Monday, September 7, 2015

Grateful Challenge || 21 || Summer

Labor day marks the end of the summer.  So I thought it would be fitting to talk about summer and why I am grateful for this season.  Summer has its downsides. The heat. The humidity. People walking their dogs again (this is bad because we have bad dogs). I no longer get months to do nothing.

But despite its downsides there are some things about summer that I am just flat out thankful for.

FIRST. Schools out. Which means traffic isn’t quite as bad. It is still bad, but not everyday and frankly just not as bad.  There is something beautiful about a 45 minute commute instead of a 60 minute or longer commute.  There are no school buses clogging my neighborhood that I have to fight with/wait for their pesky stop sign to go down. The scommute to work is simply just easier.

SECOND. Longer nights = family dog walks.  Most nights this is the only 30 minutes that Kyle and I have to catch up on the week. When we get home we are rushing around to get the table set, dinner cooked, and everyone fed.  Then post dog walk we are bathing the baby and then really taking selfish (but needed) me time.  So these strolls (sometimes hot and humid strolls) are our 30 minutes to dish on the day. Plus, it brings me so much joy to watch McKenna sit in the back of her wagon “reading” her book and drinking her milk from her sippy.

THREE. The pool. I am thankful and grateful for days at the pool. Activities at the pool have changed since having a baby and my melanoma diagnosis. But again, it is the family time. Slathering the family in high SPF and packing everything up to go splash in the water. I was worried that M would hate the pool. but she warmed up to it and now we have another fun family activity to do together. And I am forever grateful for anything that gives me family time and activities that make my heart smile.

FOUR. The weather. It may be hot and humid 99% of the time here in Atlanta, but the weather is just great for family activities, grilling out, and fellowshipping with our great neighbors.  As the weather starts to get cold we all turn back into hermits.  We try to maximize the spring – fall weather as much as possible. 

Let’s be honest.  Summer is a great season.  As you get older you find a different appreciation for it.  Had I written this post 10 years ago or so I would be grateful for long days by the pool with my friends, patio drinking, short summer school classes, summer concerts with lawn seats, floating the cahaba, and other shenanigans like that.  But. As summer comes to an end, I can only count down the days till next summer.

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