Monday, June 16, 2014

another weekend gone.

it is amazing to me how fast the weekends just pass by. especially when you do absolutely nothing. I just feel like I need 1 more day to group and get my life together before the work week starts again. and when I said we did nothing this weekend. I mean, we did pretty much nothing! and it was great.

Friday night Kyle put together the Pack ‘n’ Play and the Rock ‘n’ Play.  Kyle was having a hard time getting the pack ‘n’ play to stand up and I got it to spring open REAL fast.  Directions are such an amazing thing.  Mulligan was terrified of the assembly and has sniffed at both items but he is just really unsure.  But that is how we like it.  Kennesaw is just uninterested – again, how we like it.  And we have baby stuff.  In our living room. WHAT?!


Saturday morning we got up and did a tour of the other Northside hospital we are thinking about delivering at – but I think we decided that we want to try our best to get to the Northside main campus down in Dunwoody.  It is a longer drive, but something about them being “the baby factory” and delivering the most babies per year in the country makes us want to make the drive.  Both hospitals have the same security and policies, but we feel like those nurses who take care of you during labor and after just have more practice.  Once the tour was over, we headed home and I went straight to the pool to read my book & stand in the pool to work on the swelling.  Pregnancy brain kicked in when I decided it was time to go home – I left my towel at the pool.  Guess I wanted to reserve my chair for Sunday?!

I also washed a lot of baby clothes and towels and then organized our hall closet. organizationand I really like it.  Kyle isn’t the biggest fan – he thinks the baskets create “dead space” – but this is me not caring and just happy that our hall closet it no longer a jam packed mess of sheets and towels and blankets and dog toys.  I just need to take off all the tags to the baskets since they are staying and keeping my world organized and sane.

Sunday I pampered myself with a massage + facial combo at my most favorite spa in the Alpharetta area.  I had my 15% off birthday month coupon and wanted one last pampering session before McKenna makes her debut.  Well.  Let me tell you, I 50% loved the day and 50% regretted it.  The prenatal massage was good, but the massage lady was overly talkative and I like my massages to work the kinks out – well I guess prenatal massages can’t abuse you.  Then the facial. Holy Steam.  I forgot that they open your pores with HOT STEAM FOR WHAT FEELS LIKE HOURS. And all the blankets you’re covered in.  needless to say, I walked out of the facial room chugging water because I think I spent the whole facial sweating.

For Father’s Day I took Kyle J to dinner and got him tickets for Transformers opening weekend on the Saturday.  I thought I had bought Sunday tickets, but I also thought I had bought adult tickets, but actually bought child tickets.  Pregnancy brain strikes again. Luckily, since I got IMAX tickets they were all the same price and I hope it does not make a big difference.  And… lets hope little McKenna doesn’t come before the 29th or on the 29th because we have a movie date!

I am officially 37 weeks pregnant and have carpal tunnel in both hands and it is painful – more at night when I am sleeping and it wakes me up and makes me want to cry.- I am not sleeping all that great due to it and the hip pain from sleeping on my side so I spend most of the night tossing and turning.  The braxton hicks contractions are starting to hurt at this point vs. just being annoying so I am having to pay closer attention.  but, I think she still has not dropped as my breathing has not yet come back.  I have another appointment on Wednesday where we will learn if there has been any changes.  Needless to say, it may be a long 3 weeks.  Kyle just refers to me as “Super Pregnant” at this point and I cannot really argue.

We are looking forward to this weekend though.  We have a puppy play date + cookout on the books with our neighbors and it will be good for Mulls and Kenns to see their buddy!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

36 Week Update

Well.  I am officially 36 weeks pregnant.  Meaning: there is 4 weeks left provided little McKenna comes on time.  At this point we are just trying to get prepped and ready for her.  All her bedding and clothes are washed and put away.  Her room is 98% done – just waiting on the thing for over her crib.  We went to Babies ‘r Us to buy more things that we think are the “essentials” … but we don’t know up from down when it comes to essentials SO yeah.

…How is McKenna…
she is just hanging around. doing her thing. not planning on making a debut anytime soon – which is OK by me.  She has finally moved head down {she was hanging out in this sideway position for a while}. strong heart beat. still bigger than she is supposed to be. but. she is good and that is all that matters!!

…How am I…
babyshowerHanging in there.  life is officially uncomfortable, but. I am lucky that it has taken this long to get to this point.  The swelling is a bit intense, but I have learned that a pool does wonders and really takes the swelling down. temporarily, but down.  I woke up with carpal tunnel this past weekend – because of the swelling pushing on nerves. and my back is my back. still hurting. And I would hate to be my travel buddy right now as my bladder is the size of a pea. I waddle near the end of the day. I am a mess but still feel very lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy + a little healthy baby brewing! =D  I do have a spa day on Sunday that I am looking forward to.  A little prenatal massage + a facial.  A little TLC and quiet time for me before McKenna makes her debut. 

…How is Kyle…
he is 100% in the running for husband of the year.  I am a pain in the ass.  true story. and he is taking it all in stride.  he has been cooking A LOT and making sure I am comfortable. he does not take anything personal as he knows it is just me being really pregnant. he bought me a wedge to go under my belly for when I sleep out of his own allowance because I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep.  now, I am sleeping better. but still not through the night.

…How I am Spending My Time…
Well. Monday – Friday is at work.  Then dinner and then in bed with my feet elevated with either a book or some quality TV.  Weekends have been spent doing baby things + getting as much pool  time as possible with a good book.  And laundry – but Kyle has to carry it upstairs now because the loads are too heavy and my belly is 100% in the way.  And. I am doing a lot of reading – while I still can!!

….Milestones & Exciting Things…
(1) We had our 1st hospital tour this past weekend and we are NOT off to a good start.  Despite having an appointment at that hospital early on + visiting countless friends there, we couldn’t find the dang hospital.  Whoops?! Hopefully Baby Day goes a bit smoother.
(2) Tuesday night we had our pediatrician open house and got to meet the doctor & ask countless questions.  He is a little conservative, but it is a big practice so we can “shop” around if need be.  But – he has 30+ years of experience so I kind of feel like he knows what is going on.
(3) Saturday we have the hospital tour at the alternate hospital that is closer to our house, but not our #1 choice due to their on call situation or lack there of of on call doctors around our due date, but we still want to know where we need to go if we need to head there vs. the main campus. Wish us luck for better sense of direction.
(4) all her clothes are clean and semi organized and put away.  Homegirl has some cute clothes and I am jealous of her sleep attire and her princess swaddle towel.
(5) we had an amazing baby shower and I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of people to work with – they really are more of a family than anything to me.  But… the shower made people realize  that I was pregnant as the next day I got nailed with all the “when are you do” and “how long will you be out” questions.

But.  All in all. Life is good.  Counting down the days till little M arrives.  And with the weekly appointments from here on out hopefully we will know to anticipate it!!