Friday, September 30, 2011

foto friday–beat florida


oh happy day!  it is friday! =D  tomorrow we (and by we, I mean Alabama’s football team) get to play florida.  in the swamp. not going to lie.  I am a little bit worried – but I have faith in my boys.  So Roll Tide.

Anyway.  Sunday is my 1st half marathon of the year.  Correction: would have been, but I have decided to not run the race for many reasons.  The biggest – I am just not ready and even though I am never really ready I can normally finish it out and be okay. I know I could “tough it out” … but I just don’t want to.  I don’t think it is worth it.

So instead. Tomorrow I am going to get up, head to Lucky Schoals park and run the 1.13 mile running path and I am going to run as many loops as I can until I just HAVE to stop.  I am going to run my own little mini in my mind race.  And I have to get up early and do it because there is going to be A LOT of prep for this 8:00 football game.

And… I have my fingers crossed that the weather will start cooling down again and THEN I will start running my favorite parts of the Atlanta 13.1 course because it really is a great race.

In sadder and non running related news:  Over the past few years I have begun to realize that life REALLY is so so so short.  A guy I went to high school with died I a house fire this week and if has been bittersweet to read all the messages about him on Facebook.  He will definitely be missed.  ….You shouldn’t' hesitate to tell your family or friends that you love them.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 Things Thursday


Another week closer to the big day. Another week of wedding conversations and living life. 

1. Kyle and I went to look at tuxes this past Saturday and it ended up only being a consultation.  We have to go back in 3 weeks for Kyle to try them all on and model them for me.  Honestly, Kyle did not get a word in… I answered all the questions so other than Kyle needing to be measured there was no real reason for him to be there.  Currently, we’re leaning towards the darker gray but we will know for sure in a few weeks.  Kyle behaved himself for the most part, but you could tell near the end that his boredom was coming out when he started putting on all the hats and staring at himself in the mirror.  Now I just have to depend on the boys to go and get their measurements and since they’re boys I know this is going to be 10 times harder than it was to get my bridesmaids to get their measurements in and getting my girls to do it was difficult.  Needless to say, I will be stalking the wedding manager on Savvi Formal wear and then I will start stalking the boys.

2.  I got my passport this weekend after the big post office screw up.  So it is official, Kyle will not be going on the moneymoon alone.  Guess that means I need to start shopping for cute honeymoon bathing suits and doing some ab work.  ….now I just need to remember to change my name on my passport when I am changing my name on everything else because I don’t want to have to pay to do that a year or so after the wedding.  …..St. Lucia here we come! =D

3.  I got my rehearsal dinner dress this week and it is FABULOUS on so many levels.  One of my bridesmaids, Heather, is no lie the cutest person ever and she found it and sent it to me and was like “order this and order it now” … I saw it, I loved it, I ordered it, it came in, I put it on, and I loved it even more.  Now, I lets just have our fingers crossed …. well, I will leave it at that.

Have a good Friday and weekend!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

thou shall not stress over things that are out of my control.

however. I can be unhappy with the final outcome.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Foto Friday - What Kyle Does At Work

The dogs were at daycare on Wednesday.  Kennesaw was having her trial day, Mulligan was just being Mulligan as normal.

And this is what Kyle was doing:

He found Mulligan going to the bathroom.  Classy Kyle.

He found Kennesaw trying to escape

And he found Mulligan in the mess of the play group.

Time to torture Kyle! =D

After all these months of making wedding plans and decisions, Kyle J has pretty much been on the sidelines.  Which is 100% fine, I don't really need him in their mixing and voicing opinions and making decisions harder than they really need to be.  Let's be honest, it is MY day and Kyle is just my arm candy.  But now it is time for Kyle to step in and help make some decisions. is Tux Time!  Time for Kyle to play dress up and spin around for me.  Granted, he will only try on probably 2 Tuxes (and I tried on 200 dresses) he will still be miserable and unhappy.  Buck up Buddy!

We are going with a Gray Tux rather than a black one since Black is WAY too formal and I hate how Black looks with Navy and my girls are wearing navy.   I am leaning towards the darker one.... but it is ultimately up to Kyle since he has to wear it and then look at it for who knows how many years in pictures.  ....But I am going to find joy in tomorrow afternoon's excursion.  (I have bribed him with wings after though. But he knows he has to behave.)

we have a dark shade of gray.
....and a light shade of gray.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

three things thursday–truth edition.


TRUTH #1.  I am going to have to make a BIG decision on if I want to continue with Blast900 or not.  I  have a few reasons why I am trying to decide if I want to continue on or not, but it really comes down to money.  It is SO expensive and I go once a week.  I will never ever ever say a bad thing about Blast because it REALLY is a great workout.  But looking at all the money I am spending on it vs. going to the gym – it just doesn’t really make sense.  In addition I am not seeing a real big impact on my running – granted, many weeks Blast is my only workout.  I  just need to decide if it is worth it or not.

TRUTH #2.  Um.  I have a half marathon coming up that I am NO WHERE and I mean NO WHERE near ready for.  I have never had a “DNS” but I kinda wonder if I should even attempt this.  Yeah…. I blogged about this on Sunday but I have been thinking about it ever since.  I am unsure if running 13.1 miles when I haven’t really run more than 3 is worth it – in the past when I have not been really ready, I have at least been in shape enough to push through, walk a bit then run.  But I just do not think that is the case this go around.

TRUTH #3.  I think I have like an OCD personality.  My reasoning?  I tend to throw myself fully into something but I can only really focus on 1 thing at a time.  Last year it was running – this year it is wedding planning.  I wish I could find a way to balance everything, but I tend to let 1 thing take over my life.  Maybe since the wedding is pretty much planned – I just have more candy and candy buffet accessories, the guestbook, welcome bag stuffers, and some super cute signs to buy and then I am 100% done (I think).  Maybe I can take the that time and move it to running.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not wedding related - dog related.

I need a mental health moment.  Right now I cannot decide if I need to vomit because I am way tired or if it is because I am way nervous.  Why am I nervous?  Because my idiot self forgot to take our "found dog" posting off Craigslist and now there is some person who is asking questions.

Kyle and I do not think they're the same dog.  But at the same time, the "only" picture she has is from the dog was a puppy.  Which is crazy fishy to me because I have pictures of Mulligan EVERYWHERE and of all ages and we have probably 15+ pictures of Kennesaw and we've only had her a month.

You be the judge:

There is just a lot of sketchy stuff around this "owner" ... like it took her 2 days to find a picture of her dog.  And it has been a month why is she just now looking for the dog?  If I lost either one of the dogs I would put up signs and check Craigslist every freaking day. And if you lost your dog and have a potential lead, why not check your email often and frequently.  Why is there DAYS in between communication.

She asked me to send a picture of Kennesaw because she would "know her when she say her" and Kyle told me I should because what if this is legit, but I didn't want to ... but I did anyway.  And now I regret it.  I feel like we should have asked her to describe her prior to sending the picture.  And asked questions like "was she spayed".  I wish we had done a million and one things differently.  However, with that said... we're not giving her up that easily... we're going to make her answer questions like:

  • Was she spayed?
  • Where did you lose her and when? (so we can find out if she lost her AFTER we had her)
  • Can you describe any special traits about her?
  • Can your put us in contact with your vet so she can ID her as well?

I want to email her and say we have eye witnesses saying she was dumped and we found out AFTER we posted the ad.  And Kyle wants me to email her back saying " Unfortunately, based on the picture you provided, I don’t see how these two can be the same dog. Therefore, I cannot accept your word for it unless you can provide indisputable proof of your claim. If you cannot provide proof, I will be forced to assume you are lying for some reason and will have to ignore all future e-mails from you.”

Please keep your fingers crossed.  I am having anxiety just thinking about having to give up my baby Kenns again.  Needless to say, I took the posting down right after and I hope whoever this bad dog owner is just never emails me back.

And. Kennesaw is a Terrier. (or a terror)

Cue Scene:  Bright and early. 5:30 AM. Outside, trying to make Kennesaw go potty.  Kennesaw spots something under our grill.

She spotted a rat or a baby possum.  Something with a long thick tail.  (and I just got the chills thinking about this...) ....And Kennesaw, yeah she was not getting off that deck until she had that rodent.  Me.  I am in a fog (thank God) and have no idea what was going on (or I would have screamed and woken up the whole neighborhood).

This rodent thing dashes for freedom in the back yard but sadly for him/her Kennesaw was faster.  I am unsure if it was a bite to the body or a step on with that big paw but that rodent did not see daylight today.  And Kennesaw, yeah she had a new toy.  Me, I had no idea what to do.

So what do I do?  Start wispering "Kennesaw, Drop It"  (by the way, Kennesaw does not yet know that command) and then I whisper "Kennesaw just go potty" (another command she does not know or understand) and then I get the broom.  Yeah.  The broom.  To do what, no idea?  But it seemed like a REAL good idea.

Me?  I am terrified of rodents and bugs so there I am in the backyard with a broom standing there half asleep.  So what do I do next?  I call Kyle and just tell him that I need help.  Don't elaborate, just I need help.

There is a reason I am marrying Kyle.  He is fearless when it comes to gross things.  He saved Mulligan and me from a lizard once.  He has killed more bugs than I can count on 2 hands.  And now, he made Kennesaw drop the rodent thing.  He brought the trashcan outside, with the dustpan, and took my handy dandy broom (I knew it would come in useful) and swept up that rat possum thing and dumped it in the trash. And of course, then put the trash in our big trashcan.

Kennesaw thought this was a super fun morning and did not want to go to sleep but wanted to give me puppy kisses.  I have never pushed a dog away from my face SO fast as I did this morning (numerous times).  Girl needs a toothbrush and a bath before I let her lick me!

Oh... Kennesaw.  The life of having a puppy. =D

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Running Spot & Atlanta 13.1

I just ran a hot sweaty little 5k.  A few months back, the non-runner I am going to marry told me about a walking trail at a park near our house.  Who woulda thought, a non-runner would know walking trails.  Today I thought I would go run and that I would run to the trail, run the 1 mile or so trail and then run home. 

Truth: I.Was.Dying.

I live in a hilly little area.  But I really liked that little walking/running trail.  It is a little over a mile and I think I am going to run it more often.  And hopefully in the future I will be able to run to it and back without thinking I am going to die. 

But on that run, I got to thinking.  I am scheduled to run Atlanta 13.1 in like 2 weeks. 

Another truth: I am no where near ready.

I have never not run a race I was scheduled for unless I (a) got lost or (b) over slept.  But I am seriously thinking about not running this half.  Even though I LOVED this race last year I just don't know if I should or could run it.  I think I would rather just take the time to cram for Savannah.  There is no point to pushing my way thought it, not being able to walk, and suffering.

But... I am going to play it by ear. 

They're Besties!

Sunday morning on the couch.  Too little love loves sharing the love seat together.  Ignore the glowy demon eyes - my blackberry's flash makes them look like they're possessed.  =D

Friday, September 16, 2011

three things thursday.

Another week done.  I sometimes feel like I am a hamster in a wheel.  But that is okay because Thursday means we're closer to Saturday and Saturday = football.

1.  I am working a 5k this weekend.  My company is the head sponsor for some Children's Healthcare of Atlanta race this weekend and I am snobby and did not want to run since the course is pretty crappy, so I told them I would work the registration table.  Plus, I have always thought about volunteering at a race but never actually have so now I can.  However, having to be there at 6:30 AM is less that amazing in my book.  But I guess that is why someone invented naps and sleeping in on Sunday. ;)

2.  So, the weather is getting gorgeous and we have this golf course by my house and since my neighborhood kinda sucks in the running department (closed off, barely even 1 mile) I have been wanting to run the golf course.  The weather is making me want to run the golf course even more.  But I have no idea how.  Do I ask if I can?  They're gonna say no.  Do I just hop the fence and ask for forgiveness late?  I will take any and all suggestions.  Golf course running is good running because of all the hills and sometimes the course is super shady!!

3.  I was supposed to start traveling at the end of the month and then A LOT for the next 2 months but my work decided to push all the travel back a few months because we want to ensure the new software is 100% amazing and works just the way we want it to.  No need to rush something that needs to work really well.  So that means all my fun fall running spots aren't going to happen.  And with that ... we're trying to condense the roll over into fewer weekends, which means instead of 4 new fun running cities I only get 2.  Sad. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

creative friends are the best.

The best part of having creative friends is that they can design fun images quickly and easily.  And I joke that they're earning their invitation to the wedding.  :D   I have a crazy talented and just crazy friend Lindsay Jo who threw together this logo for our welcome bags and a few other wedding related objects.  I love it for many many reasons.  1.  Because it is of the state of Georgia and we're getting married in Georgia and the heart is actually over McDonough. 2. Because they it is navy and one of our colors is navy. and 3. because I think it will look so super fabulous on our wedding welcome bags given out at the hotel. 

Puppy Play Date with Lola!

Yesterday was a fun little day for Mulligan and Kennesaw.  My friend Tiffany has an adorable little black dog named Lola.  Mulligan has met her in the past, but he really was more interested in playing fetch than playing with her.  But when Kennesaw came into our world, we decided to introduce her to Lola and let them play!  And oh it was glorious.

Mulligan came along too, so the 1st car ride with the two of them in the car was, well, interesting.  Mulligan as usual, barked his little face off.  Kennesaw just looked at him like he was a mad dog and kept trying to escape to the front seat and would put him in his place when he would trample her.  Okay, trample may be dramatic, but still he stood on her.
Lola (left) Kennesaw (right) afther their puppy date!

We got to Tiffany's and oh did the chaos start.  Lots of barking and pulling on the leash and then when they were free there was lots of chasing.  You know... typical dog world stuff.  Then the dogs seemed to not really be all that interested in each other.  Joy.  Mulligan played fetch for oh 2 hours and Kennesaw gave me a heart attack when she decided to escape under the fence.  Yeah. Escape. So I got to jump 2 fences and then carry her back in my arms through the jungle.  (Hey woman in Aiken, I REALLY need that chip info back so I can register her online.  Please and thank you.)  After closing up the hole on both sides with rocks and not letting the Escape artist out of my sight ... her and Lola FINALLY began to play.

And I mean they played.  They chased each other.  Wrestled with each other.  And when it was all said and done, I had 2 tuckered pups.  

When we got home Kennesaw couldn't decide if she wanted to sleep in the kitchen or in the dining room so she slept half in one room and half in the other.   Mulligan, he just crashed on the love seat and these two dogs were pretty much done for the night.

Kennesaw has her 1st day of daycare on Friday and we're really excited to get her "graded" and see how she is behavior wise (we know bad) and see what sort of suggestions the trainers have on how to train her and exercise her.  Oh the life of a spoiled Shanahan-Vines dog!

Friday, September 9, 2011

… Big Peach Sizzler 2011 Race Recap …

I just may have lost my brain but because I have run this race the past 2 years I decided why the heck not and ran it again this year.  I love everything Big Peach and I have always liked this race so even though I knew I was not prepared nor would I be on race day I decided to run it just to see how it would go and how I would be able to handle 6.2 miles.


Saturday I had a few errands to run around the Buckhead area and I slipped into Big Peach to pick up my race number and packet.  I like having my number and shoe tag before the race so I do not have anything to worry about.  Sunday night I got my race outfit and gear ready for the next morning and Monday morning I was up bright and early  (after hitting the snooze button about 6 times) to let the dogs out, to grab something quick and easy to eat and then head to Chamblee to run 6.2 long miles. (The past 2 years I lived basically at the starting line, but we moved so I had to drive there this year.) 

The race… it went as well as I expected it to and I expected it to be unpleasant.  No lie, I woke up with a cramp behind my knee that I just could not shake (I’d like to blame Mulligan and him taking up the whole bed for that one…).  I decided to just take the race slow, walk when I needed to walk and run when I could.  I lined up on the right side and in the middle of the pack and was off.  Mile 1 was good.  The hill wasn’t hard (thanks Blast) and Mile 2 went well too (minus the bigger hill that I got 75% up and then took a walk break). Tropical Storm Lee decided to ran on us starting around mile 2 (for me) so needless to say it was a rainy race.  I found a good steady groove around mile 3 but with that said I was doing a methodical walk/run and ran more when the song got me going.  My body started to hurt around mile 4/mile 4.5 but I was kind of picking people off and passing people which as fine in my book.  Mile 5 was the hardest and I was so happy to see the finish line partially because my body hurt and partially because I was wet.

In years past I had complained about water stops not being stocked and that was not the case this year.  I think out of the past 3 years I have run it – this year went the smoothest.  The post race party/expo thing was kind of a cluster, but I will blame that on the fact that they had to move it underground so it was more crowded than it had been in the past.  Truthfully I grabbed my shirt and bolted because the parking deck underground was H-O-T and I needed air and away from stinky runners.  The shirts are a bright neon no cars can say they didn’t see me coming orange (worst than traffic cones) but I will still rock it from time to time.

Once again… Big Peach put on a great race.  =D

Finishing time: 1:15 Average Pace: 12:03

wedding, honeymoon, ugh rant.

of course of course wedding planning can’t just be all fine and dandy and not stressful at all right?  coming off an exciting day of finding out that wedding presents are being bought of course something horrible has to happen the next day.

I should have known something was not right when Kyle got his passport and I did not get mine.  Why didn’t I get mine you ask?  Oh because the Post Office is full of Mo-Rons and they screwed up my application; therefore, my passport application was oh REJECTED.  Yeah. Rejected meaning – don’t pass go. don’t collect $200. start over. go back to the idiots and the post office and start over.  START OVER!

Current mood: steaming annoyed.

So lets explain how and why is was rejected.  It was rejected because I “printed my name” and they cannot accepted printed names on the signature line.  Yes. Yes. I did print my name – only because the “smart” postman told me to print my name next to my SIGNATURE.  so not only did I actually put my signature on there, I printed it as well only because I was told to by someone who was supposedly a “passport professional”.

And now I get to go back to the post office and probably back to the same stupid postman and tell him that he needs to fix what he screwed up.  And with my luck I am going to have to wait another 4 weeks to get an appointment (we need appointments down here) and then hope and pray that they do not screw it up again and then I have to wait the 6-8 weeks to get my passport.

Yeah, I am not so sure St. Lucia is worth all this.  And I cannot wait to pay the post office $25 again at that appointment because they made a mistake. (seriously, this honeymoon is a moneymoon)  Just pray that I can keep my cool with them because I have a really hard time talking to incompetent people nicely.

new addition.

So. I need to update this blog to reflect the fact that we no longer have just Mulligan as a pet ... but we have 2 dogs now.  Mulligan & Kennesaw Shanahan-Vines. 

And being a dog mom and dad to two dogs at times is much more work and at times it is much easier.  Harder times: breakfast and dinner. when 1 dog is puking and the other is curious. when 1 dog barks, the other one barks.  Easier times: playtime and they wear each other out.  dog walks.

And getting 1 dog who has been an only spoiled child for pushing 3 years to love and adore the new addition was a challenge too, but now that they love each other the only tense moments are in the mornings.  Lets just say Mulligan takes after his Mom and Dad and it not quite a morning person, where Kennesaw wants to love everyone.all.the.time.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1st ever 3 things Thursday wedding edition!!

1. I think people are starting to buy us wedding presents!! =D  I was just eyeing our Crate & Barrel registry and things are coming off and I see FULFILLED next to somethings and somethings 90% bought and it makes me excited.  Not because we're getting gifts but because when wedding presents start being bought it makes it even more official that the wedding date is nearing.  And.. I am a dork and love thank you notes (I know right Mom, who would that thought) and buying fun stationary!! 

2.  I think my Mom and I *possibly* settled on our wedding invites.  I ordered 10 yesterday to see how I like them and if I like them we will order more and then it will be even more official that the wedding day is getting closer.  And one of the great things about Wedding Paper Divas is that should we not like them, we can return them for a full refund.  Fingers crossed that we like them though. 

3.  Lately I have been having wedding nightmares of anything and everything that could go wrong.  One had something to do with the minister forgetting what he was supposed to be saying.  Last night I had a dream that the DJ just decided that we weren't going to do a First Dance or a Father/Daughter Dance.  And I had a minor freak out on everyone who worked at the venue and on the DJ.  That would not be my finest moment.  But all my friends say that is normal and I have noticed that I only have them when I am in full wedding mode.  I need spa day.

198 days. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

less than 200.

We have broken the 200 mark. 199 DAYS TILL THE WEDDING. Time is ticking, hope everyone is finding their party pants and dancing shoes!!


Big Peach Sizzler - Race Photo

1st.  I am going to do a race recap.  I actually started it and then stopped and then started and then stopped.  It is coming, but long story short The Big Peach Sizzler was good!

2nd.  I am SO surprised I am not red and a hot mess in my formal race picture.  I do notice that I am a heel strike runner when I should be doing toe first, but whatever.

3rd.  I am not so sure why I am smiling, but I will take it.  Guess I was happy to see the finish line.  =D

Stay tuned for the race recap.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

failed foster–kennesaw update.

This post is a week over due and once again not wedding related but I wanted to share.  =D

Kennesaw’s adopted family did not work out, therefore, we had to go get her from Aiken SC.  I ended up taking a day off and met the woman half way and got our little Kenne back.  We decided that we couldn’t go through the adoption process again and she needed a good stable home – rather than the possibility of another adoption not going through.

So now… The Shanahan-Vines (or Vineahan house as we call it) has 2 people and 2 fabulous dogs in it!!  And for the record, she is for sure a puppy and we have not loved the 6 am weekend play with me wake up calls.  But it is all worth it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Running Shoes!

I went to Big Peach today to JUST pick up my race number for Monday’s 10k and walked out with my race number and a new pair of running shoes.  Granted… I was just about due for a new pair, I am still wondering how exactly I walked out with shoes.  I blame it on the 4 zillion workers in the shoe are that bombarded me.  And really I just wanted to see the new color combo for my typical running shoe not walk out with a pair but oh well.  As mentioned, I am almost due for a new pair and now I am prepared and I do need to start breaking in my pair for Atlanta 13.1 and Rock and Roll Savannah.

So here are my new shoes and let me tell you – they’re wickedly bright.  You’ll be able trunningshoeo see my feet coming from 76 miles away.  And for serious, this picture does not even do them justice… they are WAY brighter in real life.  Like no joke, Lime Green, glow in the dark – but thankfully people will see me coming so I should *hopefully* never get hit by a car!  I will probably start breaking these bad boys in this week.

I once read you should never pick a running shoe based on the shoe color and I of course will wear these Brooks shoes until they start giving me issues and then I will get refitted but really, who picks the color combos?!

Do you pick your shoes based on the color combo? 

Friday, September 2, 2011

candy buffet!!

candy buffets and candy bars have become a REALLY popular idea for the wedding favor for wedding guests and if there is something that both kyle and I love ….. it is candy.  And plus I really couldn’t think of anything fun and funky and festive but I really liked the idea of the candy bar.

So we needed jars to put all the candy in and I LOVED the vintage apothecary jar look but was super bummed when I sawcandy online how freaking expensive they were.  Until one day I stumbled across these fabulous jars at my local Home Goods.  (can we talk about how much I LOVE Home Goods)

So…. as you can tell, I stocked up on 8 different apothecary jars of all sizes and shapes for 8 different types of candy.  Granted, it wasn’t a cheap thing to stock up on it was MUCH cheaper than buying them full price at a non discount store like Home Goods.  I am going to order these cute little ribbon tag things for each jar so the jars will be labeled.  And then I need to give the venue strict orders of how I want it set up and looking.  Granted, I trust them, but still I am a control freak.

Now I need to think of 8 different kinds of candy to fill said jars.  I already have light purple & navy blue rock candy (and yes I will walk around the reception with a stick of rock candy in my hand – that is your warning – do not judge me) and I plan on picking up purple and navy M&Ms as well as purple and blue taffy and purple and blue gummy bears.  But then there are 4 other purple and blue candies I need.  I am thinking about purple gel fruit slices because I used to love getting those as a kid on base in VA Beach when I would visit my grandma & granddad. Thankfully I have an AMAZING bridesmaid named Heather who is doing some research for me.

Next on the shopping list:  the amazingly awesome bags off Etsy that people can fill with candy for their trip back to the hotel.  And seriously people, don’t forget to grab some candy at the wedding!! =D

Any ideas or suggestions on candy?! 

204 days to go.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

three things thursday.

Oh goodness my life is a crazy amazing beautiful wonderful ride that I love and am enjoying.  I feel like this year I have accomplished ZERO when it comes to my running goals and aspirations, but I am a whole new and different person than I was this time last year and I have my friends and family and Kyle and coworkers to thank. 

1. Not running related: but I am SO SO SO SO SO excited for football season!! =)  But kinda running related: Football Season = Fall and Fall = amazing running weather so now when I want to run I won't be able to wimp out and say "but it is too hot....." And fall also = lots of fun local Atlanta races. 

2.  I am running a 10k this upcoming Monday -- Big Peach Sizzler.   It is my 3rd year running it and it is by far one of my favorite races here in Atlanta.  Truthfully, I love all things Big Peach. There is a small chance I may die.  I have not run 6.2 miles in I do not know how long.  But I think I am not going to run it for a PR but just to finish it and see how I am doing.  After all, I need to assess my fitness since I have a freaking half marathon coming up in October and November.  Are there any other Atlanta kids running this race?

3.  We had a foster dog that was amazing and brought so much joy to my life and to Kyle's.  She 100% interupted out lives for 2 weeks and our working out schedule and then she got adopted to an amazing farm in South Carolina and I cried and I cried and as I got myself together and was heading to Stone Mountain to run my phone rang and it was the dog rescue letting me know that "Kennesaw was not going to work out, she has a "cat aggression" so someone needed to go get her".  ....So we have this dog again.  And we are bound and determined to not let her mess up our working out groove since we decided it is for the best and we are just going to keep her.  SO, we're not the proud owners of two fabulous dogs! =D