Monday, September 28, 2015

Mondays with McKenna {2}

As I sit here anxiously waiting to watch 2 new ABC TV shows {and potentially get hooked} I thought it would be a good idea to talk about all things McKenna! AND THERE IS SO MUCH!

Most exciting.  She is walking!  And walking fairly well.  She still stumbles around like a little drunk sorority girl and every now and then she still scoots around on her bottom. But for the most part, walking is her #1 movement of choice! =D  ….sadly I cannot seem to insert the video because I am just not smart enough. But. She is walking!

She can officially point to 4 body parts.  She can put her hands on her head, show us where her nose is, touch her feet, and find her bellybutton.  I think the bellybutton is the most fun because she pulls up her shirt and smiles so big!  Bellybuttons are funny things. S

She is also a HUGE fan of the shape sorter my parents got her for Christmas. And she is getting really good at sorting the shapes into the bucket.  She does better when no one is watching her, but she loves the cheers and claps she gets when the square falls into the bucket because she put it in the right hole.  She also simply loves books.  Sometimes when it is just too quiet, we find her sitting there flipping though a book and it melts my heart.

McKenna is starting to voice her opinions on what she is wearing. tearsIt all started a few weekends ago with her game day dress.  She lost her mind when she saw her pants.  And I gave in and put her jeans and tee-shirt back on.  Then after nap, I tried the outfit again and she lost her mind again.  Welp. I made her cry for about 10 minutes and then she realized she just had to deal with it. Hours later, she still hated those pants.  The other day I put her in a romper and she cried and cried over that too.  And lastly, I bought her the cutest pair of brown faux suede fringe booties for her outfit for picture day.  She cries looking at them.  Just cries.  Well, I told Kyle to put her in the dress, cardigan, and booties and just let her cry on Wednesday.  I will be on a work trip so I won’t be there, but I have a feeling she will go to school in her pink and purple running shoes and the outfit will be ruined.  Can’t wait to see how she reacts to her riding boots for family photos in November.

Oh. Another example. superhero McKenna’s day care did a charity event where all the little babes had to dress up like a superhero. Well. You can tell she was not the biggest fan of her superhero costume.  She pretty much looked distressed and/or angry all day about her get up.  Honestly, I am surprised daycare never changed her into one of her spare outfits.  And… Notice how she is wearing her pink and purple running shoes.  Not the shoe cover thing the outfit came with.  Truthfully, I was not going to fight that battle the tears were so intense that morning. I have a feeling the costume may have been itchy.  But I also wonder how Halloween will go and if we will be able to get her dressed in a costume… We shall see.

She is 14 months - almost 15 months - and I cannot believe how much she is growing up.  We picked her up from daycare on Friday and she just looked older.  Both Kyle and I commented on how she just looked different and older.  It is just crazy how fast she is growing up and how quickly she is learning to do things on her own.  Soon we are going to be sending her to Bama Bound and then moving her into her dorm in Tuscaloosa.   

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