world of difference once you can get back at it! Also, get enough sleep, water, and the right foods. For me, being tired and undernourished will break my run.
Mile 22 – Having a reason to run makes is 10 times easier and better. Set goals. Set them high. Sure my reason to run is HUGE… find your reason to run (lose 10 pounds, get back into shape, whatever) and run. Overall it makes you feel better in general.
Mile 23 – Respect the miles. Like I said before, 26.2 is a long distance. It is better to get your head around just how far it is early on … it will only push you that much more when it comes to training.
Mile 24 – Don’t obsess about sticking to the “official” training schedule. Make sure you do what is expected of you… but if you want to run on a rest day. Run! When I first started training, I stuck to the schedule… but now I just make sure I am getting in 5 days of running, 1 day of “active recovery” and 1 total rest day.
Mile 25 – The athletic world just really wants you to succeed. Runners encourage runners. Runners encourage cyclists and triathletes. Cyclists encourage runners. I was doing a 5K one weekend and was taking a quick walk break, only to be given a high five and a 'you can do it' from a cyclist going the other direction. Talk about encouragement.
Mile 26 - The first and last mile will always be the hardest. Just know that it’s all worth it once you’ve gotten past those hurdles.
Mile 26.2 – Most importantly, running is 100% a mind game - it’s all about the mental toughness. You can do only as much as you think you’re capable of, set the bar high. When your body says 'no more' you have to say 'yes more'.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have nothing to say.

I really do not have much to say. Lately I have been a woman of few words which is odd because I someone who can talk to a brick wall and be totally satisfied. But since downgrading [if you will...] to the half marathon over the full I have felt a sudden sigh of relief and my training is one of the many stresses on my plate. I still try my best to get some running in every day {8 miles so far this week... not where I want to be but I will take it} ...I just found out Crunch fitness is going under so my great plan of cross training with spin classes and swimming has been 86'ed and I am rather bummed. I actually purchased a bathing suit and goggles to swim and won't be able to use them. Sucks.

But. I have signed up for two 10K's to assist in my training. The first of which is Labor Day the US 10K Classic on Cobb Parkway. From what I have heard it is a kick butt, killer 10K that is quite a challenge. Cobb Parkway is on hilly road and evidently the race is a straight line and you just watch the rolling hills in front of you and think 'oh God'. My coworker Julie and I are tossing around the idea of doing the Kaiser 5K through Downtown Atlanta.... but we have no definite plans just yet. We need to nail that down...make a decision, yes or no. Then at the end of September I am running in the Buckhead Sizzler which basically starts at my front door (how convenient right?) and ends at a MARTA stop right by my office. Both races I think will be awesome for my training ... I don't know why I think it will be awesome, but I guess that's a good mentality right?

The other major thing on my mind lately is once again Disney. To do it or to not do it. I really want to complete a marathon [it is on my bucket list now] but the cost behind it is going to be so super pricey. It makes me want to say Hey Disney... Don't you know we're in the middle of a flippin recession?! If I am going to do it I need to make a decision on the fly before it fills up and so I can get some good lodging.

In regards to training [I guess I will touch on that] ... I seem to be floating around a 12 or so minute mile. I wish I could move faster, but oh well... as long as I do not die I am okay.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Respecting the Mileage.

From day 1 of my attempt to run a half marathon and then switching to a full marathon I have always been told to 'respect the mileage' and when I was committed to the 13.1 I think I did respect it. I think I had my arms and head wrapped around it that this would take some serious determination and effort. And then on a whim I said heck why not... what's another 13.1 to make it 26.2 (???) -- well my friend it's a lot. It's even more when you have so much on your plate you feel like you cannot breathe - that there are not enough hours in the day - that your boyfriend tells you to 'marry your blackberry because you're always on it' - that you're checking your work email at 3am after running to the bathroom - that you wake up at 4am panicking that something will go wrong tomorrow. (I should actually be in bed since I have to be out the door at 6:40 am for a networking event from 7:30am-3:30pm). ...26.2 miles is also a lot when you feel like you don't have the support behind you that you need/want. And when you don't have it from the 1 person you want it most. When the 1 person you want to be your 'at home cheerleader' tells you the paramedics are going to carry you across the finish line [he was semi-joking of course] ...running is a mind game that is effected by both your personal thoughts and those you're surrounded by... this has been weighing on my mind since I found about the 6 hour limit.... and it's hard to admit since I am someone who has so so so much pride and someone who is constantly setting the bar high ... but for me to even attempt to be in marathon shape and enjoy it is pretty much absurd and I am beginning the realize this. And no, this is not me doubting my abilities... it's me looking my life in the mirror and saying 'something has to give'.

This morning I reached out to my marathon coordinator and told her that I wanted to go back to doing the half, 13.1 miles is enough and all I think I can really commit to at this point in my life. I want to enjoy the experience, I want to look back and say man that was an AWESOME weekend. And I think that if I pushed myself too hard in training I wouldn't be there [my hamstring has started to hurt - my lower legs hurt from time to time] ... and if I pushed myself too hard that weekend I wouldn't enjoy the after party ... I wouldn't enjoy the if I was fretting the 26.2 the next day. I want to enjoy this experience with Beka.

Plus. Like I was once told. "You can't fun a full without finishing a half" -- and maybe completing the half will give me the confidence to run the heck out of a full. (The full being... Disney 1.10.10)

I am at a point right now where I am in the office from 8:00 am until 7pm at night [no lunch break], drowning, unable to keep up, overwhelmed by the amount of work. Granted... more work = more money for the branch which is something I would never ever turn away. But by the time I get home it's close to 8 and I still have to make dinner. catch up with my boyfriend. spend time with my dog. and running just gets pushed to the wayside. Sure, I could run in the morning - but even at 6:40 when my alarm goes off I am dead.exhausted.praying for 5 more minutes. In 2 weeks life will be better, we have a new girl in the branch starting to take over the recruiting role... she knows what she is doing so the onboarding will be limited. But then my life can get back to some normalcy.

I broke it down with my boyfriend. I told him I was tired of bickering over stupid things that mean a lot to me and that I feel like he does not understand. We agreed that he will wake up Saturday with the dog, and I get from 7 am - 10 am to run/shower/take over and he will go take a nap till he is ready to rise and shine again. He then can sleep as late as he wants on Sunday. If I want to nap... I will fit it in... but I am so active I rarely nap. I let him know that this is something that is so so so important to me and that the miles for the half marathon are way less intimidating than the full marathon. I communicated to him that I was interested in participating in the Disney Marathon in January... so after Nike I wanted to continue and move into training for Disney. And low and behold he agreed and supports me in this new found hobby.

It is a major weight that has been lifted. Less pressure. Just gotta focus. I can now enjoy training. Get active with Team in Training because the miles aren't as 'scary' and I can enjoy the upcoming races I am doing in September -- all 4 zillion of them. So. Basically, I need to get in the groove for this half and then I can focus on the Disney Marathon, which I WILL do and I WILL do the Full.

And with that. I am off to bed. Gotta make connections tomorrow and grow the business of my branch.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

6 hour limit.

So. I just learned that you have to complete Nike in 6 hours or less. One would think that this would/could be an easy feat ... after all most people I know get it done in 4 hours or so ... but I am not so sure. Especially with my current run paces. Granted most of my miles have been in the mid to high 12 minutes. I figure, I have to stay in the 12 minute(ish) **mainly most miles being below 13 minutes** and I am golden. But I know the more you run, the slower you start to move... so I need to start focusing on maintaining a pace.

Lets hope with all the stuff I am taking on it [swimming.spin class.treadmill run class.running basically all day, with 1 rest day] helps out and helps out a lot. Hey experienced Runners: any suggestions on how to accomplish this are welcomed.

I have two 10K's before race day. 1 more 5K. I am thinking about doing a half marathon a few weeks before my marathon. If I stumble across anymore races you better believe I will be signing up [after all it will help... I guess]

Learning this has kicked me into drive, lordy lordy I have to finish this on my two feet. I don't want to be swept up in that van that takes us to the finish line.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

.kickin butt and takin names.

Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today? -- Peter Maher

I have been absent. I apologize. This has been one hectic out of control week in every aspect of my life. Work was/is insane. We lost our recruiter so my branch manager and I [being in sales] have had to dig up the past and step back into the recruiting role while keeping up with what we're being paid to do. I spent many nights at work past closing time. I had/have a sick dog. My dog dug a hole in the drywall of my bathroom [we are in an apartment. joy.] I just have not had a moment to sit down and write. Forgive me. I also had zero time to really run which was a total bummer since this week was scheduled to be the start of kick butt work hard marathon training.

I got 2 runs in this week and I think it totalled about 10 miles. Ekk. However, in my defense... my lower legs were giving me major troubles and pains and I was 'letting them rest'. Yes. Letting them rest, we'll go with that statement. I have started running to the dog park to meet my boyfriend and dog. It's a little over 3 miles but practically all uphill. I need to start running back rather than hitching a ride though. Last night I had a phenomenal run. I did a little over 5 miles and it felt great. I meant to grab my phone and my ID as well as insurance card (2 runners had tree branches fall on them this week... better safe than sorry) but of course I forgot them. I don't know if it was the new play list, the nighttime Atlanta temps (little to no humidity), my sheer determination to have a good run or the fact that it was getting dark and I am in Atlanta and I was running alone [getting snatched is not on my bucketlist] ... but it was great. I was told to never stop moving... if I had to walk.walk. gallop.gallop. skip.skip. ....well I did some dancing (ehh.. half dance/run ... more like me waving my arms in the air to the beats) down Peachtree... I am sure cars passing by were wondering what in the world. but hey... it kept me moving and made me smile. I also realized that I was/am in desperate need of a tan.

I need to get some more body glide because my fat inner thighs are rubbing together and it feels uncomfortable. Plus I was told to get a mini one to carry on race day since it wears off... ...or someone can inform me on how to slim my monster thighs! =)

The one thing I have really begun to realize is that running is 110% a mental game. You brain is telling you you're too hot and too sweaty. Your brain is saying you hurt. I just realized I have to suck it up and keep plugging along or the paramedics are gonna be the ones carrying me across the finish line. And well... I want to cross it on my own with a big fist pump in the air. Whether it takes 4 hours or 7 ... my little feet are gonna cross that finish line. I just have to suck it all up and train!! Who cares about the people I see on dailymile who are running 10+ miles per day... they probably have been running since they left the womb. I have been running for a few months after a whole year off... ....all good things come in time!

In regards to cross training... I just ordered a swim suit and goggles and I am going to start incorporating swimming into my training and I am going to use my Crunch membership and hit some spin classes. Maybe it's my effort to just get in all around great shape but all the cardio in the world can and will help me come October 18!

The current question is: to run the Disney marathon or to not run the Disney marathon. it is 75% full so i need to make a decision.

In complete unrelation [is that even a word????] to running - I have decided to start carrying around a journal with me so when I get frustrated with anything I can write it out. Or if I see a great quote, hear a song lyric, or statement I can jot it down!! I feel like I carry so much stress in my mind/body and if it just wasn't there I would be able to run/train more ... rather than wanting to go home and sleep it all off.

Overall. :o)

PS. I am still fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! It is an amazing cause that is so near and dear to my heart. Every donation helps their mission and hopefully there will one day be a cure. Make your donation here: