Monday, November 2, 2015

Mondays with McKenna {3}

First things first.  I mentioned in an earlier post that McKenna had big news.  Well.  She doesn’t anymore.  She was supposed to be moving to the big 200 room today, but for some reason that changed and she is staying in the 150 room another month or so.  I am OK with that - she will get to stay with Ms. Barbara, but at the same time I like the idea of the 200 room to keep her challenged. But what is a few months?

Second. She is 15 months old. But did not grow a lot from her 12 month appointment to her 15 month appointment.  She is still rocking 24 months and 2T clothes. Depending on the brand.  She is active and all over the place. So much walking and running in our house. She is 100% keeping us on our toes.  Evidently her head shrunk, but I think the nurse just did not get a good measurement last time or this time due to her screaming and kicking and thrashing around.   Yeah. So. McKenna does not like the pediatricians office.  She stayed the same weight as well.

I am loving all t10423742_10103542020339915_6175337124190263506_nhings fall for her.  For example, I got her riding boots because what 1 year old does not need riding boots. Well.  She hated them at first.  And daycare took them off because she fell and hit her head.  But.  Later they put them back on and she warmed up to them and now she loves her riding boots.   Thank freaking goodness since those are the shoes she will be wearing for our Family Photos in November. Sorry McKenna, you’re kind of turning into my personal baby doll with boots and fringe booties and cute chunky sweaters and sassy graphic tees. I appreciate you being semi-ok with it.

She is starting to understand more things.  She knows where her room is and where to go when we say, “Go to your room”.  She can go to her wagon when told.  She can find her shoes and is starting to get all sort of opinions on what she wants to wear each day.  She knows where her chair is for dinner time and snack time.  She knows  where bath time happens. She screams and screams when she is told “NO”.   She knows who Mulligan and Kennesaw are and she knows how to properly pet them.

We do need ideas on what to get her for Christmas. So, please share if you have ideas.  We know we are going to get her some puzzles and things like that, but the poor kid is 100% tired of all her baby toys so we need to do an overhaul. 

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