Friday, December 28, 2012

new home decor ideas // breakfast area


The room that needs immediate attention is our “eat in” breakfast area. My dad has wanted us to invest in a table since Kyle and I moved in together over 4 years ago. But we always had excuses. Apartment too small. A table goes where Mulligan plays. A table goes where Kennesaw and Mulligan plays. A table would block Mulligan and Kennesaw’s direct path to the backdoor to go outside. But now we really don’t have an excuse. It is our home, we need a table– that will block the sliding glass door, Mulligan and Kennesaw’s direct exit out back. Bah hum bug.

But. on a positive note: that gives me the opportunity to play interior decorator. So, this is what I am thinking.


Buffet. IKEA Stornas Collection. Gray Brown. {not pictured in the correct color} // Table. IKEA Stornas Collection. Gray Brown. // Picture for over the buffet. World Market. //

I want a buffet for our placemats, napkins, and napkin wear.  And a place to store all our serving dishes and other dishes things. I like this one because it has the 2 long drawers plus the 3 little ones.  And I love the open shelving for a wine rack? Or other more decorative/fun bowls {for example my Parker Bowls from Crate and Barrel}. Plus, I love the idea of decorating the top of it and I already have ideas.  Fingers crossed when we measure the wall it isn’t too big.

I just LOVE the picture and thing it will go great with the green wall color and the rustic looking furniture. I spotted it at World Market this week and had to literally hold myself back from buying it.

And the table matches the buffet.  They’re a package deal. And need to be the same material. I cannot wait to decorate the table too with all our fun wedding gifts!

And... I promise... as rooms start to come together I will post the real life, not just my fantasies!

I hope everyone has a really good weekend.  If you need Kyle or me we will be at Home Depot and at our new house... hanging curtains, changing locks... being domesticated and married. :)

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  1. I love that Ikea color you're talking about. It's modern but classic. Love.