Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Car :: Sticker Debate.

So.  I have a new car!! Yay!! Kyle and I {pretty much on a whim} decided to buy new Jeeps this weekend/Monday night.  My old Pathfinder had so many distiguishing stickers on it.  When I was in college, people knew my car just by the front license plate and the Alabama sticker on the back.  Now, I have the 26.2 and 13.1 and "some girls chase boys, I pass them" stickers.
my pathfinder - we have had some pretty amazing times.

but now I have to ask myself.... what do I do about running stickers??  {I am prepared to offend some people}.  I feel like I need to re-earn those stickers.  It has been SO long since I ran those distances and if I want to display them on my car or get a license plate frame or anything like that ... I need to be a legit half or full marathoner.  Not someone who ran a 2 fulls, 2 years ago and a handful of halfs, 2 years ago.  While I know and understand those distances and miles and races are something no one can take from you and all that jazz - but that is what you have the medals for. 

Thoughts? Feelings?

Monday, February 27, 2012

New - His + Her Cars.

Ever since I rented a Jeep on my work trip to Florida I have been dead set on getting myself a new Jeep.  I am unsure how this all happened - just 1 month ago I put like $1000+ in my Pathfinder and swore I would not buy a new car until {at the earliest} next year.  Kyle on the other hand ... he needed a new car and needed on badly.  and of course -- he just paid for his car inspection and all that fun stuff.

Well.  I somehow found a dealership that had brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee's on sale for like $22,815... which is the "wholesale" cost and Kyle and I had to see if it was for real.  ...and it was.  And one thing lead to another and now we both have new cars!

I cannot believe we have matching cars and I keep joking that I went from caviar (leather, 6 disc CD player, sunroof, automatic seats) to fish sticks (cloth interior, single CD player,  and a seat that i have to use a leaver for - which, i am still not *thrilled* about the seat).  ....and kyle just calls me his little princess.

Doggie Hammock - Seat Protector!
Now... my crafy mom gets to make my dogs this fabulous doggie hammock - seat protector thing.  I want to take really good care of this car and having my muddy, smelly dogs in the back seat as often as I do is not fun for those people who have to sit in the back seat.  So, now I will have a hammock that my dogs can sit and relax on & I can take it down/off when I transport people around Atlanta.  =) 

But with all this said, I am not looking forward to my $300 car payment or my car insurance going up (but we decided to merge our car insurance together when we tell them about our new cars - for a cost savings).  AND I just put like $58 worth of gas in my car just Sunday ....but I am excited to have a new car.  =D 

But all happiness and excitement aside... I got a little sad when cleaning out my Pathfinder.  I've had that bad boy for 7 years and so many amazing memories were made in that car and laughs were shared with awesome people.  And who would think one could get so attached to car?!  But all the memories of the roadtrips and nights around tuscaloosa just made me walk down memory lane!

So if you're ever in Atlanta and want to go for a spin ... I can drive!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hellllo Travel.

Well.  I am back at it for work.  Traveling again. ...well not currently but soon. 

I will be in the Greensboro / Winston-Salem market from March 13-16 ... right before my wedding.  Hope everything is pretty much DONE by then.  And then I head to Austin on April 3rd.  I told Kyle today that we land in Atlanta from our honeymoon on March 31 and then I leave him for work on March 3rd. 

I am really excited to go to Austin.  Not only do I like the people who work in that branch, but I have heard it is a really cool city!

And who knows how much more training I will have after we take care of company owned locations but March should be a "fun" month. 


On another note.  My 10 year high school reunion has been planned for November 3rd.  The same  Alabama plays LSU.  Obviously, those people on the "reunion committee" did not go to a southern school nor have they read Southern Living's 10 Commandments of College Football.  If they had, they would have known ::

"Thou shalt respect the solemnity of Game Day by planning weddings, births, and other life events around the football schedule."

if you ever wonder why Kyle and I had a zillion year long engagement ... that is why.

Monday, February 20, 2012

total work out random-ness.

Total random work out thoughts.  Compiled over the course of some time...
  • I am on a routine and I love my routine and since I cannot do part of my routine this week I feel lost.  But, it is dinner with my maid of honor so it is all okay!
  • Legit :: I am beginning to really really enjoy Blast900 and Pure Barre.  I am sad that I will have to break up with my studios after the wedding is done and over.  It is all just too expensive.
  • Speaking of expensive studios - there is a new spin studio opening in Buckhead called FlyWheel and I WANT TO TRY IT SO BADLY.  I love love love spin classes and this is supposed to be spin on crack - stadium spinning in a dark room so you cannot stare at your neighbor with boards up front so you can complete against others.  Plus free spin shoes {which is actually kinda gross if you think about it} and free towels {i always forget mine} and free water {which I would have to bring my own because i guzzle, but still} ... seriously, want to try. 
  • Speaking of expensive things .. I have an urge to buy more lululemon tanks {for pure barre} but I cannot and will not do it because I HATE running in Lulu.
  • I am thinking about running the Charles Harris 10k this weekend.  Can I tough out 6.2 miles?  It is pretty much all flat and downhill.  Decisions decisions my friend.
  • And.  I really have not been running.  I have been living in Blast900 and Pure Barre.  I really need to bring the running back in my life.  I miss it.  I have LOVED finding my groove on the treadmill in Blast which means, I will love finding my groove whenever I start hitting the pavement again.
  • There is a new gym opening up by my house and it is like $19 per month.  I just may be joining it once they open the doors.  Especially since I will be ditching Pure Barre and Blast - well ditching it some what.....  le sigh.

such an overdue post - update on life!

so this post started as a "thursday thoughts" and then moved to a "wedding wednesday" and then went back to a "thursday thoughts" ... now it is just a pretty much all over the place post.

current numbers
days left :: 34
total headcount :: 93
days left to get you're RSVP in :: 5 - oi. i will be making phone calls.

1.  We celebrated Valentine's Day early at Brio. And man did we EAT!!  It was good to have a little dinner and not talk about the wedding or the dogs and just enjoy each other's company.  We laughed and joked and talked about the future.  We planned our 1st wedding anniversay - cabin.FINALLY. and then we talked about our 5th wedding anniversary - i want something tropical!  It was a good time.  We really just enjoyed hanging out together.  We spend so much time just being around each other on the weekends but not really doing things together unless it is errands - so it was a good change!  .....And I have been craving the mushroom ravoli ever since.  Oi. 

2.  Even though we said NO ANYTHING for Valentine's day {since we just bought wedding rings and finished paying off the honeymoon} Kyle still had flowers sent to my office.  He always bends the rules the make me smile.  ....Of course, I sent him a cookie basket.  What can I say, we're rule benders.  We like to live on the edge!

3.  Kyle really is the best future husband.  He is took me to see "The Vow"  and if you know anything about it ... it is a total chick flick.  But Kyle, knowing how much I want to see it has decided to take me. {future} husband of the year.  i do have to go see one of his "excellent" movies in return.  But all is fair in love, right?  ...we were talking after the movie that we both have to start journaling in case something like that ever happened to one of each other.  But overall, the movie was meh.  I would say Netflix it over going to the theater.  But we had coupons and gift cards so it was a fairly cheap date.

4.  I had my work bridal shower earlier this week and {again} Kyle is the best.  He is came to meet everyone and be social.  I really work for an awesome company that is like my family and I am so very very thankful & grateful for them!  And we got lots of fabulously awesome stuff {and a lot of the practical things we really wanted, like measuring cups for liquids and kyle's coveted pizza wheel} and then the whole next day I got to hear about how cute Kyle is and how sweet he was for coming and what a trooper he was.  I think Kyle acted like he didn't want to come, but he really did.

5.  I am beginning to freak out over the RSVPs.  We have 5 days left and SO many are unanswered.  What shocks me the most are the people who recently got married who have not sent them back and the adults who know how important a RSVP is.  I hate hate hate confrontation and am not looking forward to having to pick up the phone and email people to figure out what their plans are.   But then I also wonder if more got lost in the mail... and we just didn't know about those ones that were lost.  I would like to get the programs ordered and made as well.  I mean... I HATE the waiting game!

6. Kyle and I have been finding some "gems" lately in the food category.  We took my brother to a REALLY good low key italian place for his birthday dinner and there was a "taco and tequila" bar next door that we just tried as well and oh my goodness was it good.  We didn't have tacos, we split this thing called a molcajete.  It looks soo weird, but it was soo good.  We for sure left in a food coma and I passed out quickly after getting home.  It has been cool to explore the 'burbs and get out of the city dining.  Literally, best advice ever was from my Mom - to get the Open Table app of my iPhone and then just play and discover and explore.  I now crave italian from Paizanos on like a weekly basis. 

7.  We {and my we, I mean me} are REALLY good at this thank you note thing... we {ahem, I} get the thank you note out within 1 week of receiving the gift.  And I was told earlier that it is impressive that I am even writing thank you notes.  (a) if i didn't my mom just may kill me and (b) say what?  if someone gives you a gift.... you have to give thanks.   But it has made us laugh and joke that ALL of our wedding gifts have come from my side - my family and my friends.  Kyle keeps banking on gifts brought to the wedding because I think he doesn't want to be embarrased.

8.  We are celebrating our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY next week!! =D  We are doing nothing special but we are doing dinner at one of my favorites "South City Kitchen".  ....hopefully I will remember to take pictures of our date night and post them!  Kyle and I have like NO recent pictures of us.

9.  I hate reading bad books - I am in the middle of one that I just cannot pick up and when I do.... I cannot wait to put it down.  I wish I was able to walk away from books.  Instead I always hold out hope that it will get better.  ....it never ever does.

10.  Things that make me soooo excited.  So, one of my bridesmaids is coming into town a the Thursday night before the wedding {rather than having to drive in from Tuscaloosa Friday morning} and we're staying at the Loew's Hotel in Midtown for CHEAP and doing dinner and then getting up stinking early on the Friday and getting massages {8:30 AM massages - I said early} before the Bridesmaid Brunch.  Seriously, cannot wait for some quality H & B time since I never get to see her and I want to be uber relaxed going into Saturday.

11.  Speaking of the wedding... this is how I am tracking the weather from the Farmers Almanac.  And let me tell you ... things are not looking good for our wedding day.  It has pretty much been spot on ... down to the snow in Tennessee and North Carolina yesterday, with wind and rain every where else.  :: Big Sigh ::  i know that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be "lucky" and I also know that 34 days out, I should not be stressing over this, but I am.  I really cannot think of ANY good photo opportuninites INSIDE the venue.  I LOVE the OUTSIDE of the venue - the potential pictures OUTSIDE is one the main reasons I chose our venue.... and of course I didn't think about rain then.  Yeah... you're gonna see a senior prom on the stairs picture at my wedding.  And this girl is not going to be thrilled.  I need my like 5 day, hour by hour forecast ... NOW.  Or someone to assure me that the Farmers Almanac can be off.  Seriously - I hate the idea of rain.

But.... today is Monday.  Lets hope for a fabulous week full of RSVPs arriving in our mailbox!  =D

Friday, February 17, 2012

:: foto friday ::

ignore the mess of a bed - but these are my loves that i do not talk about nearly enough.  i feel like between their early morning wrestling matches and kennesaw's constant need for belly rubs and mulligan's love of rocks and barking at the sky i would have plenty of fun times and good stories for you ... but i slack and am a horrible puppy mom! 

but, here are the dogs i so totally love - just lounging the the bed - and i love how they are kind of sort of cuddling!  no room for me to crawl in of course!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

:: wedding wednesday ::

Current Numbers:  45 days to go.
Current Guest Count: 82

1. as mentioned before.  we are 100% planned.  and it feels good to really not have to worry about anything (planning related).  we're still having RSVPs roll in ... and I know we're going to have to make a list of calls once the RSVP by date passes by.  But having no stress other than that feels good.  Now Kyle and I just have to sit back and relax and count down the days and read our pre-wedding required reading!

2.  {{confession alert}}  I have a REALLY bad habit of stalking my wedding registy so I pretty much know what is bought when it is bought.  But I am beginning to realize that I am going to need to have a major yardsale post wedding to try and get rid of our old things.  Like my CEO and his wife bought us our Keurig (which I am crazy excited about) so we have our old one cup coffee pot from Starbucks (that dates back to my college days.  And then our blender has been upgraded by someone and so has our hand mixer and our George Forman was upgraded at Christmas.  I think my brother and I should have a joint yard sale this spring.  ...And I really need to quit stalking my wedding registry.

3.  I have my work shower next Thursday and I am really excited about it.  I somehow have talked Kyle into coming which is a good thing since so many people want to meet him -- I know he is not thrilled, but the things you do for love.  I really work with an awesome group of people and for a company that is a true family!  Hopefully, I will get more pictures from that shower and be better about posting.

4.  I got THE VERY BEST wedding compliment ever this weekend. My friend Megan (aka Megster) who will be at the wedding (all the way from Boston!!) sent me a facebook message saying "
So I am totally that person who throws away wedding invitations immediately after viewing once/rsvping. I am so obsessed with yours that I'm keeping it until I get married because I want the exact same." .... that made my heart smile.  Because you see picking wedding invitations was such a chore and such a hard decision.  We ordered dozens of samples - we ordered customized invitations and then sent them back because I was not "in love" with them.  But when the gray and navy came back I was IN LOVE!  And I am soo glad people are liking them.  We have received soo many compliments about how pretty and classic they are and it makes me so happy!

5.  I had a really hard day today in regards to wedding planning and my bridal party.  But I will have to say I am blessed to have an amazing to be husband who can turn any awful day into something wonderful and make me smile.  A bridesmaid who is only a phone call away that can fit me into her crazy schedule right now (she is assisting Michael Oher on his book tour) to let me vent and cry and can tell me it will all be okay.  A co-worker who understands and knows exactly where I am and can (and has) given me some of the best words of wisdom.  And a company full of people who send me text messages after hours to just make sure I am ok.  ....you learn who your true friends are (and aren't) when you're wedding planning and I am so lucky to have so many awesome people in my life.

6.  I am a still at a loss over wedding hair.  I think I am going to pick my favorite one from each row and have my hair lady do all 3 and then make a game time decision.  And by game time, I mean 3 weeks in advance.

But the next 45 days cannot pass by fast enough.  Bring on the wedding.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weirdo Foot Thing.

Today my whole foot went dead during Pure Barre.  And by dead I mean in pain.  Like sharp, stabbing pains.  It was weird.  Really freaking weird.  Still hurt in my ankle. but it was also hurting on the top of my foot.

What gives.  So do I run this weekend or no? 

Monday, February 6, 2012

:: lots of wedding hair ::

I have my trial hair day in about a month so I am having to take  a look at how I am going to do my hair.  And I have wrestled with pull it up or keep it half up and half down.  I want to look as natural as possible (I hate the fake looking brides) which leads me to half up half down, but then I remember that my hair is long and since my hair is long I play with it and I don't want to play with my hair all the time.  So then I lean towards a messy curly bun (I especially like the top middle) but then I remember that my hair does not stay curled.  so then I start leaning towards something a little more formal.  But then I remember that Kyle and I are not really formal (we didn't even register for China!) and our wedding is not formal so that takes the formal out of my mind.  Until I linger back on the 1st and 2nd of the last row because they're up up but lower and not as fancy as others.  But then I go back to half up and half down and remember that my hair does not stay curled.  So, then I go to messy bun.  I need guidance and help and opinions. 

In case you're wondering ... yes, yes I am a hot scattered mess and hate making decisions.  I will probably go with 3 different trial hair dos - one from each line and then go with the best.  But.... out of the 3 lines -  which are your favorites from the bunch?  Seriously, I need your help!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wedding Shower #1

Oi.  Forgive me.  This post is SO overdue.  I blame my lazy self and my inability to find the thing that connects the camera and my computer to upload all the pictures.  But, since I found the cord and now have pictures and am a blog posting/writing fool this weekend I can tell you all about my bridal shower fun!

A few weeks ago my maid & matron of honor through me my 1st and really only bridal shower. (I should have gotten a picture with them, but I didn’t.  Fail #1)  In the south having 98873 showers is totally normal and acceptable but since I  1. don’t really like being the center of attention and opening gifts in front of people and 2. don’t have that many friends … I didn’t wans 98873 showers.  I wanted one and then my work shower.

The group of girls that made it was few (again no picture. fail #2) but a lot of my wedding guest and girls are out of state.  But the friends that did make it I absolutely adore and love.  My friend from Alabama even made it over for a few hours (should have gotten a picture with her too. fail #3) so I was so excited to see her, catch up, and all that jazz.

Kyle and I got lots of good stuff!  My Dad probably won with the most thoughtful gift – the Bundt pan I wanted with the recipe for his famous chocolate cake and all the supplies to make it.  And my mom went with the staple towels … but she got me my Kate Spade towels that I love and adore.  Julie (my matron of honor) got me our “replacement bowls” as I call them – since they’re my most favorite bowls ever and Kyle broke one.  (His hands will not touch this full set EVER). And we got more towels (actually Kyle’s blue set and my camel set) and lots of our party serve ware (so we need to party plan!) and lots of other good stuff!  We had a carload full of awesome stuff!

The food and cake was good.  I may have snacked and snacked and snacked after everyone had left.  And when I say “may have” that is code word for I did. 

I really do have some amazing friends.  I may not have a lot of friends but the group that I do have are true friends who I love and adore and am so so so lucky to have in my life.

And onto pictures!! (what pictures I have and that are good!)




January Recap!

This post is kinda late, sorry.  But better late than never right? Our January (more like my January) was a hectic whirlwind of chaos.  But organized chaos.

:: MY DRESS FITTING(S) :: it went well. really uneventful.  of course, the dress fit - it was a little snug and 2" too short at the first fitting.  But 2 weeks later, it was a little loose and long enough.  The wonders of the alternations lady.

:: MY "FAKE" FUN 5K :: 3.1 miles. Yay. Really uneventful to be honest with you.  You can read all about it HERE ...

:: MY WORK TRIP TO FLORIDA ::  warm. beautiful. and i did not want to come home. and i feel in love with Jeeps and want one of the new Jeeps as my next car.  Kyle just laughs at me and says "ok" because he knows the car I want changes with the weather. 

:: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND ::  Alabama won the National Chamionship beating out an undefeated LSU {In case you had not heard}.  I of course was on a work trip but was still oh so happy about the final outcome!

:: MARRIAGE LICENSE & WEDDING RINGS :: like other things - uneventful.  The marriage license took no time at all {and seemed to make everything all the more real} and the rings were expensive but we love them.  I actually walked around one night wearing mine I like it so much.  Oh the joys of being married!

:: ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS :: We had done these before with a photographer we thought we were going to go with.  But change of plans lead us to Justin and 375 Photography.  Preview HERE and I am happy with them.  It was bitter cold and you can really tell in some pictures -- and we both look exhausted in a lot of them.  But I am happy with our final decision.

:: WORK EVENTS - WELCOME RECEPTION, ANNUAL KICK OFF & AWARDS BANQUET :: another pretty uneventful series of events.  Thank goodness that all I have to do is show up and be friendly.  Granted, I did have to sit in the front row to assist with any and all questions regarding anything having to do with my job.  And I will not bore you and go into all that.

:: WORK TRIP TO ST. LOUIS ::  long. hard. and cold.  Cold because I am a moron and left my coat in Atlanta. I had never been so ready to get back to Atlanta.  Great people though and I got to meet a girl who I have talked to on Twitter and via email and I read her blog.  So that was exciting.

:: MY 1ST WEDDING SHOWER :: what can i say, i really do have the best girl friends a girl could ever ask for. many of my friends could not make it since they're out of town, but those who could make it and who traveled from out of town - it meant the world to me.  I still need to upload the pictures and do a post about it {maybe tomorrow}

Kyle and I did not get a lot of "us" time since I was running all over Atlanta and the United States this month.  I am hoping that February is low key.  But all in all January was busy and it made the month fly by.  It is over and it is now February and I am getting married next month. Wowzas.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Let me self diagnose my pains.

So I have been working out - not really running - but working out.  Pure Barre, Blast900, walking the dogs ... all the jazz.  Not sure why I have not really embraced running - I think I want to blame the fact that it is dark when I get home from work {works for me} ... but I have been trying to stay active and this week I have noticed some pains.  All in my right leg.  In my ankle and my inner knee.

So my ankle. It hurts where I put the arrow.  Something called the calcaneo-fibular ligament. I don't know what that thing is or what it does and google isn't really helping me self-diagnose the pain and where it came from but all I keep seeing is the word sprain.  So I am thinking I tweaked it Monday at Blast900.  That's all I can think since we were sprinting and doing hill work and treadmill work for half the class.  Or I could have messed it up on a transition from the treadmill to the floor.  I got nothing, but it hurts.

And then there is my knee.  Again. with the picture and the arrow of where it hurts.  But I will tell you again I have no idea how or why.  So per this picture, the pain can be one of three things. 1. meniscus tears. 2. collateral ligament tears. 3. arthritis.  None of which sound all that great so can I just call it something less. But I am thinking that if my knee had legit tears in it I would KNOW.  So I of course went to google again to self diagnose and thankfully, I do not have tears.  If I had tears evidently I would be bruised and swollen.  And I am not.  Nor do I feel like my knee is going to give out.  Therefore I think I am just getting old or just have the normal aches and pains that come along with working out. 

So needless to say: I am not broken.  Nor will I be walking down the aisle on crutches {awkward} ... but I do need to take it easier.  But... I have a half marathon next weekend in Birmingham.  And we all know I am the queen of running marathons and half marathons unprepared.  But I have never run a half marathon both unprepared & with a knee and ankle that have ganged up on me.  So this should be interesting.  ;)


My wedding is 100% planned!  And it feels good.  I made the decision to stay off Pinterest and not make any changes.  We're 50 days out so I don't need any added stresses of cake changes or ceremony space changes.  The only uncontrollable thing that I have to wonder & worry about really is the weather.  And seeing how we have had 60*+ days for the past week {and predicted for next week} I am hoping for an early gorgeous spring with amazing weather and no rain.

Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

Kyle and I decided on our exit last night - vintage car!  And I am really excited about that because I know it will go with our vintage, romantic feel!  ....so I just emailed the guy who has the cars *at a good price* to make sure he is still free and to make sure we can have him and his car!  =D

Our RSVPs are coming back as you know -- but we're still waiting on a good number.  It appears that some of the bridal party does not feel that they have to RSVP {so they will be getting phone calls, especially since they're plus ones}  .... and Kyle's family also does not like to RSVP.  Granted I can count the parents in for sure -- the grandparents need to give me some sort of indication since they get flowers.  I mean people, when you get invited places RSVP!  those are all due in 21 days.

We also need to handle the welcome bags and programs.  But the Welcome Bags have been started {again this all hangs on the total number of guests in our hotel room block and people keep booking out of the block!!}  .... and Carrie from the Marriott still has not answered my million welcome bag questions.  Our vendors.  Big Sigh. ;)

I have picked out our programs on Etsy, those too hang on the final guest count number.  As does our number of candy buffet candy to go bags.   So, really.  I need those RSVPs.

But I am ready for the weekend.  Ready.  Ready.  Ready.  Not ready to make my $500+ honeymoon payment.  But ready for the relaxation.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

:: thursday thoughts ::

I know I already posted today - but this is a tradition that I am trying to keep up with so you get two posts.  Plus that last one didn't really count since you know it was a picture.  Anyway.  Can you believe that it is already February?!  Where is the year going?  Before you know it, I will be married!

1. A few months back I was lucky enough to win a copy of Kristin Hannah's new book "Home Front" before it was released.  And let me tell you.  That was one fabulous book.  I couldn't put it down once I picked it up and I was dying to see how it ended.  If you're looking for a good book - I recommend it - but brace yourself, I was NOT ready for the heaviness of it.  But still.  Read it.

2.  I had my 1st wedding shower this past weekend.  {post to come} and am so blessed with so many awesome people in my life.  Kyle and I raked in some good stuff.  If only I didn't have to wait until AFTER the wedding to use it all.  I will say I was very very thankful that there were no shower games - no toilet paper bride or any of that.  And crazy me - the thank you notes are already done and will be mailed out tomorrow.

3.  Evidently the Georgia groundhog did not see his shadow so we're scheduled for an "early spring" - and to that I say BRING ON THE GOOD WEATHER!!  ....spring wedding, I need good weather.  And hopefully no rain on the wedding day.

4.  Kyle and I walked down memory lane today with pictures of our dog Kennesaw.  When we got her she was so skinny minnie and we fattened her up.  Goodness we love that critter and I am so happy that she got a good home after living on the streets.  We do joke with her though and tell her we understand and know why her family dumped her.  Mean.  I know.

5.  I have a bad habit of stalking our wedding registries and today I realized that someone out there bought us our Keurig coffee machine and I am so so so excited.  Truthfully, I never understood the hype and what the big deal was.  But then I went to St. Louis for work and they had one in the office and I used it each day I was there and immediately knew we needed one.  Kyle has started drinking coffee and I need it when I am REALLY dragging (which is more often than not recently) so I am excited to add that to our counter top! =D  We are going to need to have a yard sale with all the stuff we're swapping out for bigger and better thing.

6.  The RSVPs have been coming in and coming in.  And thus far we're at an 80 something guest list  I think the No's will starting coming in soon since the RSVP by date is coming up.  But... I think I will also be making lots of phone calls.  People, really?  We included a self addressed STAMPED envelope.  Send it back.  RSVPing via text message and facebook is not enough. Send the freaking thing back - don't take my joy.  I like coming home to RSVPs in the mail!!  Post wedding someone remind me to do a post on the etiquette of a wedding RSVP.  Legit.  We got one back with no name on it.  People need a lesson in RSVPing.  Good luck to Kyle's mom with the rehearsal dinner invites. Bless.

7.  But all in all, the wedding is coming together.  We just need to figure out our exit strategy and all that jazz.  I say vintage car.  Kyle says Lincoln Town car.  ;)  Let's see who wins this battle.  I scheduled my last wedding planning meeting, my hair and make up trial, my day of wedding hair (sadly, I have to go into a salon which is gonna take some major planning on my part).  The ceremony space is decided on and decorated. 

8.  Oh and ROLL TIDE! How about that #1 recruiting class.  Alabama just may never lose a game again.  one.can.only.hope.

How Do You Decide Who To Marry :: written by kids::

Seriously - this will make you laugh a few times.