Tuesday, March 31, 2015

gratitude #2 // Song of Solomon 3:4


“I have found the one whom my soul loves.”
--Song of Solomon 3:4


I have been in a relationship with Kyle for over 8 years and we have been married for 3 years and 1 week. Hands down, I would call myself lucky, but that is cliché. I would also say that I married my best friend. Again. that is cliché. But seriously, I am lucky and I am married to my best friend.  For that I am grateful. 

I may not always like Kyle and I may not always like the advice he hands out on how to handle situations, but I always love him and the advice he gives me and has given me over time has not only grown me personally, but professionally. I am grateful to have someone by my side that I don’t always have to be socially acceptable around and to have someone by my side who supports me and challenges me and grows me. 

We live in a time where people are pretty selfish, but I am married to a guy who values our quality time together and who makes it a priority to spend time with me instead of playing video games. I have a husband who looks forward to date days or morning runs together. I have a husband who likes to go to the grocery store with me, simply because it is time that we get to spend together. There is rarely a moment that I don’t feel loved. Kyle makes it a priority to make me feel loved and feel beautiful. And, it is so much more than just saying the words.

Of course. He is not without faults. He has a quick temper when annoyed or frustrated and sometimes he gets lost in video games that he forgets to do things and let’s be honest - he doesn’t have the best listening skills. But, no one is perfect and I have come to accept his quirks and short comings and I have learned to not let them get to me because it is just Kyle being Kyle.

I live in a circus. We are on a hectic, crazy road right now and I have a husband who is walking right next to me during this time and who is laughing with me and who is keeping calm when I am panicking.  Quite simply, Kyle is just a great partner to have when navigating this crazy thing called life and for that I am grateful that I never found a job in  Atlanta and had to go home to Virginia and continue working at Logan’s Roadhouse. And I am grateful for margaritas in the snow where we got to know each other even more. And I will be forever grateful that he took a huge leap and moved away form his family and friends and moved to Atlanta with me almost 7 years ago.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Giving Back – Work Community Day

Once upon a time I created a 30 before 30 list. Well… don’t be fooled. I am no longer under 30 and I completed 8 of the items out of 30. Yeah. Pretty awful. I know. BUT! I had the opportunity to complete one of the items this past weekend with my company. So, while it doesn’t actually count, I can now take #29: Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity off my bucket list.


This past Saturday my company volunteered on a build with Habitat for Humanity and I really cannot call it a “build” since the house was finished – but we got to help with things like cleaning and touching up paint on both the inside and the outside of the house as well as landscaping. Let’s just say, it was an interesting experience but an overall great opportunity.  I saw my first ever crack head {true story} and we got yelled at by the neighbor lady who lived next door for being too loud when she was  trying to sleep {in her defense it was like 8:00 AM and she had gotten off work at 11:00 PM} … but it really makes you realize how lucky you are and how deserving some people are.  The woman who was the future home owner was gracious and she appreciated everything that we did for her and the other volunteers.  It was just a honor to help build a house for her to live in with her daughter and her 2 grandsons {who were adorable, by the way}.

I did a little bit of everything – I raked dirt to remove big rocks to prep the ground for sod and then I helped carry sod {which by the way is heavy and dirty} ahabitat3nd then I did some paint touch up on the outside of the house {and managed to not spill any paint on the front porch}.  Everyone kept telling Kyle, “see she can totally do yard work, she just tells you that she can’t”.  And well, yes. Yes, I can do yard work I chose not to – after all, someone needs to watch McKenna.  So – we just took pictures with our yard tools and covered in dirt to prove that we can do the work – just chose not to unless we are volunteering! =D

I think the biggest thing that I learned was that these homes are just not given to individuals – they have to earn that house.  The potential owner has to apply to be part of the “Habitat Family” and they must have a steady job and good credit.  They also have to work on the house for 250 hours as it is being built and they have to participate in a years worth of “homeownership”" education”.  I never realized that the future homeowners had to do so much and that they would be  side by side with all the volunteers working on the house.  My only regret was not taking the time to tell her congrats after the house was dedicated to her.  That house was something that she had wanted and wanted and now she finally had it.

Overall – it washabitat2 a cold day with great fellowship with my coworkers giving back to a family that so very much deserved the cute little house that was built for them by strangers who elected to give up a Saturday of their time.  The work was not hard, in fact there really was not a lot of work to get done since the house was done and all we had to do was odds and ends before the house was ready for the dedication ceremony we got done fairly easily. 

I have to say, it feels good to work for a company that gives back to its community. I would 100% do it again and maybe next time I can swing a hammer or put up a wall or something more builder like.  OR I can do something a little less dangerous like paint or rake dirt again.  After all, I am not sure I should be wielding a nail gun or even a screw driver.

Monday, March 23, 2015

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge : #1 Why Start?



Last week I came across this blogging challenge on a blog that I used to read a long time ago.  And as you know, it is a personal goal of mine to get back into this blogging thing on the regular a bit more.  And I thought, what is better than a 52 week challenge? Plus, I really liked the concept and it would commit me to a solid year of blogging about something other than my daughter and my dogs and my husband uber boring life.


when I decided to commit to this challenge there was the “it will commit me to opening my laptop and blogging” piece.  But more importantly, it will force me to take a step back from my busy life and to express gratitude for something. Confession: I sometimes get so wrapped up in the bad. and the gray. and the drama. that I miss the little things in life that are so good. while I am busy complaining about something small or rolling my eyes at the situation I am in, I am missing out on how lucky I am. in all honestly, I know I am one lucky girl… …but I am not always a little ray of sunshine so I hope this challenge changes me and my outlook on life!  my goal is that when I get to week #52 and answer the “did  this challenge change you” question/post I will be able to say yes.

Are you up for the challenge?! If so… …do it with me. It will be fun and I would love to hear what other people are grateful for. Just let me know that you’re doing it so I can make sure I am following your blog.

Friday, March 20, 2015

5 things Friday +1.

Alas. Another 5 things Friday where I can literally ramble about things that are fairly unimportant. And by fairly unimportant, I mean 100% unimportant.

[ one ] I have a major, uncontrollable itch to do some home improvements on our house. And I am pretty sure Kyle is getting annoyed listening to me talk about them. So, you get the hear my want list. I want my sliding doors gone & replaced with French doors. I want granite countertops & new cabinet doors. I want a deck remodel – with a fire pit added. I want to redo our master bathroom. I want to pain the shutters and get a new door.  Evidently, I need to win the lotto because with our penny pinching ways McKenna will be 43 and I still won’t have granite counter tops. #truth

[ two ] I think McKenna just may have the largest Easter basket in town. When Pottery Barn Kids calls something a large, they are not messing around. This is a LARGE basket that we need to get filled with stuff from the “Easter Bunny”. So, I am accepting ideas and suggestions. Please comment below. Seriously. Please do. But… …how cute is this thing. And Kyle did ask me, “this is her Easter Basket for awhile, right?!” … Pottery Barn Easter baskets aren’t cheap.  Even with that 15% off coupon code! =D

kyle wants to mention that mckenna is now eating finger foods on her own … something about a pincher finger reflex made this possible. I just think she is growing up a little too fast.

[ three ] In case you missed it. the debate over how a toilet paper roll is supposed to sit on the holder was put to rest this week.  And the toilet paper is supposed to hang OVER not under.  So for all those years that my OCD behavior has fixed this other people’s homes was not just me being OCD, it was me being 100% right. HA!  And I will no longer apologize for my toilet paper changing ways, but I will continue to fix it when I see it because it drives me NUTS.

[ four ] I get to see my best friend and her husband to be this upcoming week and to describe my feelings … I am REALLY EXCITED!  She gets to formally ask me to be a bridesmaid and if she is lucky I will say yes! I will be really sad when this client of ours closes their doors because it will be the end of random middle of the week visits with by bestie.

[ five ] I have a personal goal to get better at this blogging thing… …like I want to go back to the days of my running blog with most consistent posts and more followers and more comments – I miss engaging with people. I just have to make time for it and well, being a new mom + a working mom sometimes time is limited. But… I need to make it a priority.  So if anyone who reads this has any recommendations, please comment below.

[ +1 ] I am 15 classes deep in the 20 in 31 #purebarrechallenge – 5 to go. I CAN DO IT. I just have to pencil it in and stick to it because my available days are few and far between for the rest of the month. And by available days, I mean my lunch breaks!

WELLLLLL.  That is the 5 +1 … have a good weekend!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

#purebarrechallenge update

I am now kicking off week #3 of the #purebarrechallenge – taking 20 classes in 31 days. And if I have not said this before: I was so happy this challenge happened because it has kicked my butt in gear for my last full month of baby bounce back.


I started off week #1 strong. And took 5 classes in 7 days. Super grateful my work schedule allowed me to escape for a little lift tone burn at lunch.  And I was able to sneak out of the house for a 9:00 AM Saturday session before life just got crazy.  My body was hurting by the end of that first week.


Week 2 was just as good to me, but even better because though my body hurt – it didn’t hurt as much.  but … I took another 5 classes this past week.  Again, my work schedule was fairly kind to me and allowed me to escape at lunch again.  Although, I did have to cancel Friday’s class last minute due to a last minute conference call. So, I should have had 6 classes in 7 days, but only got in my 5. Oh well.

So, I am 50% done. 10 classes down, 10 to go. And it is going to get difficult to sneak away at lunch to hit the studio. Which honestly, sucks. I have been finding that those middle of the day classes have been keeping me sane and tend to knock me out of a funk if I am in one. But… work is about to get crazy busy.  I am pretty confident that I will be able to get 5 classes in this week, 6 if I am lucky.  I think I can do it if I stick to the schedule I have set & there are no more last minute work things. Le Sigh. Wish me luck.

Are you doing the challenge?! If so, how are you feeling?! How many classes in are you?!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

McKenna is 8 Months

Well. It happened. McKenna got another month older this week. Yesterday, she turned 8 months old {I was calling it 8 month years old}.  I have no idea how tall she is or how much she weighs, but she gets heavy and kind of reminds me of a sack of potatoes.  she still only has 2 teeth, but I know a 3rd is making its debut and a 4th may be coming along quickly. But she is still as adorable as ever.


Her new accomplishment is clapping. She used to clap with her feet and she still does, but now she knows she can clap her hands too and she loves to do it. She still is not crawling, but she has perfected her ability to roll around.  At some point this month she has started saying “da da da da da” over and over and over again and that pains me. So now I pretty much stare at her and say “ma ma ma ma ma”.  She also has decided that she is a pacifier kid… …now when she sees one she must have it.

Other fun things that happened to her this past month include: she met The Cat and the Hat at daycare.  She went to a restaurant for the first time.


We are loving that the weather is getting warmer {sometimes} and have started pushing her in the stroller at night and on the weekends we take her down to the park to swing. I cannot wait to take her to the pool. Time is seriously flying by – it just needs to slow down.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Welcome to 30, Kyle J!


Happy Birthday to my Kyle J and welcome to the big year of turning 30 (or 100 as his sister so kindly calls it). This is the 8th year of celebrating birthdays together and I wish I could say this would be the first lame birthday celebration of the bunch, but it isn’t.  However, I am grateful that my parents are able to watch little M while I take Kyle to dinner tonight! And I hope he doesn’t mind that I bought him a beachbody workout {that I just may borrow from him}.

I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend and husband and life coach and supporter and McKenna could not have a better Dad.  We are two lucky ladies if I have to admit.


Here’s to 8 more years of birthday celebrations and then 8 more years after that. And then 8 more … and well, we will take it from there! =D

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pure Barre Challenge. Weekend Update. Life.

Today started the March Pure Barre Challenge – 20 classes, in 31 days – or something like that. Since this is my last full month of my baby bounce back challenge package I through this would be an excellent way to push me harder, make sure I apurebarre1m in the studio as much as possible, and maximize my use of the package.  Plus, lately I have been feeling a bit hard on myself and my weight loss since McKenna was born.  And with having to order a bridesmaid dress lately and knowing that I am going to be in a wedding with like 8 beautiful and skinny girls, it has been a struggle to be happy with the progress I have made since getting back on the work out wagon. So, I took my 1st class today – 1 down, 19 to go and I am REALLY going to try to accomplish this.  Work is about to get crazy, but I think I can do this. fingers crossed.

So this weekend. We had big plans. Like spoil McKenna by going toy shopping since she seems really bored by what she has / what she has is too advanced right now.  However, those plans were halted and postposed to next weekend…. ….Kyle either got food poisoning on Friday or had a stomach bug so I was a single mom yesterday and seriously, it was exhausting.  But it is really cute because she is chattering a bunch. No clue what she is trying to communicate, after all I don’t speak baby, but it is really cute. I do not know what I am going to do once she is crawling and walking and creating scene and active. I am too old for this. However, I am thinking mommy and me Saturday morning gymnastics classes are in her future. Wear out some energy early in the AM. That may help, right?!

McKenna did get to experience her first snow this past week. babysfirstsnowNeedless to say, she was not amused and had zero interest in the falling snow or even touching what had fallen. Tough crowd little tyke. Tough crowd. And you people can say what you want, but that little baby North Face jacket may have been expensive but we have paid for that bad boy a million times over. But really, how cute is she?!

…Even with snow falling, I cannot help think about summer and this 6” melanoma scar on my back.  I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed by it, after all that one mole could have legit killed me but it didn’t.  I don’t want people to look at it and wonder what happened or for people to stare at it.  I bought workout tops that showed it off and I went and returned then.  And the diagnosis has me a little nervous about the summer and the sun in general.  I know overtime it will fade and that it is a battle wound and it shows that I am stronger and it shows that I beat something bad, but I cannot help but think how ugly it is and how large it is.

On a happier and lighter note, I am excited for this week. I have no real plans, but Kyle has a birthday and I have a busy work week which will make it fly by and I have 4 pure barre classes scheduled and 1 flywheel class and mckenna gets to go toy shopping this weekend and I may see my bestie and her husband to be this upcoming weekend and most importantly, the weather is supposed to maybe warm up a bit.

That is all my friends. I don’t have much more to say and we need to go grocery shopping + I have laundry to do and fold. Weekends.