Sunday, March 31, 2013

.our 1st anniversary weekend.

{i meant to post this at some point last week... but i never actually hit publish...}

i know that all 1st anniversary posts are about to be how wonderful the 1st year of marriage was and how I married my other half and the person who makes me want to be a better person and how we are just so so happy – but that isn’t me. Kyle and I aren’t the mushy gushy couple. Yes. We had a wonderful last year of marriage and it was easy. i attribute the ease of it all not to the fact that we lived together for 4 years before marriage but because we talk – we hash things out, we tell each how it is, we’re open and honest and don’t hold anything back. Plus it doesn’t have to be perfect, nothing ever is – the people who think marriage has to be perfect are the ones who are doomed. In my world, it is the foundation that needs to be good.

I am excited for another year and then another year after that. and after that. and after that.

But we really did have a great anniversary weekend. It was simple and low key. We didn’t make a big deal over it.  We just spent time together – something that we agreed, we don’t do enough of. 

Friday I took a mental health day and Kyle told me to scratch the agenda – he had some stuff planned for the weekend, but that I had to be showered and ready to go by 3:00. Which immediately made my mind wonder what he was up to since we both agreed nothing big and no presents because we wanted to put the money we would spend on a gift towards our trip to the Dominican Republic {whenever that trip may happen}. 

I woke up Saturday morning and went to my 1st ever Zumba class {on my list of 30 things to do before I am 30} and learned that I was a REALLY white girl with zero moves and legit almost sprained my ankle. Not quite sure if I will go back or not.  I spent the rest of the morning & early afternoon bumming around and asked Kyle how I should dress for my surprise. He said, “wear what you would wear to Outback and something you would want your picture taken in.” ..... WHAT?! .....

Well. after getting ready and then driving all over creation, Kyle asked me to open his glove compartment and take out the pieces of paper and to look at them. Kyle was taking me to Medieval Times for dinner. A place we both love {me more than Kyle} and where we got engaged. {you can read the engagement story HERE}.  Kyle splurged and upgraded us to the “Royalty Package” and we got front row action.  We spent a lot of time making up life stories of the people who work there {the man who plays the king, his wife is a corporate lawyer. The green knight, he is the president of the drama club} since that is what was always do. And the best part ... our knight FINALLY won!! I was cheering so hard that I broke the banner that we got as part of the Royalty Package. And Kyle even bought the picture of us with the King, because “it was a special occasion”. Kyle really did well for the surprise dinner {mushy alert}, he never ceases to amaze me. It is the little things that make me realize how great he really is.


Sunday we got up and went to see Oz and then just hung around the house. And then went out to dinner. And again, Kyle’s romantic side that never ceases to amaze me. But he had dinner reservations at the same time our wedding reception started – when we were really truly married. The real 365 days later.  We had a GREAT dinner and stuffed ourselves on desert and then went home to try and find room for cake and champagne. Needless to say – our wedding cake wasn’t bad. but it also was not good. but you have to eat the top {or part of it} out of tradition.

All together the weekend was simple and low key – just the way we like things!! =D

Friday, March 22, 2013

How are you spending your Friday?!

...I am taking a much needed metal health day. =D  So far, I have slept in till a whopping 8:30 AM and then went to spin class at LA Fitness ... which by.the.way I am a spoiled spinner thanks to FlyWheel Atlanta. I suffered through a lackluster instructor and boring music. Thanks FlyWheel – now I think I am spoiled rotten when it comes to spin classes.

Now, I am hanging out on the couch catching up on my DVR – mainly Duck Dynasty – with the little {errrr big} dogs running around.

Next on the agenda: a massage.  I wanted to do FULL spa day.... 2 hour long massage/facial/body scrub combo, but we procrastinated and evidently you can’t book all that much like 24 hours before hand.

Yeah. I am totally spoiling myself, but work has been a little overwhelming lately and I may have had stress overload breakdown on Monday.  So our VP of Payroll {and my Office Mom} demanded that I take today off and so far it has been grand.  I did sit on a conference call that was an update on the site i implemented in Birmingham. But other than that I am 100% ignoring my emails.

And. on another random note. if you attended my wedding last year, be grateful it was last year. This weekend is going to be COLD and MISERABLE and we all know that all I wanted was an outdoor wedding!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

throwback thursday

....this weekend Kyle and I are going to be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. And, I wanted to hop on board with this throwback thursday trend and share this picture:


I posted this picture on FaceBook the summer of 2006 – before i even graduated college. When Kyle and I were just friends.  And the caption on the picture “check out ernie cheesin... and of course my future husband and i look so fabulous”

Yup. the summer of 2006 kyle was calling me his “future wife” and I was calling him my “future husband” ... and we were just summer friends back then, waiting tables at Logan’s Roadhouse.

Crazy Huh?!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


You all are no fun! No one even tried to guess who took that lovely picture of my husband and me.

Well. I shall tell you. A ROOFER! weeeeee,  And do you want to know why, because our home inspector was HORRENDUS and we have to get a new roof. {he said 3-5 years till it needed to be replaced, try 3-5 months mister} And fix wood rot. And a drip pan. And the siding where the previous owner’s past patch job was shoddy.

Granted. We will fix the roof + the wood rot 1st and then go from there. But seriously, can we catch a break!

...And this is the moment where I thank my parents for taking money from me when living at home since we will be cashing out savings accounts should USAA not cover the replacement.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let’s play a game...


.so. guess who/what person & profession took the picture below {don’t judge us for our less than attractiveness} you don’t need to name him/her specifically, but if you want to get creative and try, go for it. make me laugh. Lord knows we need it.



.....and GO!