Wednesday, September 12, 2012

how pinteresting. home decor. wall art.

ohhowpinterestingI linked up again this week with the Oh, How Pinteresting blog link up. This week, I am focusing on the REAL purpose of the link up and highlighting all things home decor – wall art in picture form. part of my “house fever” is staring at pretty things on pinterest that I want and need. to decorate the walls of our house.


I want this “you have my whole heart for my whole life” thing for over our bed. I have been looking on Etsy, but have not found one that I love and looks as good as this one. I am pretty sure Kyle would HATE it, but he is not our interior designer, I am. :)


I love the Song of Solomon 3:4 scripture verse wooden plaque thing. I actually wanted it on our wedding program, but it somehow got left off. I found it on Etsy for not a bad price, my only reservations are (1) where would I put it. (2) I don’t want our house to have too much lovey dovey stuff on the walls.  ...I feel like it would have to go in our bedroom but then we may have too much going on on the walls OR it could go around/near where we hang wedding pictures, but we both don’t want a million and one pictures of US hanging around on our walls. meaning: this will probably never grace our walls, but I can/could live with that.


I picture this monogram over and entrance table by our front door. painted the same color as the baseboard trim of our walls. I am pretty sure this is another thing kyle would absolutely hate.


I LOVE this sign for our laundry room. My dream laundry room will be an actual room rather than in the mudroom and will be upstairs. obviously, it doesn’t have to be a BIG room – but big enough to hang this on the wall that you see as you walk in.

I cannot wait to actually start house hunting {rather than internet browsing like I am doing} and looking at houses and blogging about our house hunt. and then buy a house and decorate our house and then blog about our house and blog about decorating our house. oh to be an almost 30 something married lady. the things in life that make you happy and excited change so much the older you get. it is crazy.

but, I hope everyone is having a good week! it is FLYING by!!!


  1. I've done some wall art projects this week - love your ideas and I can't wait to share what I've been up to. The whole heart one is my favorite from your post!