Wednesday, September 24, 2014

last week with my little bird.

OK. This is going to be the shortest post in the history of posts ever.  I have like 30 minutes before I need to wake up McKenna and get her in the car seat to go see Daddy and meet his coworkers.  And I feel like a bad mom – she is sporting a summer dress and it is getting chilly down here in Atlanta.  MEANING: I need to go shopping for some fall clothes for the little one. Cardigans. Pants. Etc… we need layers for daycare. Which SHE STARTS NEXT WEDNESDAY!! ….so I may have been spending some time looking online at Macy’s and Kohls for some clothes for her and y’all… Carters has THE CUTEST stuff in the world. She will be better dressed than me.  #truestatement

Yesterday we had her orientation and we had to put her in the infant room during the information time. And let me tell you… I CRIED THE WHOLE FREAKING TIME. Actually, I started crydaycareing at the house and walked in crying.  Needless to say, I did not hide the crazy from the workers.  Whoops?! And I may or may not have already registered us for the webcam program to watch her.  And evidently, we only have 10 views per day but we can call to have our views “reset”. Get ready Sarah, I will be calling you ALL THE TIME to reset my views, even past the first 2 weeks. 

But seriously, how did this day already come!? I feel like we just brought her home and I was just struggling with trying to get her to nap and not scream all day long.  I cannot believe in 7 days I am going to be a full time, working mom instead of a full time stay at home mom. And good grief I am going to miss our morning stroller rides and gibberish conversations and her HUGE smiles at me that are so big she has to turn her head away.  To all those moms on maternity leave: soak up every single minute, it files by so fast.  It is ok to cry with your baby when you’re frustrated, but enjoy every moment. I am going to miss these days, as simple as they were, immensely.

But… I need to get a move on. STAT.

AND! Big congrats to my fellow Logan’s Roadhouse love on the birth of her little baby boy, Charlie! I would say we should set up an arranged marriage between him and McKenna, but little M will NOT be marrying a Tennessee Fan!  Welcome to motherhood Ashley!! =D

Monday, September 15, 2014

2 months & Still BIG!

This is a little late, simply because McKenna turned 2 months old on Saturday (WHAT?!) and she did not have her 2 week appointment until today. But the past 2 months has just flown by – I really cannot believe that my “little” baby is already 2 months old and we have her daycare orientation next week, and I am getting ready to head back to work in a few short weeks.

Over the last month we have loved watching her smile more and more everyday at things like us, her birdies, lights, and the curtains in our bedroom.  Often times asking her to stop smiling  & chow down.  It has been adorable to watch her try and find her hands and try to put her hands in her mouth.  Often times getting her mouth and eyes confused.  We love asking her about her “popsicle” when she clenches her fists and brings them to her mouth. She is so cute when she rubs her eyes and ears.  Well… if we are being honest, she is cute in general.

We always smile when she is gulping her chow and it goes down the wrong hole and she starts coughing and then Mulligan comes running to check on her and then he stands guard of her.  Mulligan is for sure going to protect her as she gets older.

Kyle loves his nighttime routine with her – bath time, chow time, and story time. Then he used to rock her to sleep at night, but now she falls asleep on her own. As jealous as I am of his nighttime routine with her, I adore their special time together and hate to break it up when I go back to work, but momma needs time with her too once I am working again. I am loving how most nights she is sleeping from bedtime (9:00 ish to 5 or 6 AM).

The doctor was impressed with her eye contact, smiling, and all her baby babble and sounds she makes.  She got a good report card from the doctor. And she got her shots. I think I cried more than she did. And now she is literally passed out {a side effect of the shots}. I know I have already said it, but I CANNOT believe I have a 2 month old. Where is the time going?!


Current Stats:
Weight – 15 pounds, 1 ounce
Length -  25.5 inches
Percentile – Greater Than The 97th Percentile
Wearing 6 months clothes.

Her Favorite Things: Stroller Rides, The curtains in our room, her birdies, her swing, and running errands with her mom.

Her next checkup is 4 months, I seriously wonder how big she will be then and what sort of milestones she will hit!! This little bird of mine makes me love her more and more everyday. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Just a Tee Shirt & Onesie!

My Grandma & Granddad went to Florida and all I got was a tee shirt and a onesie!  Today I am rocking my tee shirt like a big kid.  Next year I will be there in my little bathing suit, flip flips, sun hat, all slathered up in sunscreen, just you wait!!  That’s if my mom and dad are willing to put me on a plane at a little over a year old.  We will see.


Can’t wait for you to be back in Georgia!


But seriously, she looks like such a little human in a tee shirt and shorts.  How is she growing up so fast?!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long Weekend Success

Even when I am not working I LOVE a good long weekend.  and it could not have come soon enough.  After I bragged about figuring my child out and being in a routine, she decided to revolt so Wednesday – Friday were not fun. They were stressful, long, exhausting days. I may have cried a time to two, drank some wine out of the bottle as she screamed, and I counted down the days till I go back to work, if that gives you any insight on how rough those days were. So, I was more than ready to have an extra pair of hands to help out with Kenna again.  Lawd, just having a partner helps. I don’t know how all those single moms do it.

This was a VERY different Labor Day for us.  Normally we would have been at the Braves Game, I would have ran a 10k, and we would have been at the Georgia Dome cheering on the tide.  Now, we had the most suburban family holiday weekend.  We bought a new TV for our family room downstairs {We first bought a 65” TV and quickly, without even taking it out of the box realized it was just too big and returned it to the store for a 50”} & moved the old TV up to Kyle’s man cave. We bought new furniture for the family room to move the old stuff to the man cave & another room in our house.  We got new phones. I bought a rug for the decorating project I am about to start in our random sitting room.  We stimulated the economy one credit card swipe at a time & I cannot wait to show the world our newly decorated random sitting room.

We of course watched as much of the pathetic football game as possible, but having a newborn makes it a bit challenging.  But, I do know that it was not a pretty game played by Alabama.  What was supposed to be a cake game turned into a game that we could have lost. Let’s just say – if Alabama continues to play that way, having a distracting newborn won’t actually matter.  {We did buy her game day outfit this weekend though}

My only regret from the weekend: not  taking advantage of having Kyle around to catch up on my sleep.  It is Tuesday and I am exhausted and napping when the baby naps is just really not an option since that is when I have to wash bottles.  But, it is a 4 day work week and it is a little hectic so the weekend will be here before we know it! Hallelujah.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun long, Labor Day weekend!