Friday, October 23, 2015

Five Things Friday

I have so so so many things to blog about.  This is going to be my draft.  And a little taste of what should theoretically come.   Plus I need to get back on that Thankful Post Thing. You know.  When I find the time to sit down and blog. In-between all the 4 zillion errands I need to run (I have needed an oil change since SEPTEMBER) and chasing a 15 month old around the house and laundry and catching up on crap TV (which, by the way. Grey’s Anatomy last night? Yes? To everyone who bowed out seasons ago - you’re missing out.  And Quantico. Goodness I am hooked.  And my guilty pleasure - Scream Queens.  Yup. Don’t recommend it.  It is bad. Real bad.)  …. I have found it hard to spend time blogging.  My bad.

I ran a half marathon at the very beginning of October.  It was not pretty.  My training was (per the usual) less than stellar or structured or disciplined. Long story short I did not run more than 6 miles to prep for 13.1 … my bad.  But, I survived. And I have a medal to prove it. Post to come. Theoretically. And, we have a family 5k tomorrow.  It will be the 2nd time we run this one as a family.  Fingers crossed it is not too cold.  Post to come on that one too.

Actually this is going to be a busy weekend and you just may get one big blog post.  We are going to a Pumpkin Patch on Sunday afternoon.  I am sure McKenna is going to be unamused and wonder what we are doing there.  But.  She will suck it up and love the hayride and love pictures with pumpkins.  After all, she is a budding white girl and we all know white girls love all things fall and one of those things is pumpkin patches.


A few weeks back we went to Florida to visit with my parents and it was great to get away.  It was McKenna’s first plane ride and I had a tiny bit of anxiety.  Full disclosure: I started googling “one year olds on planes” and things like that back in March.  And I read a lot.  And all you really need to know is - keep that kid distracted and you will be A OK.  But, we had a great time.  McKenna warmed up to the pool (after 3 days) and she enjoyed eating out and hanging out with her grandparents.  She did not sleep well, so I did not  sleep well, but it was just great to get away!  Again. Theoretically. Post to come + pictures.

Kyle has been asking me what I want for Christmas and I cannot give him any answers. I have no idea what I want for Christmas.  So. I need ideas.  Give me ideas people. I mean, there are things that I want. For example. Red Glossy Hunter Rain Boots. But then I ask, when will I actually wear them?  A new Tory Burch York Bag.  But that is out of our budget range.  Le Sigh.

Speaking of “Le Sigh” - I joined the world of Fantasy Football this year and I cannot handle it.  As always I expect too much from players (that I know nothing about) and get mad at them each week.  I think Kyle thinks I am 25% funny and then 75% annoying as I complain about my players who “should think about a new career path because the NFL isn’t working for them anymore” …. or when I tell him I am dropping players or benching players.  I just don’t lose well & if a player is projected to get 10 points he should get 10 freaking points.  What needs to happen each week is this.  I need to set my roster.  Then delete the app off my phone.  And then check the outcome Tuesday morning. 


Welp.  I hope everyone has a really good weekend.  And I have A LOT of writing to do this weekend and upcoming week.  McKenna has some exciting things going on in her life too.  Well, exciting for her.  I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that my kid is basically going to high school.  OH.  And if any of you mom’s want to do a book swap thing - message me and I will give you all the details! 

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  1. Congrats on the Half Marathon! Awesome!! I'm still chicken to sign up for a 5k, so the fact that people are doing 13.1 is beyond my comprehension! For your Christmas list... why not join me in my Kendra Scott craze? I love the Dani and the Elle earrings, along with the Rayne necklaces. Join me in my obsession!