Friday, March 30, 2012

foto friday :: our wedding invitation ::

now that the wedding is said and done and by posting this no one can just show up uninvited - i wanted to share our wedding invite. i loved the lace outline.  This picture really does it no justice, but I wanted to share it! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bach Bash 2012 & Last Minute Chaos

Just a few pictures from my Bachelorette Bash this past weekend.  I am still waiting on more from friends - but this is what I have thus far.  Weeeeee.  We had a lot of fun. Quite possibly too much fun.

And.... now it is time to get myself married on Saturday.  The weather is looking like garbage.  We are looking at "Scattered Thunderstorms" with a "60% chance of rain" --- GRANTED.... it was supposed to be all sorts of rainy for my bachelorette party and it was DRY .... but with an outside ceremony planned & having to make a decision by Thursday .... my anxiety is REALLY high.

Things to do this week....
[ ] Finish packing up the candy buffet -- which means I need to get more bubble wrap
[ ] Pack up the sparkler table and sparklers.
[ ] Drive all the wedding stuff down to McDonough.  To both the venue and hotel.
[ ] Manicure and Pedicure
[ ] Eyebrow wax
[ ] Get car tags for my car
[ ] Decide on an inside or outside venue space
[ ] Talk with my photographer to go over the timeline & shot list.
[ ] Talk with the DJ to go over the timeline and playlist and such
[ ] One last Pure Barre
[ ] Hit the tanning bed
[ ] Pack for the honeymoon -- which means I need to do laundry
[ ] Breathe
[ ] Get my Mom's Wedding Thank You gift.

Things you should not pester me about....
[ ] Where you are going to get your hair and make up done.  Hey.  Hello.  This is 100% not my responsibility, especially since you're trying to make arrangements THE WEEK OF the wedding. You have had months to plan and google salons in McDonough.  No, my girl cannot do you too.
[ ] How you're going to get around Atlanta.  Again, not my issue.

....but. with all that said. and all I have to do this week.... I know Saturday will be a fun - great day! =D

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Great Weather Watch of 2012 - continues.

8 days out...

we're looking at 0% precipitation {stay this way. stay this way}
high of 76 low of 54 {overnight}

....this sounds glorious!!  fingers crossed for me please!!

however -- my bachelorette party tomorrow night in piedmont park looks like a big old isolated thunderstorms. mud fest instead of st. patricks day fest?!

Greensboro Running & The Peachtree.

First. I did it again.  I signed up for the Peachtree Lotto.  Unsure why.  I hate that race.  Something about Atlanta traditions.  I don't know.  I will keep you posted.

In other news... I ran 4.36 miles total over the past 2 days {I know, it does not seem a lot ... but for me and my lack of running!!!} ... I was on a work trip in Greensboro NC - the weather was gorgeous - I had work out clothes to hit the gym and I just went outside and explored the city.  It felt good.  I think I have missed the mind clearing runs.  why did i not do more of this while wedding planning?!

...And the Marriott in Downtown Greensboro was GREAT.  They had a cold water waiting for me each time I got in from a run. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Total Random Thoughts.

-I love how my Kennesaw pup's tail is always wagging. She is sooo happy all the time. I am glad we were able to keep her out of a shelter and give her a good home!
-my Mundy ladies gave me the funniest wedding card with my wedding gift. 10 awesome wine glasses and a card telling me to drink my stress away. Wahoo!
-speaking of the Mundy ladies. I cannot wait for Friday morning massages with heather before the wedding.
-and on the topic of massages.  Heather and I got a wickedly good deal at the Loew's hotel in Midtown for the 22nd.  $89 for the night - originally $222.  It is nice to have friends in high places. ;)
-I gave Kyle his wedding socks the other day and I was surprised that he liked them! His socks are gonna match my dad's. 2 favorite boys get to have matchy matchy socks!
-I am in the process of reading my second pre-wedding required reading book and I highly recommend it.  However, since I have been so busy with my work trip I doubt it will be finished in 9 days ... but I will finish it even after the wedding.
-wahoo. I am no longer breaking out. Thank you aveeno and biore!
-did I tell you that I got Mully and Kennesaw duffel bags with their names embroidered on them for their 10 day vacation at doggie daycare? Yes. There is a good chance I have mental issues. Luckily Kyle loves me the way I am!
-by the way. We are taking donations to pay for that doggie daycare stay. Yikes.
-we (and by we I mean I) have started packing for st Lucia! But it is currently a hot mess of clothes and bathing suits on the floor.
-which i think that mess on the floor irked Kyle the other night - he was trying to vacuum and clean the house.  Whoops?
-can I admit that I am gonna miss my pups like crazy when I am on my honeymoon?
-my bachelorette party is this weekend. I am so crazy excited!
-we are officially at the 9 days till mark.  Seriously?  At one point I thought this day was SO far away and now it is steamrolling at me faster than I can handle.
-and the weather predictions thus far - RAWR! 60% chance of rain pretty much all day. High of 73* low of 54*.  But... everyone keeps telling me that it is too far out to predict weather.  But, mark my word -  I will be stalking for the next 7 days.
-And it appears that a lot of our wedding guests wait till the last minute to do things.... wedding gifts are ROLLING off the registry.
-Eekk. I need to call and schedule a time to pick up my wedding dress.
-And I need to call our DJ back.
-Evidently, I have been slacking at my to-do list ... glad I just looked at it.
-9 days ya'll.  I cannot wait to see everyone and hug so many people.
-I think we should take bets on who is gonna cry more.  Me or my dad? ;)
-Speaking of..... I need to order my tear catching hankercheif.
-I thought I was soooo much more organized than I evidently actually am.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh Poor Mulligan!

Mulligan had a little accident with the back seat of my car. He somehow broke his nail back to the quick while getting in the car. And bled everywhere. I didn't really notice it or think anything of it (horrible dog mom, I know) and he got his yearly checkup and shots and was good to go.

Needless to say he ended back up at the vet with a vet tech (free thank goodness) since i self diagnosed mulligan's injury and got worried about it getting infected. and after being told he may have to lose his nail we were sent home. And mulligan is on "limited play" and restricted indoors.

This is gonna be harder than you would think. With 2 dogs who play all the time. And mulligan lives outside. Thank goodness I am leaving for 4 days. Kyle gets to be the mean parent!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

more work shower pictures!

My co-worker gave me a jump drive of all our shower pictures last week – so I want to share some of my favorites!!  …She actually captured lots of good ones!




Who would have thought I would have been so excited about our silver wear organizer.  Well.. take a look at what we currently have and it just is not cutting it.  That one, it expands.  Genious!  And then (it is small but still great) – Kyle got his Redskins Tervis Tumbers.  So excited about our collapsible measuring cups and our new hand mixer / organizer!  Wahoo. 

I know I mentioned it before, but my work shower was fabulous.  I really could not work with a better group of people!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

so stressed.









Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Really People Really?!

18 more days then the madness is over.  I am unsure how I am going to handle the next 18 days - especially since my patience for people with stupid questions has always been thin.  And to add to it I am working everyday. Then traveling for a week. Then have a huge afternoon long meeting I have to plan and lead.  I have a life too and I am only taking off the Wednesday - Friday before my wedding and yes those 3 days are JAM PACKED.

And Bridezilla Go....

So you forgot to reserve your room in the block and the special pricing isn't available.  Nope.  No I cannot "swing any deals for you" ... nor do I know how or why this is my responsibility.  You had over a month to get your room.  My parents paid to have little cards printed up that told you where the hotel is and a phone number and a web address. You were notified and educated on what you needed to do.  I also sent out a mass Facebook message if I knew you were coming in town and had not booked you room. And I ordered all the welcome bag stuffers on Saturday because that's when my wedding coordinator at the hotel gave me the final room count.  So no. No you cannot get in the block.

Oh what?  The hotel is 100% booked on Saturday night.  Again.  Not my problem.  There are other hotels in McDonough. Yes, it does suck that you cannot take advantage of the shuttle, but again - you had over a month to plan!!

Ok you're flying in!  Yay!  So excited to see you.  But no, no my parents are no paying for a car service to drive you from the airport to McDonough and then back to the airport. Enterprise tends to be cheaper than Hertz.  But I don't know about Alamo or Avis or Budget.  But I am sure you can price shop.

Bed Bath and Beyond. Crate and Barrel. Bed Bath and Beyond. Crate and Barrel.Bed Bath and Beyond. Crate and Barrel.

Yes.  There will be a hotel shuttle from the hotel to the venue and back.  Yes, it is a mini van that says Marriott on it.  No we did not get a bus.  Yes, the mini van will need to make trips.  But no we did not get a bus.  That would have been one expensive waste of money.

No I cannot drive you around Atlanta.  I am in a wedding.  My wedding.  I have things to do, places to be, and people to see.  Once again.  Enterprise. Hertz. Avis.

No I will not go out and "party" with you on Friday.  Again, I am in a wedding.  My wedding. I want to look BEAUTIFUL on my wedding day - not like a hot mess.  If you want to "party" with me.  The Bachelorette party is on St. Patrick's Day in Atlanta.  I can get you in touch with my maid of honor for details.

I do not care if you paint your nails.  There will not be a nail painting party.  Paint them navy to match your dress or get pink or purple or french tips.  I really do not care.  Nor do I care if you do your hair or if a professional does it.  Just please, do not look like a hot mess.

Yes there will be beer and wine.  No you may not bring in liquor. If you do and I find out ... I have your address and will send an invoice for that bourbon beverage you made.

Seriously people -- I have had more wedding stress in like 4 days than I have in 16 months.  Knock it off.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

…and this is what is going on…

I feel like I should be wayyy better at this blog updating thing – especially since I am all of 21 days away from my wedding… but I think since I am 21 days away from my wedding is why I am not updating as much.  SO much going on.

This week for work – I was out sick Monday. Tuesday I worked in my office.  Wednesday I was in Marietta. Thursday in my office and Friday in Alpharetta.  Just call me and office nomad. I will be in Marietta again tomorrow. And then our office all week.  And then the next week I will in in the North Carolina Triad area. 

As you know… Kyle and I got his + her cars.  Legit … matchy matchy same jeeps!car.  We both LOVE them.  And I am pretty sure these car is bigger than my Pathfinder was and I love BIG!  Our garage does look a little ridiculous (as you can see) but I am loving that I can stream the music from my iPhone to my radio and that I can stream my phone though my car so I can talk hands free.  Evidently, the car can take E-85 gas, which is cheaper … but I don’t know a lot about it but all I have read is that you actually get worse gas mileage.  I need an education in the car and gas world.  Please and thank you.

Last night was my last dress fitting!!  And my maid and matron of honor came to learn how to do the bustle.  And then we went to dinner and it was SO good to see both of them.  They both work for the same company and work all the time and travel and then with my bus and then with my busy life, I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to.  So…. it was good to just decompress and catch up!  I love my dress and they’re putting the final touches on it so I can pick it up late next week!!!

Today I worked out – Blast900 – even though I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep in and then headed to my 75 minute facial (thanks half off  depot) and it was amazing.  My face currently resembles a pre-teen’s with all it’s acne and zits trying to pop through.  Hopefully my face will clear up significantly over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow is Kyle’s birthday and I get the great honor of taking him to Fogo. …As he feasts on way too much meat on a stick, I will be grazing at the salad bar.  ….he does realize he is getting married and he is working out to LOSE the weight that he is about to put on tomorrow?  Oh boys!!