Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Things Friday

I have been meaning to REALLY do a post for awhile now. I know I did a half effort “catch up” post a week or so ago, but that was lame and totally not worth the reading.  And in all honesty, we really don’t have any earth shattering news to share. We are just working and hanging out in absolutely freezing cold weather.

1. I HAVE PAID OFF MY CAR!! This is huge. And I mean huge. That is $300 extra income per month which is {again} huge.  After McKenna was born Kyle & I updated how we filed our taxes and something went a little wrong so we ended up getting a pretty large refund from both the state and federal government. With that money {and some money from previous bonuses and some money from my mom and dad} we paid my car off. Now, don’t get me wrong – we were never in a true financial bind – but to have an extra $300 per month is going to help a lot since random expenses seem to just you know, pop up. :: cough, I had to buy 4 new tires last week which means Kyle probably needs 4 new tires too, cough ::

2. I am a Pure Barre addict again… I bought the baby bounce back package last year and finally got to start up in January once I got the all clear from my dermatologist and I have been going 3 – 4 days a week.  I am seeing major changes in my body and feel better and since I go at lunch most days it gets me out of a funk when I am in one.  Then Saturday mornings are just a nice way to start my day with “me time” before I dive into all day family, baby, and errands time.  I did just sign up for the March Challenge – 20 classes in 31 days – and if I complete it I could win some free classes. So, if you’re seeing this Deb, pick me, I think you’re wonderful and great and pretty and I will butter you up to rig the results and pick me.  :: sadly, once my baby bounce back is up, I do not know if I can afford it and may need to cheat on them with pink barre and their new member special ::

3. I am also tossing around the idea of a half marathon this year …  every time I talk about running or tell someone that I used to run half marathons and full marathons I get a little bit sentimental. But then I wonder if I want to commit to the training. But then I remember I am notorious for not really training for them and just running and finishing.  Keep you posted.

4. McKenna is in a big kid car seat. That is all. I just can’t deal with her growing up so far on me.

5. Kyle & I had the most low key Valentine’s Day … and it was great.  We didn’t have to fight the crowds and fight for a reservation somewhere.  We just split a bottle {or 2} of wine. Grilled shrimp and filets and made orzo and a veggie and had an easy night it. Of course, we couldn’t ditch the 3rd wheel and McKenna was sitting at the table with us. Just shaking her blocks and throwing Sophie around the kitchen.  BUT! I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

7 months + 4 days

Sassy is officially 7 months old. Well, this happened last Friday, but she is 7 months old and seriously fabulous.  She has yet to say “no” to any of my homemade baby food {spinach + apples was touch and go there for a moment} and she is just a chatty cathy.  She rolls everywhere and is officially a stomach sleeper. Which freaked us out at first and now we are just used to it. We sometimes also find her sleeping in positions that we did not put her, but whatever. As long as she is sleeping through the night and not suffocating herself we are okay.  She moved to a big kid car seat this past weekend – still rear facing, but no more carrier; therefore, she is our big hip baby.  She  still only has 2 teeth and isn’t crawling yet; however, Kyle is in full baby proofing mode in preparation for that day {which means I will not be able to function in my house soon}.

I feel like there should be more milestones and exciting things to report on, but truthfully the transition from 6 months to 7 months was pretty uneventful. …I guess I need to start planning a 1st birthday party soon since she is growing up a little too fast.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

I know, I disappear.

Hi. Long time no chat. In all seriousness, I am never on this laptop {obviously since I am never updating this blog} that every time I try to make an update I have to restart my computer.  You would think after not posting pretty much anything for a month I would have A LOT to say; however, life this year has been boring and not too much has happened.

Monday – Friday is the normal working.  Kyle takes M to daycare, we go to work, Kyle picks M up from day care, we feed M, feed ourselves, bathe M, feed her again, put her to bed and then we crash. Rinse and Repeat. I did just get back from my first overnight away from home work trip and it was so insanely sad leaving the little princess. I may have been teary dropping her off at daycare before I left, but let me tell you I have never ever ever been so excited to pick that munchkin up from daycare before. Sadly, she stared at me with this “who are you” look on her face. #tragic

Oh and shout out to my husband who rocked it as a single dad for those 2 days. Despite almost serving McKenna peas that were way too hot and waking up one morning at 6:20 AM when he had to feed the baby, get her ready, and get himself ready … they survived which is all that matters.

The weekends seem to be a total whirlwind in all honesty. I have started going to 9:00 AM Pure Barre on Saturdays to just jump start the weekend and to have a little me time before the chaos starts. Between all the errands and nap times and feeding and house chores, I feel like Monday morning just comes way too soon.

I have started making all of M’s baby food which is time consuming, but it is actually very easy and theoretically should save us a lot of money over time.  And I am having a fun time making her different combinations {that I stole from packaged food in the baby aisle}. So far the only combo she has tried has been carrot, apple, mango mash {and it actually is really good} … she still has peas and pears to try along with spinach & apple and then apple & sweet potato. We are giving banacado {banana and avocado} a try tomorrow morning so fingers are crossed.  Kyle hates how I destroy the kitchen and go through about 48105 dishes. And every time I am done I think to myself, “I really need granite countertops” since I have to scrub out the black lines that the baby bullet leaves on the countertops.

M turns 7 months on Friday so you should expect to see the monthly update on her and next weekend and I think I may have a lot of fun things to say in that post. That. Girl. Is. So. Fun.

BUT. Now it is bathtime. So I have to run. Hopefully I will have some fun post in the future about something fun we do as a family or a couple. Until then….