Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i wish i had this buddy

he is 6 weeks old - which means he was 2 weeks old when the tornado went through Tuscaloosa.  The picture is super blurry but this little guy is so freaking cute and has so much love to give!  I wish I could have rescued him from the shelter this past weekend and given mulligan a little brother. 

our tuscaloosa trip

It has taken me a few days to put this together and to wrap my head around our weekend in Tuscaloosa. I brought my camera with me because I wanted to get pictures for this post, but then I thought to myself this is not a tourist attraction. pictures don’t need to be taken, there is work to be done. and trust me when I say, the pictures do not do it justice.  and if you watch the news, you have seen what tuscaloosa looks like right now.

The 1st time I saw 15th Street I was speechless. It took everything in me to not cry. I know there were business and restaurants there, but what they were, I cannot tell you.  Forest Lake … there is really a lake back there, I always thought it was a little pond.  But no, it is a full big lake.  For miles all you see are houses were just flattened and what houses were still standing are covered in tarps. There are houses and buildings that have the katrina markings to notify of body counts.  As you drive into Downtown you can see kids playing in the fountain, but not even 400 feet away is a big FEMA setup. Flags all over town are still flying at half mast. And I swear, if you never watched the news and drove certain parts of that town you would never know a massive tornado had hit that town a month ago.  Devastation is the only word I can use to describe what we saw as we drove down 15th street. I was telling Kyle how you’re not supposed to see certain landmarks from certain parts of the city, but now you can. I saw things that I never thought I would see and it was all in a town that I love.

And Saturday and Sunday for the 1st time in the longest time I was without my phone.  I felt that I needed to 100% be focused on helping out and updating my facebook or twitter page could be and should be saved for after I was in the hotel, showered, and done for the day.  And it was amazing to not see 1 phone out the whole time we were working.  I guess America really can disconnect from their phones when it matters.

Saturday: Kyle and I got up REALLY early.  6:30 AM early and were at the Animal Shelter by 8:00 AM.  I secretly was hoping to be able to walk the dogs and give the dogs baths and be able to love on them – but when we got there we were asked if we liked cats and were told we would help with the cats area. I am not a cat person at all, but we nodded and said we were there to do whatever.  They ended up getting distracted by our donations and once my car was unloaded we ended up working in the garage cleaning out cages and moving animals.  I immediately found 4 dogs I wanted and got teary but made myself not cry and got and dirty cleaning out cages.  The worst was when we were told to sort and stack bowls since we were surrounded by super sad looking dogs.  I made the BIG mistake when I decided I wanted to walk the shelter floor.  There were so many beautiful dogs that so badly just want to find their families or go to a new home.  Their eyes and their tail wags killed me and I lost it.  *here come the tears thinking out it*  I just wondered about them and who they belonged to.  If I ever lost Mulligan in a tornado or anything, I would be at the shelter everyday looking for him.  I saw 2 people leave with their dogs that day and it made me so happy, but I also saw 2 people come in looking for their dog and their dog not be there and the sadness and defeat in their face as they walked out of the shelter killed me and I had to fight back the tears (not doing a good job of holding them back now). We also saw someone bring a dog into the shelter which was sad too.  And when I overheard the director talking about potentially having to euthanize some of the dogs due to over crowding it took everything in me not to cry.  A dog is so innocent and so full of love, and over crowding is such a sad reason for a dog to be put to sleep. Please. If you’re ever in the market for a dog, rescue one.  There are so many amazing dogs that need good homes and to be taken out of shelters.  And I really believe a dog knows when you save them.

Sunday: We headed to the big Tuscaloosa Emergency Services donation warehouse around 10:00 AM to haul and sort donations.  We got there and learned that they didn’t open till 1 normally on Sundays because of church but they did not want to turn away volunteers since they needed help and they put Kyle, me, and this other guy Blake right to work.  And they had us sweating quick as we sorted foods into categories. We did pretty much everything from sorting food to hauling donations to various sides of the warehouse.  It was unbelievable how many donations had been brought on and what was brought it.  I think it is wonderful that people felt compelled to donate their belongings, but I wish people would think about what they were donating.  This is not an opportunity for you to ditch your junk.  We sorted empty tins, single crushed pop tarts, left over christmas candy, bar soap that was SO old that it was crumbling, cleaning supplies, paper products, clothes (and there are A LOT of clothes), diapers.  But I know we should not judge those who donated and what they donated – at least they felt the urge to do something.  Around 1 the big organized groups showed up and Kyle and I felt like we were more in the way than helping, so we chose to leave and get back on the road to Atlanta.  But in those 4 hours we worked and worked hard.  I do not know where the donations go from there – we were only sorting and boxing them up – but I can tell you they have A LOT but still need A LOT of the essentials like food and toiletries.

I would say my only complaint about this weekend was the attitude of some people. 95% of the people were grateful we were there and wanting to dive in head first.  But there was that 5% that made my wonder if I was hearing them right. On Saturday when we were picking up our credentials so we could volunteer the Samaritan’s Purse people had a nasty attitude that we weren’t helping that day but the next day and wanted to start at 10:00 rather than 1:00.  With a tone in their voice we were told “we could not start working till 1 because of church”.   And then in the warehouse on Saturday the AmeriCorps people just threw attitude around  since “they had cleaned this place up a few days ago” and thought they were better than everyone else helping out.  To me: no one is better than anyone else.  We all were there because we wanted to HELP.

And I think I cried more writing this than I did when I was in Tuscaloosa. Oi. Probably because when I was there I was focused on working and helping and did not really give myself the chance to process what I was seeing. But it was a great weekend, I wish I lived closer because I would volunteer more. If there is one thing I know for certain it is: that town is going to be needing help for a LONG time, there is so much rebuilding to be done. And I hope the big groups of volunteers continue to pour into that town and that people don’t forget what happened there.  Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city. Roll Tide.
I saw this after the storm and it still is amazing to watch.

Friday, May 27, 2011

foto friday -- dog cams.

we all know mulligan is spoiled and goes to daycare - but he is there for a long weekend since we're going to help out with the tornado dogs in Tuscaloosa. and i know that he has been playing since 8 am and it is pushing 5 and a lot of the doggies may have gone home and he is having a slumber party, but it still hurts my heart to see my little love bug laying all alone with no friends. at home i lay on the floor with him. i hope he is not wondering when i am coming to get him because it may be a few days.  why am i such a dork and why can't i part with my dog for 3 days?! and before you ask me how i am sure this is my dog trust me, i am sure. those are his little brown paws and i know how my demon lays! but i miss him so!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I got called a bridezilla this week.  Sad.  It was a joke, but I have said from day 1 that I don't want to be a bridezilla.  So I really hope I am not out of control.  And if I am... I apologize.

But I do promise the bachelorette party will be fun and I am forever grateful for it being planned and for everyone coming.  I will be the girl in the green tutu with glitter.

Three Things Thursday.

Three things. That's the introduction you get.

1. Kyle and I are headed to Tuscaloosa tomorrow to help with recovery efforts.  Saturday we're helping with the dogs and working in a donation center sorting donations.  Sunday, we're doing something and then heading back to Atlanta.  I hope I can keep my emotions in check.  I have a feeling it will be a long, hard weekend.  BUT on the brighter side, I cannot wait to eat at Mugshots and have dinner with Nicole (I have not seen her since her wedding in 2007! This is long overdue!) and introduce Kyle J to Bob Sykes BBQ!

2. The hotel for my bachelorette party has been booked and confirmed.  Savannah over St. Patrick's Day weekend it is.  And there will be tutus and glitter and good times. Just waiting on 4 people to flip to the "yeah I am there" or the "nope, can't make it" side to get the cost per person down but it will be a good time. And then the following weekend I get to get married! :o)  And... I feel like I am majorly behind on this wedding planning thing but I am really not, but the knot.com has an uncanny way of making you feel like you are behind.  But, I have learned that I have some wickedly amazing friends and I am SO grateful for all of them.  if anyone has any suggestions on good dinner places and things to do, let me know. i am not accepting any and all recommendations!

3. My birthday is on Tuesday and I feel like it has been forgotten about. Except Kyle has my present on our mantle {i really hope it is Glee for the Wii or the Zac Brown CD or both}.  I have not received any birthday cards yet in the mail.  Maybe this is karma for forgetting my mom's birthday.  whoops.  2012 I will be better at calendar management.  Which, speaking of 2012 ... where has 2011 gone?! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

kettle ball workouts.

Kyle and I are working to get in killer shape for our wedding & honeymoon.  And we were talking about doing a kettle ball program since I have heard rave reviews. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on which program is good?  What they have used and liked and worked?

Your opinions are greatly appreciated here.  Because we are in the dark.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trash Can Diving Update....

....it appears the monster is just fine.  Fingers crossed.  This morning he ate his breakfast as if nothing happened yesterday, his bowel movements are just fine, and he devoured his stick as he got in his crate.

$10 the absorbent pad is still hanging out in his belly trying to be digested & broken down by his stomach acid. 

....I can hear my Dad now  "you should have never gotten a dog"  ... but we love him.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trash Can Diving

Why are dogs so freaking stressful???? Mulligan and his menacing ways got in the trash today.  His favorite food bowl: the trash can. 

In about 4.3 seconds flat (as I was struggling with him to take it away) he ate the absorbent pad that lines the bottom of the raw chicken tray.

The game plan: not to just yet take him to the vet.  By all my google searching of vet sites and talking to my friend who is a vet and talking to a girl whose dog ate 4 pairs of underwear and survived ... we are going to watch him and just give him frequent walks.  Make sure he doesn't get lethargic, doesn't vomit, eats his dinner, and does not get constipated.

He should just pass it in a few days, but if he shows any of the above signs a vet trip and big vet bill is in our future.

Another day I got to sing Mulligan the "dumb dog why are you following me" song from Annie.

Friday, May 20, 2011

the great shirt debate.

as I was walking to The Brookhaven Bolt this past weekend I began to remember one of the things that irks me about races.  And I will be the 1st to say that this pet peeve of mine is probably petty and absurd but that is fine.  I will also say, as I lined up at the start, there was a group of 4 that were talking about “when it is ok to wear a race shirt” and as much as I wanted to chime in I did not.

So.  When is it okay to wear a race shirt?

In my opinion: when you’re running for fun or training, but not at a race.  a race shouldn’t be a walking billboard for all the other races that happen.  when you’re laying out your race clothes, what makes you grab a race shirt?

Hear me out.  So you’re running a 5k and people have on other 5k shirts.  You’re like okay, you’re at a race, we know you're a runner or someone who enjoys running… you don’t need to broadcast it on your chest.  And same goes with a 10k shirt, we got it… you run. If you’re wearing a half marathon or a full marathon shirt, I think you’re just showing off.

If you look at the hardcore speedy runners – they’re not in another 5k or a marathon shirt.  They’re in a regular running top or a shirt that has a big logo across it.

I know a lot of people feel that their marathon or half marathon shirts are badges of honor and they earned that shirt … and yeah you did (well. maybe you did, since so many expos give out the shirts there…) but I just don’t think a local race is a place to flaunt your accomplishments.

And… I am sure many of you disagree, but that is fine.  What are your rules on race shirts?  To wear or not to wear at races?!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rock and Roll Savannah!

Yeah!! I booked my hotel for Rock and Roll Savannah the other night!

Originally, I was gonna stay in a house for super cheap with a bunch of twitter people but then I realized that I wanted my own space and my own bed and my own agenda.  Afterall, I was going to be running 13.1 miles I better be well rested.

The plans: Get to Savannah Friday. Hit the Expo. Check out the town. Lounge around. Dinner. TV. Sleep. Up early. Run. Run some more. Ice bath. Shower. Nap and then home to Atlanta.  I requested the 4:00 pm late check out so I could nap a bit post race and then head home to Kyle J.

I just didn't want to stay in Savannah an extra night.  I know, I am lame.  Plus I couldn't justify spending the money to watch TV in my room.

Anyone running Savannah too?!

Meet Allie.

How cute is this little animal.  Her name is Allie and she looks so very very similar to Mulligan and I adore her.  She is 3-4 months old about 30 pounds and a tornado puppy in Tuscaloosa.  I was told she is sweet as can be and loves other dogs and has a really great temperament.  And she has such a sad sad story.

She got lost in the storm (scary to begin with, let alone being so young) and then her dad found her. yay! but then her dad decided he wanted a "yard dog" like a German Sheppard and so he brought her back to the woman who found her and told her to adopt her out. 

I wish I could have her, but we don't need another dog.  And she is going to get big and we cannot do 2 big dogs. Especially since Kyle, Mulligan, and me can barely fit in our bed already.  And 2 big dogs cannot fit in our back seat when we travel.  But if I could take her, I would.

I hope this sweet thing gets a new amazing home.  Let me know if you're interested in her and I can get you in touch with the woman who currently has her.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Brookhaven Bolt 2011–Race Recap

I cannot believe it has taken almost half a year to run a race.  I have been crazy lazy this year and I have a half marathon coming up in November so I thought I would kick off training by running The Brookhaven Bolt (that is how I kicked off training for my 1st half marathon and it worked).  The Brookhaven Bolt was the 1st 5k I ever ran 2 years ago so I feel the urge to run it each year, but last year I told myself  i am never running this race again but there I was Saturday morning at the start line.bolt.

I got up Saturday morning after hitting the snooze on my phone 2 times to see that rain was in the forecast so I began to hope that the rain would hold off.  Brushed my teeth. Got dressed. Grabbed my iPod and Garmin and I was out the door.  That parking situation was MUCH better than previous years.  A designated area rather than having to fight for a spot on the neighborhood street .... and the walk to the start was not too bad.  BUT then I noticed people walking back to their cars with their race bags and thought great, they're handing things out pre-race and I was 100% right.

I get to the race number pick up spot and for the 3rd year in the row is was an utter disaster area.  I went to my "designated" line (U-Z) to pick up my number, told them my last name VINES and I got looked at like I had 456 heads.  The woman did not even talk back, just stared. I then asked "am I in the wrong spot to pick up my number" and then I got a "no" just a no.  So again... I said Vines and more stares.  Finally I got my race number and was shuffled to get my shirt and race bag.  Even bigger cluster.  Then I had to walk back to my car.  So between parking to the race start, race start to car, and then car to race start my Garmin said it was a 1 mile walk.  AND.... Me getting their 45 minutes early to warm up and stretch was gone.  I had used it walking and picking up my number.

So, the race started and it was smooth.  For once it appeared that people lined up in the right spot.  The dogs and strollers were in the back (I did get passed by many of them though).  The course was awesome and for the 3rd year in a row it was different – but a good different.  At one point I actually thought, this is the easiest course so far and then BAM we rounded a corner to a huge hill and the hills just kept coming.  BUT!  I made myself run up at least 50% of each hill.  75% if I could.  I think the last mile was the hardest mile – originally I thought it was because of the hills (then I looked at the elevation map) but I think it was more because my legs were tired from pure barre yesterday and then the actual running. The course was fully stocked with water (my guess: they learned their lesson from last year).

I could have PR'd if the last mile was not so hilly and if I had not lost so much time on the 2 water stops ... excuses aside, I am pleased with my finishing time and performance , but I am way past pleased with my 34:47 finishing time.  My 5k PR is 33:39, so I was just about a minute slower than my best ever 5k.  Which means my hilly hilly neighborhood is making me stronger and better.  Now... if I would just run more.

The weather was nice.  Not too hot not to cold not really humid and the rain held off.  The skies actually opened up about 5 minutes after I finished and started to stretch. I will do it next year.  My only complaint was the registration area.  Maybe next year that kink will be worked out.


  • The course - pretty, not too hard, and the little families on the course were so super cute.
  • The post race "festival" ... fully stocked with food and water and super awesome vendors.
  • The starting area was clearly marked & the radio guys helped everyone know where they were going.
  • The shirt, classy ... but I do hope they move past cotton sometime soon and onto something wicking. 


  • being given my race and race bag before the race.  i lost all my time to stretch and warm up in the walking back and forth.
  • the race number pick up area.  for the past 3 years it has been nothing but disorganized.


  • Seeing my friend Ty from college and catching up.
  • Realizing that I was not going to die and was close to my PR time.
  • Being reminded how much I LOVE running & running local races.  Gotta find a June race!! =)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

weekly round up.

i survived another week. i hope you did too.

monday: 2.03 mile run.  it was supposed to be 2 miles but what can i say, i am an over achiever.  started training for Rock and Roll Savannah and welcomed the hot summer sun in all in the same day.
tuesday: lazy.
wednesday: lazy.
thursday: lazy.
friday: pure barre at lunch with the office girls.  and taking a week off from that place is not a good idea. just a heads up.
saturday: brookhaven bolt 5k. race recap to come soon. 3.1 miles.  AND I took Mulls on his 30 minute walk! :o)
sunday: 30 minute walk with the dog.

i did figure out (per my garmin) that each 30 minute walk is about 1.5 miles.

total miles ran this week:  5.13  ...now, if i could get to working out more consistently that would be awesome.

random work out thoughts:
  • man. nike frees are not good running shoes for me. my legs hurt.
  • hello hot summer sun in atlanta.
  • must actually follow my training plan to savannah.
  • pure barre sucks if you don't go at least 1 time per week
  • i actually am not dying (while running the 5k)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

200. have i really blogged 200 times.

so i have entertained you now with 200 blog posts and this little thing has evolved from 100% running to a bunch of nonsence mixed in with running. for the 200th post i am going to share in the same fashion as blog number 100.  SO thanks for following and supporting me and being awesome.

10 random things about me
1. for awhile there i was overly obsessed with cupcakes. i think i overdid it - they kinda have lost their luster to me. put one in front of me, yes, i will eat it ... but no longer will i go out of my way for a little cake.
2. i got engaged in july. yay. my ring has always been a little big. i really need to get it sized. it fits perfectly on my index finger... but it just looks funny when i wear it there. :o)
3. at some point i became boring and have learned that i like staying in on a weekend and realized that i love all things crate and barrell and love kitchen accessories. i am 26. i need to find my young side gain.
4. if i could, i would leave my christmas tree up 365 days a year.  ...but i REALLY need to get a christmas tree skirt!!
5. i am perfectly content sitting on my couch watching old episodes of TV shows. I love discovering shows that I had heard about but never really watched. Gilmore Girls for example... sucks me in.
6. i do not wear my engagement ring on the weekends unless i am going somewhere. i have no idea why i do this, but i do.
7. medieval times could be one of my most favorite places. it could be my disney world. not only did i get engaged there, but the whole production is just fun.
8. i have the oddest obsession with wrapping paper and i love wrapping presents. sometimes when i get bored, i reorganized my wrapping paper storage bin thing.
9. i always thought that my to do list book journal thing was something only i did.  i carry it everywhere with me and the list grows by the minute. then i learned my mom does the same thing. ....i guess you really do turn into your mother.
10. i often have to fight back urges to do cartwheels and forward rolls.

10 things I am looking forward to...
1. my wedding. march 24, 2012 :o)
2. registering for wedding presents, getting grown up things, and getting to donate all our cheap cups and stuff to goodwill
3. june 22 2011 - new kids on the block / backstreet boys concert.  the last new kids concert i went to was amazing ... add BSB, oh it is going to be SO much fun.
4. buying a house (not renting) with an awesome kitchen so i can buy so many awesome kitchen things with a good backyard for my demon dog.  {i have settled for now, on a cute rental house with both awesome and awkward qualities}
5. having babies! or baby ... depending on how painful the 1st one is!! but no kids till at least 2014!!
6. My bachelorette party in Savannah over St. Patrick's Day weekend. 
7. The holidays.  I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and the holiday season.
8. Finding a work life balance and the motivation to workout.
9. going home in july and being able to actually take a vacation.
10. my honeymoon. hopefully to costa rica.

10 thing i covet and want so badly... and what i want to do with it
1. a little more time in the day. i would hang out with kyle more, run more, read more, enjoy life just a little bit more.
2. a personal trainer, a chef, and a personal shopper so i can be utterly fabulous all the time.
3. a pair of alabama boot slippers. big gaudy and awful but so amazing at the same time. our floors are cold. my feet freeze.
4. awesomely amazing patio furniture for our screened in porch. i would love to sit out there and drink wine, listen to the rain, and read ... and to have dinner on the porch!
5. a new toyota 4runner or jeep grand cherokee. black please. 4 wheel drive is a must. to drive. duh.
6. a pair of burberry rainboots and i want to wear them to the office on jeans friday with skinny jeans when it rains. nothing screams professionalism like nova check rain boots. i die.
7. a $3000 treadmill. (which for the record, i will never ever own). these are super similar to the treadmills used at blast900 and i love the ease of the inclines and i LOVE how this one connects to real life trails.  (it was on sale for $2000 around the holidays...)
8. a pair of hunter rain boots (yes i want 2 pairs of rainboots) ... and i want to wear these to the office too on rainy days. but i cannot decide on a color.
9. season tickets to alabama football. this needs no explanation.
10. a vacation. to the mountains. where there is no cell service. so i can disappear and decompress.

10 things i am super thankful for
1. my super supportive and awesome family
2. kyle j. and his carefree personality
3. waking up every day. the sunrise and sunsets.
4. that my parents paid for my college education. i hear about people and their student loans all the time, i could not imagine having that sort of burden. i like that i am 26 and debt free.
5. our awesome neighbors, even though they are supporters of the university of auburn (as nick saban likes to call auburn).
6.  my crazy awesome friends and their raw honesty
7. that i understand the concept of a dollar and not living outside my means.
8. the company i work for, the people i work with, and that i love coming to work every day.
9. good runs and bad runs. long runs and short runs. hard workouts on bad days and easy workouts  ... each one is my moment to be alone and clear my head.
10. 5:00 PM on Friday.

10 pet peeves/things that irk me
1. people who create their own parking spots
2. vanity license plates (i once saw a plate that said "atthelake" and my thoughts were no sir, you are not on the lake, you're in rush hour traffic on peachtree)
3. speaker phone and people who take their calls on speaker phone
4. slow drivers in the left hand lane. slow drivers in general.
5. voicemails that are longer than 30 seconds
6. spam emails and eblast marketing emails... don't email me unless it is important.
7. inconsistency.
8. when the weather gets nice and then gets cold again and then it is nice and then it is cold. weather, make up your mind.
9. people who think they're entitled to anything and everything.
10. when people copy & paste other people's tweets for facebook statuses.  they think they're all funny and witty, but really they're lame and unfunny.  if see your status or tweet and think where have i seen that it does not make me laugh again, but go on a scavenger hunt to see where you stole it.  you plagerizer.

10 things i really really want to do
1. go to costa rica and zipline over the rain forest and hike next to the waterfalls.
2 ride in a hot air balloon
3. watching alabama win a national championship.... in person.
4. own a house with a great backyard and kitchen
5. swim with dolphins
6. know that i have touched just 1 person's life in a positive way
7. take a running tour of washington dc ... or any city for that matter.
8. volunteer with habitat for humanity
9. take more time for myself to do whatever. sleep in. read a book for hours. run.
10. be so good at the wii that i do not always lose to Kyle!!!

10 things i love
1. my little family and our little house on the hill.   ....and my big family in Virginia
2. websites like groupon and half depot. $15 for $30 worth of sushi. $35 for 2 rooms to be professionally steam cleaned. $7 to for 2 rounds of mini golf. don't mind if i do.
3. long dinners and happy hours with good friends
4. a good mind clearing, soul searching run.
5. my bridal party.
6. tuscaloosa on a game weekend. the excitement, the energy, all the ROLL TIDES and the food.
7. good quotes that make you think and make you write them down
8. random phone calls from friends i have not talked to in awhile and long phone conversations with good friends
9. my wedding dress.
10. when a guy opens my door.  it makes me think that chivalry is not dead.

and there you have it. i am now even more of an open book than i was before.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Favorite Things.

A few weeks back I saw a blog about a runner’s favorite things and since my blog this year has navigated SO far from the running and working out world (since I have not done a lot of running this calendar year. oi) I decided to steal this and tell the world about my favorite running things … when I am running.

Brooks PR Mesh Skirts.  They're airy and short {I like short running things} and breathable and just darn cute.  Oh and the “underwear”  doesn't chafe or really ride up.  There is a zipper pocket on the back that I can throw a key in. Sometimes, when I am lucky I can find them for super cheap on 6pm.com .. other times I have to pay pretty much full price, but it is 100% worth it.

The Stick & Foam Roller.  Those little contraptions works out all the kinks on my legs. This probably sounds loony, but whenever my legs are starting to feel tired and heavy I spend some quality time with those 2 things and I tend to bounce right back.  I also swear by the foam roller the night before the race.

Joyful Bath Bath Salts. I hate ice baths. They’re miserable. But I always would take the ice bath with epsom salts.  But, once I was introduced to Joyful Bath the ice baths didn’t get any better, but the scents and how they work made them like .01% more manageable.

Pure Barre. When I first started I wondered if/how it could make me stronger, but after a month of going my core and legs are much stronger. and both things will help with my running. the only downside it that it is REALLY expensive so since my new member monthly perk has expired I can only afford to go once per week.

Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waist Pack. I use this only for my half marathons and marathons since it is kind of bigger. Though it is bigger and fanny pack like, it sits on my lower back and doesn’t really move {unless I have the whole world in it}  There is plenty of room for by blackberry, chapstick, keys, and GU chomps.

ReGen Recovery Milk.  I have tried everything from Athlete's Milk to Honey Milk but I could never stomach it.  They seemed so chalky and non milk like.  But I was introduced to ReGen thanks to the Marine Corps Marathon and it tastes just like milk.  It has earned the title of my post long run and post race beverage.

GU Chomps.  I cannot stomach the Gels.  Something about the texture makes me want to vomit.  But the chomps I do just fine with. I normally only need 1 package of them but they give me the little burst I need & I hate to say this…. but when I am dying at the office, they help wake me up too.  *you know you’re a runner when…*

Neutrogena Sport Wipes.  Theses bad boys are awesome for after a killer workout.  I carry them in my gym bag to quickly clean the dirt and sweat off my face after working out.  They’re clutch when I do a workout and then have to head back to the office.

And with that…. those are just a few of my favorites when it comes to working out, running, or being active.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

three things thursday - tornado edition.

i am gonna try my best to keep this 3 things thursday as short as they normally are, but i wanted it to have a theme.  it has been 8 days since the tornado ripped through my college town and though i can now watch the news or read stories without busting into tears, I feel it should not be forgotten about.  Yes, it was and is great news that Bin Laden was killed, but with the breaking of that story, the reports of Alabama and Georgia and Tennessee and the tornado have been pushed to the side.  And this is not a time to forget or move on.  There are still people missing, donations of money and supplies are still greatly needed, and the states still have broken hearts

One thing that has made me so so so proud to be an Alabama fan is that our love for Tuscaloosa does not stop at football and bear bryant and saturdays in the stadium, we have a LOVE for the University and the town.  Yeah, we may bring out 90,000 people for a spring football game but the out pouring of people wanting to support and rebuild that town has been and I think will continue to be amazing. 

1. this past saturday the atlanta alabama alumni association held a fundraising event at one of atlanta's "alabama bars".  For each Sam Adams beer that was sold 100% of the proceeds went to tuscaloosa and all the proceeds of merchandise sold went to t.town. {some random spectatur told me i needed to be in a marketing commercial}  And... $8500 was raised!! YEAH!  AND.... we filled 3 car loads and a U-Haul full of supplies, tarps, food, toiletry items and clothes!! Many thanks to the auburn and ole miss alums that came out!! We appreciate and thank you!!!
2.  i am so sad for not only the people who lost everything. but the pets.  every day i think about the scared animals who are wondering what happened to their home, their city, and their owners.  Every day I look at the lost puppies and cats that need to be reunited with their owners and it breaks my heart to see their sad eyes  But, can we please take this as a lesson.  Having a collar on your animal is not enough.  I do not care if your pet is an "indoor pet" ... it needs a collar with tags that can help the pet be reunited with the owner.  Yes, I know and understand that there is a chance the wind yanked the collar off, but please tag your dog!  And if you're going to spend the money to have your furbaby chipped, please keep that info up to date.  I have been telling Kyle that I am going to spray paint my phone number on Mulligan's back! I really hope the animals can be reunited with their families soon. 
3.  I am heading to tuscaloosa Memorial Day weekend to volunteer. I have been wanting to go back to that town for SO long and I feel this is a really good reason.  Kyle and I are going to dedicate the weekend to helping out with the pets, trying to get them back to the owners or fostered out until they can be reunited with their owners.  I hope I do not come back with another dog.  I feel like the least I can do is give back to the town that gave so much to me.  If you're in Atlanta and want to send donations (clothes, toiletry items, pet supplies) let me know.  I can and will deliver it for you!!!

I saw this article the other day and some people think the timing is not right but when I read it, I saw it as a journalist looking to cheer for a University and a town that has been through so much. 

....if you're wanting to help out the state of alabama you can of course donate to the red cross.  If you want to donate supplies or anything, let me know and I can get you linked up with a donation site.  Auburn has done an amazing job with Toomers for Tide and they have many donation sites set up in most states.  There is SO much hate between Alabama and Auburn I can only hope that between the trees and this the hatred dies down a bit.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

another week.

and this week i did.......

monday: missed my workout. was talking to one of my favorite people and my maid of honor about her 1st day at her new job!! yay for E!
tueday: mile monday a day late, but completed.. 1 mile. pace: 12:10 .... still kinda sore from boot camp which may explain why i was SLOWER than last week. humph
wednesday: pure barre was missed due to work and life.  BUT I made Kyle walk the dog with me for some quality "family time" before the storms rolled in. probably a 15-20 minute walk.
thursday: i did nothing.
friday: planned to do pure barre during lunch. missed it due to a meeting & work over load due to a training class next week. 
saturday:  .....30 minute dog walk.
sunday: pure barre.  the very last day of my unlimited month. so sad but it was so hot and so unfun. .....30 minute dog walk

total miles ran.... 1.00 mile.  SO LAZY! *wasnt the idea of this post to ahem make me work out so i did not have to report back that I was lazy lazy?!*

random thoughts:
  • i love pure barre, but i am kind of glad my unlimited month is up.  i feel myself getting stronger, but i cannot rely only on that to get back in shape and to build my stamina and endurance.  i need some active movement in my life. i do love their core work though.
  • i was in amazing shape when i was swimming once a week. i need to swim again.
  • lululemon has horrible running clothes. thou shall not waste my money there again.
  • i love race season. i love seeing everyone's crazy awesome accomplishments and hearing about people's marathons and 5ks.  Heck, I can live viacariously though people!!