Thursday, October 1, 2015

Transformation Thursday || Hizzy Style

FYI: Hizzy = house  and we have been doing a lot to the house lately. I have a super long list of home improvements I want to do on our house and we are slowly chipping away at the list.

:: Update One ::
We took out the sliding glass doors that lead from our eat in kitchen to the back yard and installed french doors.  I don’t have a before picture, but these frenchdoorsdoors look so much better than the old ratty sliding glass doors that sometimes would not open or not open all the way.  Our kitchen just looks cleaner and nicer.  Simply put, it was an upgrade that was overdue (K and I were losing our patience and sanity a little bit each day) and surprisingly not very expensive, but it really makes our kitchen area just look so much better.  Now, we just constantly worry about our bad dogs taking the door off its hinges as they run outback and we always scold them for pawing the door to go out or come back in.  They’re too nice to have the dogs mess then up with their disrespectful ways.

:: Update Two ::
We have this sitting room off the foyer that will probably never really get used, but I knew I did not want an “off limits” room like I had in my childhood house and I kredroomnew that we couldn’t have anything too nice in that room because we have bad dogs who love to sit at the window and bark at poor innocent people as they walk by.  Add a dog to the mix and good grief, game over. Dogs have lost their mind. So, we could not have nice things.  About a year ago we moved the old love seat into this room, but this Labor Day we added a coffee table and an end table.  I know that the coffee table needed a little bit of additional décor (again, nothing too much because of our dogs) so plan on slowly scouring Target and Home Goods for little items to make it just right.  I am happy with the overall outcome of this room and know it will be better once it is fully done.  But, it feels GREAT to have one more room basically done in our house. …we just need new pillows for that couch  Ones that stand out and add a little brightness to the room.  The hunt continues

:: Update Three ::
I have a handy husband. Labor Day weekend Kyle totally upgraded (what he could) of our hall bathroom.  And this bathroom now looks A TON better.  He just swapped out hardware and added a towel ring, but I love the new look of this bathroom.  The old gold look was dated and not attractive.bathroom  Plus, it is nice to have the towel off the counter and hanging.  The only question that remains: will we replace the marble on top with granite?  Part of me says yes.  Part of me says no.  I guess it would come down to price.  The marble doesn’t look bad… but it could look better.  I may also frame the mirror.  There are some easy-ish looking tutorials on Pinterest.  Who knows.  But, I do know it looks a ton better and my husband did such a good job.  No. He is not for hire.  He has 2 more bathrooms to do!!

Next Up: The master bedroom – new paint colors & new over the bed décor and then that room should be done, done, and done.  Kyle is not looking forward to spending a weekend or two painting, but it is cheaper than hiring someone and I have totally volunteered to help him out.  But we have this thing called a baby.  We also have 6 ceiling fans to replace.  The one in our room and the upstairs “foyer” do have top priority. 

Long Range: I would love the have the kitchen done next, but we are still having to save for that.  Granite ain’t cheap.  We have been tossing around the idea of a new door and painting the shutters since it is not as expensive and curb appeal is huge.  But… we will see. And don’t get me started on the major master bathroom overhaul we want to do.  Evidently, we need to win the lotto.  Or maybe we should have bought new construction v. an old house. 


  1. Good job! Your updates look great! Doesn't it feel wonderful to stand back and admire the progress you've made?! I totally hear you about the dog situation. Our lab is the main maniac, but our dachshund is never totally innocent!

  2. Love it! I need to do some "before" house posts!